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Custom Conn 18M Alto Saxophone, USA 1980's, professionally overhauled

Brand Name Band and Orchestra,Saxophones,Conn,
Model Number Custom Conn 18M Alto Saxophone, USA 1980's, professionally overhauled
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Conn 18M Alto Saxophone, USA 1980's, professionally overhauled
Delivery Time Within 3days after payment
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A 1980's Conn 18M, 'floral engraving' alto sax, completely refurbed and with all new pads....well, actually almost done, am awaiting one more correct pad size to be delivered in next couple of days....

This is from the era when Danny Henkin bought the company and returned production to the USA. '80

Given whole 9 yards - chem bath, hand-polish, repad, holes leveled, dents and significant dings removed, lubed, regulated, swedged.

Comes with an unoriginal case, somewhat patched on exterior and in fair aesthetic but decent structural/usable shape.

GREAT student horn. Built like a tank, ergos are very comfy, intonation is good, keywork responsive, free blower.

75% original lacquer, we had to resolder a few guardfeet. The bellbrace foot looks to have been resoldered once as well...professionally, cleanly. We also had to do some dentwork on neck and this resulted in us resoldering on the key saddle. Again, cleanly done. You will notice that the Eb palmkey is nickel - the horn was missing its original so we took one from a King alto of the same era, perfect fit (Henkin purchased both Conn and King at the time, along with Armstrong and they were producing the same sax models under a few different names).

Some scuffs and scratches to lacq here and there, a bit of spotting, some small bare patches. A couple of keycups have deep scratches, probably someone using the wrong tool at some point. Superficial only, the cups are in good geometry.

All in all, not bad lookin'.

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Condition:Good Make:Conn Model:18M Alto Saxophone, USA Categories:Saxophones Year:1980's Made In:United States
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