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Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 250
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 250

Product Features

The BOSS AB-2 is a 2-way selector pedal that makes changing inputs or outputs easy. One stomp is all it takes to instantly switch between 2 guitars or effects setups, change amplifiers or switch between an amp and tuner. Rock-solid BOSS construction ensures the AB-2 will stand the test of time.

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

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Yeah, its a shame that it only runs on batteries, but it's still a great little pedal. I'm a touring musician, and I've used mine for about 200 shows. After 3.5 years it has just now developed a short in the output. It is small enough to fit in any pedal board configuration and durable enough to last for years. I've already sent in a replacement order.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I use mine to switch between two basses, normally fretted to fretless. It works great for this. batteries are a bummer, and hard to change, nothing else on stage uses AAAs. Still a great unit, though a little pricey for me. I bought mine used.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I bought this unit to be able to switch quickly between electric and acoustic guitars, so it performs this function well. Unfortunately , it runs on 2- 1.5 volt AA cells, so you must have an extra set of batteries available as well as a Phillips screwdriver to change them. It would be better if it could be powered by 9V A.C adapter. I don't detect much noise/hum generated by it. but I've mostly used it in low-gain settings.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I have owned this sweet puppy for a little over a year and it is still kickin just as good as day one! I have used it on stage about 90 times and also in the studio. I use it to switch between my pedals, just one stomp and I can go from clean to heavy...perfect!!!
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I bougtht this pedal to run a Taylor T5 between a Carvin acoustic amp and Traynor 50 watt tube amp. It seemed to work ok at first, but changing batteries if you forget to disconnect the input is a pain. Far worse, it now seems to generate a horrible buzz or whine that is simply unacceptable. I always thought Boss was bulletproof, but this thing didn't cut it.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.This switcher works like a charm. Not noisy and silent switching. The con is the battery will die if you leave it hooked up on your board. It must be unplugged after performing.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I have used this pedal to swtich between amps and instruments and, it functions beautifully. Although I mainly use it for starting and stopping my drum machine, it works perfectly for this function in a live performance. I'm not too concerned about it being battery powered because I really don't like the wall wart transformers anyway. I own an LR Baggs para acoustic DI that is battery powered only and, I wouldn't have it any other way. Very well made and functions just for what I need, no noise, not very expensive, Highly recommended.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.Just what I needed to switch between two guitars without unplugging.
Works great - love the LED indicators.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.I switch back and forth between my Godin A6 and Godiin A12 I play in our church worship band. This pedal lets me have access to all of my effects and one amp with both guitars without having to turn off my amp to switch guitars/patch cords.

The switch button on the the pedal is large and easy to access. It makes no noise, not even a click that I can notice, and the different colored L.E.D.s tell me at a glance which instrument is active.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
.Perfect for me.

I perform with a Warwick Thumb and an NS Design EUB. All of my volume and tone control compensation is accomplished via a Fishman pre on the EUB. I did not want bells and whistles. I wanted silent switching between the instruments. I like simple. This is it. No wall wart. No extra power cord. One well made little box with a good switch on top. The little led's are fine although it is pretty ease for me to tell which instrument is live without them. I can pivot the Warwick on my back and dive into the EUB mid song and not miss a heart beat. I have finaly become accustomed to batteries. The instrument, the Fishman, the switch. I just stay on top of changing them all about once a month and no more power cords pulled out the strips from kicking wires on stage. This one works for me.
Boss AB-2 2-Way Selector Pedal
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