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Custom TL Audio Ivory 5051 Valve Processor / Channel Strip (USED)

Brand Name Pro-Audio,Outboard Gear,Used Gear; Other,
Model Number Custom TL Audio Ivory 5051 Valve Processor / Channel Strip (USED)
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom TL Audio Ivory 5051 Valve Processor / Channel Strip (USED)
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TL Audio Ivory 5051 Valve Processor / Channel Strip (USED) – Unit is in good condition, fully operational, thoroughly tested, some wear on mounting brackets and enclosure (see pictures), previous owner attached felt feet, comes with power cable

The single channel voice processor format has become the accepted way of getting the most out of any sound source. The 5051 provides the perfect front end for any system by offering a combined preamp, compressor, equaliser and noise gate all in one easy-to-use package: now with an optional digital output. The 5051 compressor section is identical to that of the 5021, and the four band equaliser section is modelled on that of the legendary TL Audio EQ-1 - yielding superb results instantly, with an improved optical gate for removing unwanted source noise. So whatever your source, let the 5051 unlock its true potential!

The 5051 features no less than six valve stages, supplied by three twin triode ECC83/12AX7A valves running from a stabilised 150V DC power supply. One valve stage is located in the preamp, one in the compressor gain control circuit, and four in the equaliser section.'


Preamp stage provides Input Gain, 48V and 90Hz filter Compressor section with control of: Threshold, Ratio, Gain Make-Up and Output Gain Four switchable Attack times from 'Fast' (0.5mS) through to 'Slow' (40mS) Four switchable Release times from 'Fast' (40mS) through to 'Slow' (4S) Switchable VU metering of input level, output level or gain reduction Drive and Peak LEDs to indicate internal signal level Balanced XLR mic input LF EQ band gives ± 12dB shelving at 60Hz, 120Hz, 250Hz or 500Hz (12dB/octave) LM EQ band gives ±12dB peaking at 250Hz, 500Hz, 1kHz or 2.2kHz (Q=0.5) HM EQ band gives ±12dB peaking at 1.5kHz, 2.2kHz, 3.6kHz or 5kHz (Q=0.5) HF EQ band gives ±12dB shelving at 2.2kHz, 5kHz, 8kHz or 12kHz (12dB/octave) 'EQ Pre' switch allows the EQ section to be placed ahead of the compressor section 'Link' switch allows two 5051s to be connected for stereo operation Balanced XLR line input/output duplicated on unbalanced jack connectors Sidechain insert point

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Condition:Very Good Make:Used Gear; Other Model:5051 Finish:Ivory Categories:Outboard Gear
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