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Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
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The Line 6 JM4 guitar looper pedal features over 100 jam tracks performed by A-list studio players including Jason Bonham, Tony Franklin, Carmine Appice, Gregg Bissonette and many more slamming the drums, thumping the bass and hacking away at guitars. It's a fully featured looper pedal with sound-on-sound loop recording.

Along with looping capabilities, the JM4 contains an instant collection of amazing tones including 200+ artist-created presets, 150+ song-based presets, 12 original Line 6 amp models, seven guitar effects, vocal effects and 36 banks for saving user-created tones.

It's a portable, heavy-duty, all-in-one effect pedal with an enormous amount of features, tones and opportunities for inspiration. Casual and serious guitarists in search of jamming, practice and performance helps will find the JM4 looper invaluable.

The JM4 supplies you with awesome Line 6 tones and effects. It provides a backdrop for players to explore different musical styles and jam with studio-quality musicians. The guitar pedal features exciting, energized jam tracks. It's like playing with a real pro band, because you are playing with a real pro band.

100 jam tracks by A-list studio players Fully featured looper Up to 24 minutes of recording time Undo function 200+ artist-created presets 150+ song-based presets 12 original Line 6 amp models Seven Smart Control guitar effects Vocal effects 3-band EQ, Compressor, Delay and Reverb Master volume Channel volume

Packed with features and opportunity. Order yours today.


JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal

1/4" instrument input
1/4" aux input
XLR mic input with dedicated trim knob
1/8" CD/MP3 input
1/8" stereo headphone output
1/4" mono guitar output
1/4" stereo outputs

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If you absolutely have to have a looper the Line 6 JM4 is the only one worth having. That being said, you should be aware of what you want to accomplish with this unit, whether it's improving your playing, songwriting, or just jamming to solidify your timing.While the unit is well-made, with the exception of some chrome plastic controls, it's use as a learning/practice tool is somewhat limited. Specifically, even though the 200+ songs and grooves are performed by A-list studio musicians, the range of music genres is so broad that you may only find a few loops/songs that suit your taste and ability. While you can change the key and tempo of pre-recorded material, you cannot change the progression, which will eventually become boring.The unit does include some common effects, but not the quality or depth you would get from other Line 6 units like the POD. You may be satisfied with these limited settings if you're just using the unit for practice.One of the nicest features of the unit is it's ability to import WAV files via it's SD card slot for jamming and working out breaks. You can record your performances and even overlay performances (sound on sound) and save the results. The manual says you can export what you've saved as a WAV file via the "Save Rec Mix As WAV To Card" but the unit I had always gave a write error when attempting to perform this task.Recordings are saved via a JAM proprietary file format. These files are not readable by your computer without a third-party conveter from the Line-6 bloggers.In summary, this unit may work for you if you're a beginner or to a lesser extent if you're a more advanced player. But if you need more variety in your practice, for about the same price I'd recommend visiting the Custom Guitar's Friend website and ordering a copy of "Band in a Box" and perhaps a small multi-track recorder to work out your songs and practice routine. The JM4 Looper tries to be a lot of things all at once and in the end does't accomplish much of anything very well.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.The Looper on this is excellent. You can overdub yourself playing multiple times on a single track which is nice. You can also import/export your recordings as wav files to the SD card. The unit does not come with an SD card, which for the price, I think is kind of cheap on Line6's part. This unit has the same dry sounding Line6 effects that the POD units have. 36 User presets 12 Amp models, chorus, phase, reverb and a few other bells and whistles. Accessing various functions on this unit takes some getting use to. there are 3 buttons for the different functions then there is a wheel that you turn for controlling levels and finding drum kits and songs. The 4-way button is used to scroll through the menu options. I did not find it very intuitive and spent a while reading the manual before I got comfortable using it. Physically, the casing is pretty solid metal. The 4 foot buttons are solid but there is no obvious click to them when stepped on. The buttons and knobs are plastic so no telling how long they will last. The LCD screen is recessed and a definite dust and dirt trap. I have pretty much figured out how to use mine now for what I purchased it for which is the looping feature. As for the tones and amp models, I'm not a big Line6 fan so I would say they are average. I would not use this pedal live because I would be bending over all the time to adjust it and it wouldn't be worth it for me since I have other effects that I use. However for a practice tool, I think it is OK. A little over-priced and Line6 should include at least a 1GB SD card with the unit.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.Save your money. This thing sounds terrible. And for audio equipment- I'm pretty sure that's all that matters. I have tried for months to get this thing to sound better but there is so much noise I wouldn't even attempt to use this thing live.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.I don`t know about this thing. First of all, I bought the JM4 for acoustic live shows to add rhythm tracks and percussive sounds. I?ve given up on this for now because I can?t get anything to work right, however I admit to being a newbie on acoustic live set-ups. But trying to get the JM4 to work without using the amp modeler is a hassle and since I own the amps I would use using the JM4 modeler is a step backwards. If you don`t have the money and you enjoy using lots of different sounds Line6 products are a great idea, otherwise the modeling simply sounds weak. The effects are insanely over the top, I can only use them on the 0 or 1 bar out of about 50 and the effect is still too pronounced! Unless you?re trying to mask bad playing with them the effects are useless ;).On the positive side and although I?m disappointed with the live applications I have discovered that I love using the JM4 for practice. I?m glad to see that Line6 added recordings from a variety of styles, for those who like to broaden their horizon. It is true you don?t get much selection from a specific style of music but since you can change the pitch and speed of the song you can make it sound new and you can always record your own with a drum track. It?s hard to get a band to accompany you every day and repeat the same repetitive patterns while you practice your chops and I always found that using recordings is limited. With the JM4 I can start, stop, loop and record all with my feet. I also use the JM4 to record new material when brainstorming ideas. I found that the JM4 is the easiest way to practice and record ideas. All you need is the JM4 a guitar and some headphones. I don?t think I?ll ever use the JM4 live, but has a practice tool it?s easy to use and has really improved my playing.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.I was really excited to get this pedal only to be dissapointed. The lack of quality, engineering, and techinical support by Line 6 was dissapointing. I'll never buy another Line 6 product again
Do not buy this loop pedal for any professional sounding tone.
This pedal does a decent job looping my electric guitar. Makes my fender Deluxe sound like garbage when I try any different tone. The sound levels are all different for each tone. One will be dead quiet and you'll switch it to a new tone that will blast your ears. Line 6 should have spent more time on this pedal. The power supply died on me in less than a year and after two attempts of connecting to Line 6 in Europe for technical support to replace my supply (3 hours of waiting) they hung up on me. Not impressed with the pedal.
Power supply quit in less than a year
Not worth the money.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.This is a great piece of equipment for those that don't play with a band regularly or are trying to beef up there improvisation skills. It is in fact easy to use and intuitive while at the same time gives the impression of being very solid and durable. The drum tracks are much better than those found on some "mini-studios" and the backing tracks are fun and variable enough to not get bored. The presence of the SD card slot allows you to bring in songs and backing tracks from elsewhere so your jamming options are limitless. The looper is excellent, easy to use and with the additional memory associated with the SD card you can record and layer tracks until your heart is content. An aux input allows you to mic it up as well. For those that want to jam without worrying about noise issues- the headphone jack lets you do so worry free. The amp voicings and effects sound decent through headphones but sound surprisingly good in front of a good amp. For all of the tone junkies, like everything you have to play with the settings to dial in your ideal sound. Overall this is a great piece of equipment that will bring whole new life and creativity into your practice sessions and perhaps expose you to new sounds that would otherwise require many amps and many pedals. Probably not the best looper for gigging given all of the functions and digital effects, but great for practice and jam sessions. One minor complaint: why isn't there an on/off switch?
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.I purchased a DigiTech Jamman and was happy with it until I saw this puppy at the local GC. I did the research and returned my jamman, spent $30 more and landed this great pedal. Yes it's larger and won't fit on most people's pedal board, but it is a great pedal.It's halfway contstructed great. The chassis and foot pedals are metal but some of the buttons and knobbies are shiney plastic, a pet peave of mine.The display screen is set-in (recessed) 3/4" which makes for a nice beer trap :) so be careful and get the warranty if you have drunk-a55 bandmates like I do ;P. It uses a more standard memory type than the jamman - SD vs. cf (don't get these from the guitar store, they will rob you blind... you'll spend 5 times more than you should :( be careful.)It comes with hundreds of drum and song loops for you to play along with... damn I love this feature, it allows me to practice by playing and because there are so many here, it means more motivation to play because it's not the same thing over and over.One of the best features of this pedal is the routing split. you can have your guitar routed to your guitar amp and you can have everything else (drums or songs) routed to any stereo amp. it freakin sounds like a concert in my house when I'm jamming.One complaint I have are the built in artist tones... WTF. the output level on these are $)(*%#@'ed pardon my french but i've nearly gone deaf switching thru the artist banks. IMO these levels should be normalized... I run a multieffect pedal (korg ax1500g), a wah (behringer hellbabe), bbe sonic stomp and a marshall echohead delay in front of the pedal so I really have no need for the onboard sounds, but they are fun to play with anyway - but only if you are quick to turn down the super sonic amp blowing volume spikes.One final comment: be patient, it took me awhile to get the levels to sound right, then I realized i had to update the firmware... then I had to dial in all of the settings again :(. Update the firmware first! then dial in the pedal.Happy looping/jamming/practicing - 3d3
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.I didn't like it and sold it off. I did not like that it had a proprietary file system, JAM. It requires that you import other sound files in WAV format. No computer connectivity. Each loop must be stored as a song. the storage process needs a better user interface. The machine boots up in FX mode with amp modeling on(hated this). Each of the 100 factory installed demo songs uses it's own amp model. I like about 7 or 8 of the 100 installed songs or loops and hated all the amp models. The volume leveling for everything must be turned down to feedbackless manageable levels before you can even use it.

I think this product was developed by a focus group. If you want an FX processor get one, if you want a band in a box song manager get one that uses common file formats like mp3 and wav without conversion to another format, if you want a pedal that captures a snipette of playing for you to play over then get that too. That is the problem with this pedal it try's to do all three of those things and ends up doing neither very good.

For me the RC-30 is a better fit to capture a guitar rhythm and then play lead or sing a verse over it, it also has USB PC connectivity and does either loops or songs. I don't need an fx processor or amp modeling. I use a chorus and compresser with boost or distortion coming from channel 2 of a tube amp. I want to hear my tube amp.

With any cell phone and a 3.5 mm stereo jack can plug into a mixer to play loops or song backing tracks or even mp3 recordings to jam with. Does anyone need a pedal to play back music through a guitar amp? If you wanted to play back thru your amp wouldn't it be less costly to get a 3.5 mm to 1/4" jack converter?
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.The best sound quality I will get is directly through my Fender tube amp. The sound quality is significantly degraded by feeding through the jm4. Sampling the analog stream from the guitar, mixing it with digital tracks, and then feeding again to my analog tube amp degrades the overall sound quality. The ability to overdub your own tracks on the fly is really good and not hard to use, and a great way to experiment and compose. The ability to adjust the input level from your guitar to the level of the pre-recorded tracks to get the right mix takes constant tweaking. I think the amp effects are mediocre at best.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
.If you are a musician who wants awesome tone at little cost, BUY THIS. I just got it and it is INSANE. I think it beats all of my Boss and Keely Electronics pedals, plus it's a convenient package that can be stored anywhere. Gone are the days of buying s****y half-a** Behringer effects! Seriously, it is worth every penny.
Line 6 JM4 Looper Guitar Effects Pedal Silver
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