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Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm

Place of Origin USA
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
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The Dunlop Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack is a collection of special picks.

Riff master James Hetfield's venomous style has inspired many. Preferring picks with a bright tone and biting attack, Hetfield looked to Dunlop for the perfect tool for his fierce downward picking style.

Based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick, the Black Fang is made of tough, sturdy Ultex material with a defined tone and sharp attack. Its pointed and contoured tip gives you ultimate speed and control-perfect for players looking to unleash their tone clearer, faster, and with unrivaled precision.

"It's fast, bright, and strong because of its hard point and material," says the man himself. "It gives you everything you need-just add venom."

Add some bright tone and biting attack to your sound. Order this pack today.

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These picks are great for speed picking and fast downpicking. I can play Master Of Puppets and other songs faster than ever before now. Get these picks!! You will NOT regret it!
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.Ive used these for about a year now and Im still on my first one. Mind you I dont play as much as I use to but still a standard Tortex would last me a couple months on average. You will loose one of these before you wear it down.

The nice thing is that with most pick you hit your sweat spot for the pick's shape and you wear past it very shortly after that. I found with these, you tend to stay in that sweat spot for a very long time.

These picks are basically the Ultex sharp V2.0. If you do your research James Hetfield and Dunlop set out to design the ultimate metal pick. While Metallica was touring for St.Anger (I believe), James helped design the Ultex Sharp. The Sharp is a great pick, but with some minor flaws. 1 = slippery, 2 = can chip. But before the Black Fang the Sharp was the best pick Ive ever tried.

Then came James' Blackfang pick. There was no info on these at first, so I guess everyone including myself assumed they where a glorified Ultex sharp with a premium attached due to metallica branding. But that was not the case. I decided to take the plung and ordered 2 packs (94s and 1.14s) to see what they where about.

WHen I got them, I noticed that the texture was improved. Ive been using my first one for about a year now and its still in good shape. Like I said before, I dont play as much as I used to, but its amazing how long these picks will keep you in that sweat spot for.

So, if you like the Ultex Sharp but find it a bit hard to hold on to, you will love the Black Fang.

And dont doubt anything Mr. Hetfeild puts his name on. Between these picks and his JH set EMGs, Its obvious he will only stamp his name on products he's put his own blood and sweat into!
Sharp tip for nice fast attack.
Durable material
good grip/texture
Yes, you are paying more than you would for a standard tortex or jazz, but they are worth it as the will last much longer!
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.These picks are the best! I bought these suckas and I fell in love. They look awesome and they feel great. I shred and go crazy on my bass and these picks are just fascinating when it comes to having faster, sharper, brighter, more precise downward strokes. The attack it delivers is killer. I say look no further because they may be a litte small but it's all you'll need!!
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.I use the 1.14mm. They don't feel or look that thick, but they have virtually no give. Between that and the sharp tip, they are a great pick for speed riffing and solos. Extremely articulate (more so than a jazz III)and it adds some brightness to the attack. I'm primarily a blues, blues/rock player, but I like to riff on master of puppets or disposable heroes every now and again. I play a lot every day, and can tell you the sharp tip does not last very long. Each pick lasts me between 2 and 3 months before I have to reach for a new one. So I bought a ton of 'em. But they feel good, sound good, and give you a lot of control in your picking.
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.these things are amazing. they got cool tone and cool looks. they got sick grip, too. chicks dig men that use Hetfield picks. the only thing my previously used crappy plastic picks are going to be picking is my butt. Hetfield all the way! i use the 9.4
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.I bought these just have as a keepsake but i figured what the hell i'll try one.I threw all my other pics away (gator grip .96 they wear really fast gator grip stuff has never done anything either)
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.These are a must have for any fan of James Hetfield and/or Metallica. I'm sure they would be great to pick with but I just can't do it. Also, I use Dunlop Jazz III 's myself.
They're way cool.
I don't know, I don't actually use them. I collect picks so I bought them for that reason only.
Well, they didn't cost too much and I really like them, so, a great value.
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.for years I have tried numerous kinds of picks and could not seem to find the right ones for me. But after coming across these my long journey to finding the right picks ended. I absolutely love these picks the look and the play especially if u shred and alter-pic alot. If you love heavy metal and are looking for good picks you are on the right page for sure!!!
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.My grandmother got me a few packs for Christmas last year and haven't stopped using them sense.
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm
.In about a week I finished a pick so wasn't to happy with them
Dunlop Hetfield Black Fang Pick Tin - 6 Pack .73 mm

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