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Custom Gibson 498T Hot Alnico Pickup - Nickel Bridge 4-Conductor

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Model Number Custom Gibson 498T Hot Alnico Pickup - Nickel Bridge 4-Conductor
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Gibson 498T Hot Alnico Pickup - Nickel Bridge 4-Conductor
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Genuine Gibson Accessories For Maximum Performance!

Put a slightly hotter Alnico V magnet into a specially wound coil combination, and you get the 498T "Hot Alnico." With its higher output and emphasis on mid-ranges and highs, the 498T is the perfect rock pickup. Available with chrome, gold or nickel covers, or open coils, the 498T comes with four conductor shielded wiring for series/parallel/split coil variations.



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Features: Bridge position pickup Hotter Alnico V magnet in a specially wound coil combination Nickel finish

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