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Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

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The Jim Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face distortion guitar effects pedal was built to EJ's precise specifications. When you think about Eric Johnson, you think tone, and the tone he's best known for is his sweet, singing, lead tone. His choice for getting that tone has always been the Fuzz Face.

Eric Johnson worked closely with Fuzz Face guru Jeorge Tripps to create his signature pedal. It is inspired by EJ's prized personal Fuzz Faces and is built to his incredibly strict specifications, featuring hand-selected BC183 silicon transistors (for higher gain), custom reproduction '68-'69 knobs, and a vintage-style hammertone finish. The result: a beautifully dynamic, expressive and powerful pedal. "I first heard the Fuzz Face when I was about 12 and loved playing through it," he says. "It's the classic tone used by Jimi Hendrix, one of my greatest influences. No other pedal gets this type of sound. It's the pinnacle of psychedelic fuzz."

True hardwire bypass Powered by one 9 volt battery Footswitch toggles effect on/bypass Volume knob controls total output level Fuzz knob controls intensity of the fuzz tone Designed after Eric's personal prized Fuzz Faces Custom vintage-style hammertone finish Custom reproduction '68-'69 knobs

Want that Eric Johnson lead tone? Now you can have it, order today.

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This pedal can be a great fuzz if you know how to use it. Here are (In my opinion) some misconceptions about this pedal that may turn people away.

1. This pedal does not sound good by itself.
Like Hendrix and Eric Johnson himself, the best way to use this pedal is either into a cranked amp or into an overdrive. By itself, the pedal can sound very harsh and brittle. I would recommend not using it by itself. YouTube tone demos almost all have just the pedal by itself into a clean amp and do not do the pedal justice as to how it should really be used and how it really sounds.

2. This is NOT the pedal Eric Johnson uses for his main "soaring" lead tone (Cliffs of Dover tone).
If you look at videos about Eric's rig, for his signature "soaring" lead tone he uses a BK Butler Tube Driver into his Marshall. His Fuzz Face is used for his dirty rhythm sound. If you plug in this Fuzz Face expecting to get Cliffs of Dover and Lonely in the Night lead tone, you'll get some of it but not entirely what your looking for. I think the tone of this pedal is better described in his songs Summer Jam and My Back Pages off of the Bloom album.

Overall the pedal is very smooth and has a great low end response. The low bias settings are great in giving you just enough "sputter" without getting too freaky.The BC-183 silicon transistors are also very warm. You will get the smooth EJ sound if you use it right, but again you won't get the Cliffs of Dover tone exactly.

I would highly recommend this pedal to any EJ fans and anybody wiling to sit down with it to make it sound good.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.This is a great pedal, It has the true fuzz sound that you may expect, I would suggest using this pedal with another Overdrive Pedal or Compression Pedal. I use an Eric Johnson Strat, 65 Reissue Super Reverb and combine the EJ Fuzz with my Zendrive or my MXR Dyna Comp and can deliver some nice warm tones. The Ej Fuzz is very volume sensitive so you will have to play around with the pedal's fuzz and volume and also your guitar volume. With your guitar volume on 10 you will get that great classic fuzz but if you slightly roll back the volume to 8 it becomes a smooth overdrive. I had swapped out my Zendrive 2 for this pedal and I can say that I am satisfied with my setup.
Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this pedal hoping it would take me one step closer to the Eric Johnson's singing tone. Maybe it's because of my rig, Blues Jr-3 and an American Custom Fender Strat, but it just sounded terrible. I tried using it by itself, blending it with other pedals, and placing it in different locations in the chain to no avail. Maybe it will work for you but not for me....
Dunlop Eric Johnson Signature Fuzz Face Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal
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