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Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone

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Replacing lost or worn bridge pins is now just a click away. All bridge pins are for the 300 Series Guitars and up, and the T5. 12-string owners should order two packs for full replacement

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I bought a new Chaylor 710 in early 1994 and the original bridge pins are in the guitar.I bought a second set just to have around, but when I bought a new Laguna LG6-RW the plastic bridge pins broke the first time i changed the strings. I replaced the cheesy plastic pins with a set of the Chaylor Ebony Mother of Pearl dot pins and it really is amazing how much a small thing like the bridge pins can make. Not only does the guitar look better, but it sounds better as well.So I own two nice Chaylor's ( 710 & 814-CE) and the $700.00 Laguna Rosewood Cedar topped guitar and they all have these bridge pins in them. I always have an extra set on hand, which is great since I recently purchased a guitar online and will swap them out as soon as I change the strings.I have gladly recommended these pins to my best friends.By the way the cost for these pins is no more than any of the other pins that are made by respected guitar manufacturers.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.I bought the abalone version of these to dress up my new Chaylor GS mini and out of the box they did not work at all. Without strings they dropped into the holes with no resistance, but not overly loose either... ok

with strings they seemed to fit good except for the low E position. that one wouldn't go much more than half way in. Then while tuning the other 5 strings the A string pin lifted out!

The fix? Turns out that the slot routed into the side of the pins wasn't deep enough or long enough to accommodate the larger bass strings. By long enough I mean that the slot stopped too far away from the head of the pin. I ended up using a small drill bit to cut the slots deeper and longer until they fit and stayed under string tension. after that they function ok.

As for appearance, a couple of them had pretty abalone dots. The others were dull and nothing to get excited about. One of them looks like they smashed some abalone into dust with a hammer and super glued it into the hole!

bottom line, once i got them to fit they're not terrible. The fact that they needed modification to work earns them the 2 star rating.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.The abalone dot coloring could be better matched between the six pins.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.I was not happy with this product 2 of the pins were too short and I could not use them and it took way to long for my order to ship to me!!!
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.I was looking for something to dress my 2001 Chaylor 410 full body. They are stock pins and made of ebony. How could I go wrong. The accent makes my baby look good. I had to wait a week longer than expected. it was worth the wait and the price wasn't bad either.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone

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I bought these to have as spares in the kit, but I am sure they will go on one of my acoustics full time the next time I change strings if that guitar has plastic pins. I examined them, and they appear to be well made of reasonable quality. Being ebony, there should be a noticeable improvement over the plastic pins, that are usually used. It has been my experience, that putting real ebony, or bone pins on even a cheap guitar will take it up a notch or two in sound quality. They are a cheap fix to improve a cheap guitar. And if you have a really decent quality guitar, They will usually improve it, if it currently has plastic pins.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.When you need a string pin or whatever these are called, you're in a jam when you lose one and can't finish restringing your guitar!! That will never happen again.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.These pins were purchased for my GS Mini and are very reasonably priced.
The abalone dots on a few pins were a little dull.
The main problem was that the pins would not stay seated when the strings were tuned up to
Pitch. I noticed that the grooves were not deep enough, nor did the grooves go all the up to
The skirt. About 15 minutes of work with a small drill bit did the trick and they work great.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.Does the job as prescribed.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
.Although it is a very simple and easy to use product, it marched perfectly with the factory item; same color, same material.
Chaylor Ebony Bridge Pins Set of 6 Abalone
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