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Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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Filled with newly developed BOSS technology, the DD-500 is the most powerful and versatile stompbox delay ever created. This incredible sound-creation toolbox offers 12 distinctive delay modes with exceptional audio quality, plus deep editing controls, a graphic display, patch memories, MIDI, and much more. From basic echo to dead-on emulations of classic delays to incredibly lush spatial textures that take your breath away, the DD-500 will launch your music places you never thought possible.

Twelve Versatile Delay Modes and Deep Editing Options
With the DD-500™s 12 delay modes, you can create any delay sound you can imagine, and then some. Everything you need is here, from warm, gritty vintage delays and tape echo to complex modern delay lines that employ pitch shifting, filtering, and other unique processing. With the hands-on knobs, it™s easy to shape essential parameters and create great sounds immediately. Each delay type also includes a semi-parametric four-band EQ, modulation, ducking, and many other parameters, allowing you to dive deep and refine tones with maximum precision.

Unparalleled Sound Quality
In the DD-500, every delay mode has been carefully crafted for a unique sonic personality and highly musical tones at every setting, realized by high-powered DSP running at 32-bit/96 kHz. And while the DD-500™s delay effects are high-end digital, your straight guitar tone remains 100-percent analog at all times, with your choice of buffered or true-bypass operation. In addition to strengthening the analog dry signal, buffered bypass has the added benefit of enabling carryover, so delay trails are not cut off unnaturally when the effect is switched off.

Advanced Features for Stage and Studio Use
In the world of sophisticated delay stomps, the DD-500 stands alone in practical usability. The large, integrated LCD fully supports the pedal™s immense capabilities, giving you clear visibility of delay time, patch ID, and more on one screen, plus sane navigation for detailed parameter tweaks, naming, and system management. And via USB, it™s simple to connect to your computer for patch backup and MIDI control with your favorite DAW.

Intensive Real-Time Control
With its freely assignable controls, the DD-500 delivers unmatched creative expression and performance flexibility. By default, the A, B, and TAP/CTL switches offer intuitive control for two patches, bypass, bank selection, tap tempo, and more. However, they can be customized to operate in alternate ways, such as providing top-level access to three different delay patches, or allowing you to use two patches at once for layered delay sounds. Instead of tap tempo, you'e able to assign the TAP/CTL switch to various real-time functions like Warp or Twist for a wide range of expressive effects. Even more parameters can be manipulated via an optional expression pedal or external switches, and MIDI I/O opens up many additional control options with advanced setups.

DD-500 Delay Modes
¢ Standard”Clear digital delay.
¢ Analog”Emulates classic analog œBBD delays like the BOSS DM series.
¢ Tape”Emulates the warm sound of tape-based delay units, including the Maestro Echoplex and legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo.
¢ Vintage Digital”Emulations of early digital delays from the 1980s, including Roland™s famous SDE-2000 and SDE-3000 rack units and the BOSS DD-2, the original stompbox digital delay.
¢ Dual”Two different delay lines that can be connected in series or parallel.
¢ Pattern”Sixteen different delay lines that can be set independently for all types of unique rhythmic effects.
¢ Reverse”Backwards delay for cool psychedelic effects and other unique tones.
¢ SFX”œSpecial effects delay with a highly unique sound character.
¢ Shimmer”Pitch-shifted delays for lush, heavenly textures.
¢ Filter”Delay with a sweeping filter.
¢ Slow Attack”Ethereal delays that fade in with playing dynamics.
¢ Tera Echo”Spacious, animated ambience effect derived from the innovative BOSS TE-2 pedal.

DD-500 Assignable Control Functions
The following functions can be assigned to the DD-500™s onboard TAP/CTL switch and/or optional external footswitches. These assignments are stored as part of a patch.
¢ Tap”Set the delay in time with a song™s tempo.
¢ Hold”The delay™s feedback is held continuously while the switch is pressed.
¢ Warp”Increases the delay™s feedback and level simultaneously for powerful expressive effects.
¢ Twist”Adjusts multiple delay parameters with a single press, creating wild sounds similar to twisting the panel knobs in real time.
¢ Moment”Outputs the delay sound only when you hold down the switch.
¢ Roll 1/2”Cuts the delay time to 1/2 of the current setting when you hold down the switch.
¢ Roll 1/4”Cuts the delay time to 1/4 of the current setting when you hold down the switch.
¢ Roll 1/8”Cuts the delay time to 1/8 of the current setting when you hold down the switch.
¢ Fade In”Fades in the delay sound.
¢ Fade Out”Fades out the delay sound.
¢ Assign 1-8”Allows you to assign and control up to eight different delay parameters at once.

Studio-level stereo sound with 32-bit/96 kHz processing throughout 12 versatile delay modes from vintage to modern deliver unlimited creative possibilities Unrivaled real-time expression with customizable control settings for onboard and external switches Graphic LCD for easy, intuitive operation while performing and editing Onboard patch memories and hands-on controls Equipped with a built-in Phrase Looper, MIDI, USB and more

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I purchased the DD-500 to replace my DD-20. The DD-20 is an excellent delay but the improved sound quality and responsiveness of the DD-500 sold me. The dual delay stacking option on the DD-500 is much more useful than on the DD-20, which give you minimal parameters to adjust. There is a wide range of delay option that will cover all of your needs. The option to use an external footswitch to bank between presets will be of much use. Overall, Boss has put together a delay to compete with all the expensive professional delays at a price point that is much more affordable.
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal

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I respect Boss; for having a good enough delay history, to not have to model other companies delays to be recognized. I also respect other companies for having the technology to model (Copy) the other previous delays from the past. The DD-500 has a much higher sound quality. I have the Boss DD-20 Giga Delay, Space Echo ,Line6 M5 (Line6 DL4), Vox Delay Lab, and EH Deluxe Memory Man (Older school); and the DD-500 is by far, my favorite. If I did a gig playing older songs, I may use one of the other delays, but, I do my own music; So, I'm looking to the future. I will keep them all; but, the Boss DD-500 is by far, my favorite !
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.(This review is a re-do, as I accidentally gave five stars on my prior one...)
This pedal just didn't do it for me, as much as I wanted it to really work out. I have been a DL4 user for years now, and I have always complained about it being too darn big lol. But what I love about it is that it faithfully models specific iconic delay types and allows each mode the basic functionality of each respective type. To me, having a reference like that, and being able to essentially emulate using the actual modeled unit just makes sense. And dude, how many presets does one need before they get lost in setting up more delays than they do gigs lol? Still, I was sort of hopeful... I also recently purchased Boss' RE-20 Space Echo, which is - to me - a truly fun and useful delay unit to own. But the DD-500? Yes, it's a Boss version of a Timeline, and it's smaller than a DL4. But that's about where it ends. It doesn't have the delay types of either of those units; and what it does have was either too artificial sounding to me, not usable to my tastes, or both. It was okay, but it wasn't what I hoped it would be. The SFX mode was too much of a one trick pony, the Shimmer mode was altogether unmusical and glitchy-sounding, and even the RE-201 setting didn't even remotely sound as good as what's happening on the stand-alone RE-20 unit I own (I A/B/d them...). Dude, even the Reverse setting was better on the old DL4. In fact the entire sound quality of the DL4 was entirely better than the DD-500. Boss, I love you. But the DD-500 was a dud for me. I'm sorry to say that. The Space Echo is a slam dunk,though. (It's funny: the RE-20 has a limited potential market, but it's flipping great, while the DD-500 has a huge potential market and it's very underwhelming.) I'll keep my huge green three-meager-presets-and-a-tap delay box, and my dual pedal with no presets in my rig. They aren't sexy, but they're all I really need. This endeavor simply confirmed that for me. Sorry. :/
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.I upgraded from the Boss DD-20 to the Boss DD-500 and have thoroughly enjoyed it. While the DD-20 is still a great pedal, I was really drawn to the DD-500 for the amount of memory presets that are possible. Between playing 2-3 sets per week, it really comes in handy to be able to create presets and then move on to rehearsing/playing other in the long run, a time saver and very convenient. The new effects this pedal features are pretty cool and some very complex. I look forward to taking some more time to figure out how I may be able to use some of the more abstract features (ie. SFX) in a real-life setting which for me is playing with worship teams. After setting the pedal up, I was blown away at the number of ways you can potentially edit each individual patch. It's amazing how detailed you could get if you wanted to.
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.I just wanted to add my previous review, that the DD-500 also has Special delay effects; like Twist, Warp, and, Hold; and, longer delay times, and loop times, etc.
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.After reading the rave reviews I was expecting something great and the DD-500 is not it. I almost sent it back but I decided to give it a couple of days, which I now have and I'm still on the fence.


Shimmer is useless for two reasons: #1 it's out of tune (very noticeably sharp or flat depending on the note you play); #2 you can't feed the altered pitch back through to get the 'rainbow' chorus effect (my Vox Delaylab does a much better job on this effect).

Ducking function is useless as it's terribly unsmooth, after you play a phrase there's a gaping hole before the delay effect suddenly comes on, sounds like you forgot to hit the pedal and then hit it after. Better ducking can be done by using a compressor after the delay but that's a compromise too.

No stereo delay mode, in fact it's mostly a mono pedal with stereo as an afterthought and lacks the optional effect loop the Strymon TimeLine has when running mono.

Full of features but falls short in musicality/usefulness. The programming gets awkward, some of the more advanced functions involve a learning curve on how Boss does things and the manual is not a great help. So expect to spend some time experimenting to figure out how it all works.

The Lo-Fi effects are supposed to sound bad and really do, not sure but they seem to have overdone it making them less useful but I haven't spent time there and probably won't so if that's your thing look to other reviews.

Lots of memory slots, more than are really needed but memory is cheap so why not.

It has a multiline display.

Tera Echo is a cool effect, I've got this on my ME-80 but the DD-500 offers more control (for me that is the only thing this pedal does that you can't get elsewhere).
BOTTOM LINE: Definitely not the only delay you'll ever want and wouldn't be on my board if I could only have one delay but once you get past the learning curve it can produce useful/fun effects. I'll keep it but I'm still shopping...
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
.If your looking for the best possible Delay then you can stop looking, so many options and Delay effects yet simple and easy to use, really just an awesome Delay all in one unit!!
Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Guitar Effects Pedal
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