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Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
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The MAX 112 bass combo amp delivers more bass in a space saving package. With 200 Watts of power that includes DDT speaker protection and a 12 inch heavy-duty woofer, the Peavey MAX 112 is ready for plenty of gigs and rehearsals. Another Peavey exclusive is the patented TransTube circuitry that offers you a gain boost feature. The EQ section includes a 3 band EQ and buttons for Punch, Mid-shift and Bright. The Max 112 also includes a unique psycho-acoustic low end enhancement that adds low end without taxing the speaker, a testament to Peavey's technology driven philosophy. Rounding out the features are a built-in chromatic tuner, XLR direct output with ground lift and 1/8" jacks for phones output and aux input.

200 watts into 8 ohms DDT speaker protection Pre-gain control with Transtube gain boost 3 band EQ with Punch, Mid-shift and Bright controls 12" speaker Psycho-acoustic low end enhancement Built-in direct output with ground lift 1/8" aux input 1/8" phones output Chromatic tuner

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MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp

Weight: 40lb.(18.143 kg)

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I was looking for a small lightweight amp that had sufficient power and low end. This is it. I played both the Mark Bass 1x12 and 1x15, the 1x15 Peavey Max, and the TC Electronics 1x15 combo, and this one is the cheapest and best sounding out of all of them, no joke. I think the Mark Bass 1x12 is great and very lightweight, but to me the Peavey has more bottom end and it is almost 1/4 of the price of the MB. It still feels very light compared to any other amp I've ever owned, and it fits in the trunk of my car. Compared to the other 1X15 amps, this one sounds much better and has a better clearer sound. I have been a fan of 12" speakers for a while now for bass because it has sufficient low end without the muddy tones the 15" speaker give you. Add in the built in tuner, and you have a winner. I don't know how Peavey makes this thing so loud with less power and a smaller speaker, but I am telling you to at least try it and don't let the fact that it's less power and cheaper stop you. If you have tons of money, you might consider the MarkBass, but I'm still not sure that will be your ultimate pick. I am in a local cover band and play a wide variety of bars and clubs in the area, and to me it is the perfect amp unless you are touring with a national act and need something for stadiums.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.I was pleasantly surprised when I compared the Max 112 II it to the Markbass Mini 121p. The Peavey is not as powerful as the surprise...but the Markbass in my opinion is not 600.00 better than the Max 112.

My first gig with this amp was with a 15 piece big band in a large club. This band is loud. I pushed the Max 112 II as hard as I needed and never ran out of head room. Plenty of volume. No distortion. I like the midrange punch. I was playing a Zeta Educator electric upright. I enjoyed the range of dynamics I could achieve from a light touch to digging in. The amp is very responsive and flexible. The tone controls are practical and effective.

I tried placing it on the floor in the tilt back position and it sounded great. The bass coupled with the floor to create a nice low end feel. I placed on a stool about 18 inches off the floor and the lows were tighter sounding.

My next gig will I will use Zon Legacy Elite 5 string in a small club playing jazz, blues and old hits. I am expecting to have great results as well.

If you don't need a heavy bottom you will like this amp.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.Though primarily a keyboardist, I often get hired to play bass and I decided it was time to get a decent portable bass amp. My setup can be tricky because I play both electric bass (Fender P-Bass) and acoustic double bass (with homebrew piezo pickup).

This amp exceeded my expectations. With my P-Bass it's loud enough, yet still has head room when playing rock or blues with a drum kit in a bar or club. What's more, when I plug in the double bass and appropriately adjust the EQ settings, it has more than enough power for playing jazz gigs or in an orchestra pit for a musical.

The really unexpected thing for me was that I've ended up using this as my goto amp for keyboards. Not only is it lightweight, but the tone is customizable enough that my 1978 Rhodes sounds amazing through it. The 1/8" line-in is nice too because I use my iPad with a MIDI keyboard (mostly for synth and Hammond Organ) and I can connect it with just an 1/8" cable and use no adapters.

There are only a couple drawbacks I've experienced with this amp:

1. There are no potentiometers for controlling either the AUX-IN, or the HEADPHONE volume. I never use headphones, so that doesn't phase me much. However, I'd prefer a pot to control my AUX-IN volume instead of those clumsy buttons on the side of the iPad.

2. There is just one 12' speaker and no tweeter. While the basses, the Rhodes and Hammond patch sound incredible, complex synth patches and the grand piano patches on my Yamaha CP33 are slightly lackluster. Using the "PSYCHO ACOUSTICS" function helps with the synth and piano low-end, but getting those "sparkly" highs without a tweeter requires creative EQing that often leaves other areas in the frequency spectrum lacking "oomph."

In summary, if you're a working bassist (or keyboardist) and want quality tone, light weight, versatility, and cost-effectiveness; this is your amp. The two drawbacks I listed are minor when you compare the overall value of the amp with it's higher-priced competitors. Though if you're an electronics geek, these aren't so much drawbacks as opportunities! =) The cabinet is easy to take apart, and the circuit is simple... such that you could hack the circuit and add volume control for the AUX-IN and drive a tweeter with just a couple hours work and some pocket change spent at "The Shack."
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.This amp is a winner for the price. It is 200 watts of just power. It has very easy, manageable tone dials with a difference in tone every time you turn a knob. The chromatic tuner is handy too. I use this for small gigs, jamming, and of course, practice. It is a great all around combo amp for a killer price. I would certainly reccomend it!
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.It's a great amp for the price. Better for punchier sounding playing, not as much of a low end, but still great.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.Great Amp for the price. Powerfull and has some good features. Well Designed, very sturdy and has very clear sound.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.I was looking for an amp that was portable enough to carry without breaking my back and powerful enough to stand out at rehearsals and small venues against loud guitarists and drummers. And this fits my needs perfectly. Its 40 pounds (20-25 pounds less than the average 200 W combo) and fits in the trunk of my car. Its very loud and tight. For those of us with a low b string the physcho acoustic enhancer is just SICK! Built in tuner is a nice detail. The aux in makes it a great practice amp for learning songs. I have an esp ltd deluxe six string and it sounds better on this little thing than on my big ampeg that i dont want to carry around no more. Its also good for big venues with the mic out. What else can i say? Five stars. Buy it
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.Ok, over the years i have had many small cheap amps and always get rid of them, because they are never loud enough to play with other people (some were Peaveys years back). But i needed something small and portable and was really surprised. I could use this to play with a drummer and tube amp guitarist. Wow, for the price this 200 watt (63 RMS) is as loud as amps i have paid double for.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.This is a very good, powerful, no frills amp. It doesn't have any bells and whistles but has a lot of power/sound. It sounds great with my bass and with my hollow body electric guitar. I needed a versatile amp with enough power for bass to do small gigs and practice.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
.Bought the amp used but described "as new".. The Direct out did not work. The amp looked brand new, so im guessing the reason it was returned, in the first place, was because it did not work as is should. I blame Custom Guitar's Friend for not catching the issue before reselling the amp.
Peavey MAX 112 II 1X12 200W Bass Combo Amp
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