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Custom Measurements Black Machine 8 String Natural Wood Black Electric Guitar

Brand Name Custom Measurements Black Machine 8 String Natural Wood Black Electric Guitar
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 190
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price 399USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Measurements Black Machine 8 String Natural Wood Black Electric Guitar
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 190

Product Features

Electronic Components, wood and hardware - Made in South Korea and Japan.

8 String Electric Guitar Custom Neck Profile Requirements

- Authorized Wilkinson Machine Heads
- Ebony Fretboard
- Gotoh Potentiometer
- d'addario strings
- Black hardware
- NO fret markers on the fretboard

Neck Profile Requirements:

Scale: 685.8mm/27"

a. Width at Nut - 55mm
b. Width at Last Fret - 80mm
c. Thickness at 1st - 19mm
d. Thickness at 12th - 21mm

Radius: 400mm

  Manufacturing Time: 20 Business Days


Without extra cost:

Right/Left handed guitar
Body colour
Neck profile
No dots on fretboard
Fret size

Designed by The Top Guitars in Japan and Republic of Korea Assembled in RPC

"Our Aim Is To Provide High Quality Guitars For Beginners And Students Even For Professional Guitarist At Very Affordable Prize And All Of Our Products Passed Through A Very Strict Quality Assurance In China To Maintain Our Standards."

Potentiometer:Potentiometers often abbreviated as pots can be used to control a variety of functions inside an electric guitar.

Customization Requirements - Optional:For Example:Body color: white, black, red, green, blue.Scale Length.Number of frets or No frets.Inlays: dot, sharktooth, birds, tree of life, stars, skull, roman numbers or No inlays.Headstock logo name.Hardware: Gold, Chrome or Black.Left/right handed.Any additional requirements must be indicated in this box.

Hard Case:

Fretboard:The long strip of wood on a guitar upon which the strings are stopped by the fingers. The choice you make should be based upon your application and personal taste or preference.

Wood Body is Glued with:

Dexterity / Player Preference:Choose in the option below if you are right or left handed guitar player.

Body Wood:All our instruments are handcrafted from quality tone woods. If you're just starting out, we recommend you choose the wood that appeals to you most based on its appearance.

Machine Heads:Authorized Gotoh Machine Heads and Authorized Wilkinson Machine Heads Made in Japan

Neck Wood:

Pickups:The Pickups are crucial components on all guitars and basses. They significantly affect the sound of an instrument. If you do not know what type of pickups to choose from then just select Authorized Wilkinson Pickups since this is the standard and default pickups that we use.

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