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Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior

Place of Origin USA
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
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The Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case gives your guitar a rugged Tolex cover, made in the traditional shape with locking latch, protective vinyl ends, large accessory compartment, padded poodle plush interior, and genuine Fender Logo. Get the genuine Fender Hardshell Case that fits Strat and Tele guitars.

Don't wait 'till it's too late. Protect your best friend today.

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I have two of these cases, but I have several Fender guitars, so I need a few more. I have some of the older molded plastic guitar cases, but I don't like them for two reasons, #1) they all have a strip of metal that goes around the edge of the case, which in an unguarded moment could 'ding' your guitar, #2) there is very little room in the accessories area of the case, not even enough room for a standard sized leather strap, and extra strings, string winder, polish cloth, and small bottle of mist and wipe. However, with the deluxe cases, those two issues become non-issues. The deluxe cases have no metal edges, and the accessories compartment is large enough for all the things I like to carry with me. The lining is gorgeous, as is the tolex on the exterior. If you order one of these cases, and the latches don't line up correctly, or they are excessively sticky, might I suggest that you call the people you bought it from and ask for an RMA number to return the defective case, and have them send you another. G&G are usually very good with their quality control, but no-one is infallible. I do love these cases, for their retro appeal, as well as their deluxe appointments, and if you are a Fender lover as I am, I am pretty sure you will love them too.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.Very attractive case for your favorite Fender....BUT... Unfortunately, the case manufacturer has zero quality control. Ordered the black case with orange interior. First one arrived damaged, with tears in the tolex covering and poorly aligned hardware. When case was clicked shut, still had a huge gap. Returned, got another. Next one arrived with even more tears in tolex, and extra holes drilled on apparently their first attempt at mounting hardware, still poorly aligned and wouldn't stay shut. Returned, thought I'd try the gold tweed. It arrived with only minor nicks in fabric, but case was about 1" too short to hold Fender strat (70's headstock). Returned, waiting on fourth and final attempt - another black case with orange interior. Hoping it's not damaged. Should have ordered a generic case in hindsight, but I'm on a mission now to find ONE Fender case that isn't defective. Would have thought a Fender case would be the best thing for a Fender guitar. Who knew.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.I have had numerous C&G cases over the years and most have had very good attention to detail. The current model available for purchase is very hit or miss. This is the 2nd case that I have purchased, the 1st case I received had defective latches that would not spring open. The problem lies in the quality of the latches. They are very flimsy at first look and the operation of the latches confirms it's weakness. The second problem is its 3 rear hinges. They are all crooked and were obviously assembled to the case with zero attention to detail. One is so crooked that I thought it would interfere with the opening process. The case does open but it is not acceptable on a case of this type.

The inside, however, is very nice with obvious attention to detail. My Strat fits perfectly and the separate compartment opens and closes very nicely. I only decided to keep the case because I didn't want to go through the hassle of repacking and sending it back for a replacement that may be worse than the current one. I had asked if someone could check out the case before shipping and was told that it drop-shipped from somewhere else and was not possible.

(This review was based on a Black Tolex with Orange/Red interior.)
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.I bought the black tweed w/black interior Fender Strat Hardshell Case. This is by far the nicest guitar case I've ever owned! If you don't care about having the "Fender" logo on the case, then you can find cheaper cases for your guitar. Since I have a Fender Am. Std. Strat, I wanted the Fender case for it--with logo. The SKB case that came with my guitar was garbage and the latches broke. I got this case to replace it--WOW! great quality! For one thing, the trim around the ends of the case is geniune LEATHER; not some cheap vinyl. The tweed is thick and durable but feels soft to the touch like cotton. Not like another tweed case that I have which you can tell is some rough synthetic fiber. 3 latches, 2 of them locking. LARGE storage area that snaps closed! The handle is soft. Crushed velvet interior. Perfect fit holds the guitar snugly without any shifting. The sticting and workmanship are just beautiful. If you are proud of your Fender guitar and think it deserves a beautiful, genuine Fender case this is the one. MF often has discounts or coupons available to help with the price; look for those this case is worth it.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.Maybe in its heyday these were THE cases to have. I bought one of their nice looking Fender branded tweed cases to protect a nice Strat I am lucky to own, and was shocked at the poor workmanship (studs not hammered in all the way, crooked name plates, pieces bent out of shape, etc.,).
I contacted G&G via email to let them know of my concerns regarding the poor quality. (I offered them an "out" thinking perhaps my case had been assebled poorly by Fender as a partner.) I heard nothing from them for weeks.When they finally responded, their correspondence was NOT very well written, in terms of professionalism, tone of customer service, or grammar; I felt like I was getting mobile texts from a teenage girl.I was basically asked to prove and provide photographic evidence. I did so gladly.Without any apology, G&G offered to replace my case, but they insisted that I pay for boxing it up and shipping it across the country to them. These are quite large and heavy pieces and it's not worth my time and money, as a mere average consumer, to ship it at a cost much higher than what a large company can afford to do. I suspect that they know this very well.It's a shame really that a USA company is taking this approach to "quality control" and customer satisfaction. Cheaper foreign imports are unfortunately improving their quality (and customer relations) to the point where it's hard to argue "Buy USA," especially if the quality of product and sevice is as poor as I've experienced. I recently bought some imported German guitar strings and the owner himself corresponded with me when I had a few break on me - sending me replacements for free all the way from Europe.This classic company may not last much longer if this is the trend. Very sad.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.It's a great looking case with classic styling and features you would want to keep your classic style Stratocaster, or Telecaster in to keep it safe. The look and features have stood the test of time, and never goes out of style just like your beloved guitar. I own several of these cases from the early 80's to the black tweed I just got. They look good wear great, and as they gracefully age they still look great.
I just got a black tweed, with black interior case. I got to keep my 60's MIM Stratocaster in. It has the traditional center latch and sliding flip latches on each end in chrome. The interior has the side pocked with snap to keep picks strings etc in. A very nice traditional style case. It even has the traditional chrome Fender logo which I really like. It does not have the little Fender badge near the handle, I guess due to the larger Fender badge on the side. It's made in the USA which is a great feature.
The quality is top notch with the only issue was the left flip latch was sticking, but I used a little 3 in 1 oil, and worked the latch several times and it works great. The black tweed has no issues like I read in other reviews, and the ends are nicely stitched just as you would expect.
I think its a great value for a traditional style case that will under normal conditions keep your guitar safe for the life of the instrument. Would/will I buy more of these cases? Sure will, I have two more Stratocasters that need homes.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.If it was a little lower in price, the value rating would be better, and alignment should have been checked more closely to make sure the latches are easy to work.
As others, the latches are an issue. The middle latch doesn't seem to close all the way, and have fun getting the blue masking off those latches...I'm still trying to pull all of it off. Otherwise, the case is made just fine, and is absolutely beautiful. My Ash Tele looks and fits great in it.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.A decent case bought as a replacement for a plastic case. Very close to the case that came with my 78 strat. With decent care it should last as long as that one.
Decent hardware. Plenty of storage.
Latches and handle are comparable to two other cases that I have. Both of which are holding up under plenty of use. I did see in other reviews that people had problems with the latches, so those were the first things I checked. The ones on this case were fine.
Good basic protection for the money.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.I paid extra for this case to get the brown exterior and the plush gold interior. I was wicked pshyched to get it. I laid it on the floor and went to unhinge the case so i could put my Tele in it. I could not budge the latches on eith side. My wife and I were both wrestling without success. Called the customer service dept. and was told that due to the high durability of the hinges that they may stick a little. I tried longer and finally used the back of some scissors to bang on the latch in the direction I was told. Finally I got the case open. I was smart and did not place the guitar in the case and closed the case to open it again. Indeed, once latch again, it required hulk like strength to budge the latch. Sendin it back. Going to get the molded case. Too bad.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
.As you may have read there are some mixed reviews on these cases. Mine is no different because it's hit or miss with what you get. G&G has a lengthy history but quality control has been shaky lately. I've got two of these cases. One is as tight as can be all around and is perfect. The other has gaps on the ends and there is some play in one of the latches when closed. Both were brand new, out of the box. Be prepared to maybe receive one that isn't up to snuff.
Fender Strat/Tele Hardshell Case Black Orange Plush Interior
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