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Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 84
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
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Supply Ability 84

Product Features

Stylish design, a road-tough build, and comfortable, smooth action. Expression output for use with expression-compatible amps, effects, and even synthesizers.

Mono, high-impedance volume pedal Heavy-duty aluminum die casting body Ultra-smooth pedal movement for the utmost in comfort and control Rubber pedal for comfortable play and non-slip action Expression pedal function Convenient tuner-output jack

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I am very well pleased with this pedal. It's modern aesthetic is both visually appealling and rugged. This is a very practical pedal; it's rubber grip keeps your foot in place, the rubber feet keep the entire device in place, and the pedal has a very wide range of travel. The tension adjustment is nice, and offers a truly personalized feel. I highly reccommend playing with it, because the pedal's feel is pretty light and sensitive; some might find it difficult to control.The tuner output is cool (I don't use it though), and the minimum volume know is a nice feature as well (its a great adjustment if you don't want this pedal to completely kill your signal in the full-back position). I know some have an issue with it's size (it fits pretty comfortable under my size 12 foot), but I feel that it's size is a strength, and offers you to use the movement of your ankle to control the pedal, rather than chanelling that energy into just a part of your foot. For me, the result is less muscle tension.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.Overall this is an awesome pedal. It works great, is very sturdy and you can set the minimum and maximum volume and even silence your amp with just a switch of your foot. I also like this pedal because it doesnt require a power source and just works off of the amp. but id say the only bad thing about this pedal is that its a little on the large side (an understatement). its a little larger than 11" X 4" and it doesnt fit in most BOSS pedal boards. but i have heard that the BCB-60 can accomodate the V-WAH pedal by removing the cord concealer but i think the V-WAH is a little bit smaller than the FV-500 so im not sure it will fit.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.This is a good volume pedal overall. It is larger than my Ernie Balls and not as sturdy as the EB's. It also only does Audio Taper unlike the EB's which has a switchable taper. For volume control it does well but as an expression pedal the Audio Taper really makes the pedal useless. I also found the pedal tension adjustment to make little to no difference and i found the action to be pretty light. If you stand while playing you may find the light action frustrating. It is a very attractive pedal and looks great on stage but if you want features, durability, and overall usefulness I'd recommend the Ernie Ball myself. If you want a volume effect that never needs servicing (the EB does require a little maintenance from time to time) and looks awesome then this is a good choice.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.good action,easy to use all around a nice addition to the mix.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.I perform with this pedal weekly during the winter on a fender tube amp with a band. It really does the job when you need to climb above the rest of the band and make your solo's heard. It is a bit touchy and jumps, but once you get used to it, it's not that bad.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.This volume pedal has everything that I could need. Tuner out jack lets you tune in the heel down position (no sound is heard through the amp). Minimum volume knob lets you go from rhythm to lead volumes and back again smoothly. Taper of this pedal is great when doing volume swells. I use a Martin acoustic electric into this pedal, then a Wah and a delay pedal usually direct into a PA system. This is definitely a great volume pedal and a welcome addition to my setup.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.works fine, seems sturdy. weighs more than i wish though...
i used to have one that was this size by boss years ago that was much lighter, worked just as well, and lasted a long time. i thought this was the same, but unfortunately this weighs too much. too bad.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.It's a nice pedal, well built, and it works fine...on a clean channel. If you are looking for something to make your high gain channel solos jump out of the mix, this isn't it. None of the volume pedals I have tried do that. Get a Boss GE-7 EQ pedal, now you're talking solos that jump out of the mix and grab people by the ears.Again, for clean guitar work and probably keyboard, this really is a nice volume pedal. It's smooth, the minimum volume works well, and it's very sturdy. If you want it for face melters though, not gonna happen.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.Very fussy pedal. Not very good if you are looking for true volume boost without changing the transparency of your effects.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
.Sounds great. Love the minimum volume feature. Highly recommend.
Boss FV-500H Mono Volume Pedal
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