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Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 238
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
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Fender's large triangle pick provides 3 sides for picking and the largest body of any Fender pick. If you want a large pick to hold on to, this is the one for you!

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I had used Fender triangle medium picks since the mid 1970s. There was a time when these picks would very rarely crack or chip. Lately, I can't get though a song without chipping the corner of these picks. What happened? Did Fender change and cheapen the manufacturing formula?
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.I used these picks for over 20 years. The last gross I ordered were awful. They cracked and chipped at an alarming rate. I'd go through a pick about every couple songs. Absolutely terrible quality. I needed a good excuse to switch to a standard style of pick and I found it. I'll never buy Fender picks again. Or anything else, for that matter...their QC has gone down the toilet.
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
. I grew up using these picks mainly because of the three sides. I played very hard in my younger days. Now that I'm older, I do not play as hard. I have purchased practically every expensive pick on the market but I always come back to these. I just ordered six dozen of the heavy's. I've never had a problem with their size and stiffness. I don't break them anymore but I tend to give them away and loose them.
They hold up well.
Catch a sale at Custom Guitar's Friend and work out to a be a quarter or less
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.These are good pics indeed. If I had to use Fender Brand Pics, then these would be my choice, the Mediums especially. I agree that these pics are great for playing rhythm, but whatever guitar one uses, I hope they have a stratch plate (pick guard), notably on acoustic guitars, because the sharp tips are likely to dig into the wood top overtime. Also, I've found that these pics work better with Fender Strats, Teles or replica guitars of those models. I play an Epiphone SG and I always had an issue of these picks getting stuck in the small crack of the humbucker pickup cavity, snatching the pick right out of my hand while playing. Again, these picks work better on solidbody guitars with single coil pickup cavities. I know these complaints sound trivial but take my word for it. The mediums don't really hold up that long but remember, they are made of celluloid, which is not as durable as Delrin, Ultem, Acetal, Nylon, or Lexan.
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.Extremely easy to grip and vary strumming patterns
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.I like my Fender triangle thins, could not find them locally, but Custom Guitars friend came thru w/ flying colors, will def. recommend them to my friends.
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.these picks are very hard to find where I live, they are perfect for what I need. thank you
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.In my opinion, the most versitile pick shape out there. Great acoustic flat pick, and you can vary the amount hanging out to vary the effective gauge when switching from rhythm to lead on electric. When they wear out, I use a 'pick punch' and make teardrop shape picks for my mandolin playing son in law. They are not as awkward as they look, and hard to drop when you're playing aggessively and your hands are sweaty.
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.I started using these in the late 60's and wouldn't go on stage without them. Like the one reviewer said you actually have 3 picks in 1, a corner breaks just rotate it. I always kept 2 "spares" on my stand but raely had to use them except for the occassional "whoops". Easy to handle and you can vary the action by where you hold it. Once you use it you won't use anything else.
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
.I been playing with the thick pick for about a year now. And have to say it's great =]
Fender Triangle Guitar Picks Medium 6 Dozen
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