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Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard

Place of Origin USA
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Min.Order Quantity One Set
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
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The Jazz Bass has been seen frequenting all the places where music has been played over the last 50 years. Classic body shape, rosewood slab fretboard, standard J Bass pickups and controls, 3-ply pickguard, and chrome-plated hardware. This special run version J features an ash body and a natural finish.

Case sold separately.

Classic J Bass styling Ash body Natural finish Rosewood fretboard Two single-coil pickups Volume/volume/tone controls Chrome-plated hardware Case sold separately

What could make a J Bass more appealing than it already is? A natural finish ash body, that's what. Order your FSR Standard J Bass today.

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Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

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I bought this to replace my old beater bass to play at those gigs where you don't want to take a chance of something happening to a more expensive bass. I know that sometimes what you get is the luck of the draw when you order things online. This bass sounds good and is a pleasure to play.
This Instrument has all the standard features of any Fender Jazz Bass. Separate bridge and neck pickup volume controls with a master tone control.
For the money this is a well made bass. The ash body is a pleasure to look at and helps adds a bright clear tone. I found the neck to be well constructed with no fret buzz. The tone from the pickups is as good as any and better than most in this price range. Punchy bottom and bright highs without getting brittle sounding. I won't be rushing to change them out any time soon. Changed out the bridge for a high mass bridge and flat wound strings just as a matter of personal taste.
While there are lesser expensive guitars on the market I believe this is a lot of bass for the money. I tried a Squire and some other brands at the music store. I think over all this is a better deal and worth what I paid for it.
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.Great Bass...if you know what to do with regards to tweaking :-)
I just purchase this bass from a local store. Basically, the following things done will make this a great bass.
1. Crank that Truss Rod.... the action is extremely too high...but it can be corrected either by a do-it-yourselfer like me or a qualified luthier...
2. Lower the action ...nuff said there
3. Put a new set of string on it...Fender sets are also low quality ones
4. Consider the Leo Quan Badd Ass II for better tone and sustain

That is about the rack ...the bass is ok...but doing these minor adjustments will make this baby hum...oh I also adjusted the pickups a bit the accomodate for the action...I am a Slapper.
again, I agree witht the comments about a step above the MIM J BAss...mine is the newer model with the tort shell pickguard (changing to black). The Ash Body is awesome in workmanship and finish. As far as weight..I have two Geddy's and do not notice any weight issue. The Rosewwod neck (big reason I bought it) is smooth and adds that slight tone change from the Geddy's. The hardware appears to be solid with some expected lifetime.
At this price you cannot find a better New genuine Fender Jazz with these sound qualities.
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.my favorite type of bass to play is an Fender jazz bass, so during my search for one i discovered this beauty! i was heasitant about this bass because of the cheap price tag, but went with it anyway. for me this is BY FAR the best bass i have played in this price range, the neck is so smooth and the playability is excellent. the fret work is very very good! no sharp edges, the stock pickups are great! you can change them out, however the stock pickups will leave you pleasantly surprised! the red tortoise shell pickguard gives this bass a retro look, the bridge is pretty bad however this is and easy fix. if you can, pick this bass up and play it and see if you like it as much as me. i LOVE it! let me reiterate, all i can say it WOW!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.I am a former recording and touring artist with 33+ years on the bass. I have owned many basses over the years and this unit is not bad for the money. I traded for the one I got and she was a closet queen since 2011. Very good playability which is expected from a Fender Jazz. Stock electronics sound just fine, although could use a little better modulation, as previous critics have described. I don't have the noisy pick ups I have been reading about, quite the contrary..No 60 cycle hum when using just one pick up..And they are not higher grade Fender noiseless models..I did notice when I took the pick guard and control plate off there was an added wire between the two pick ups that were wired to an individual metal plate under each pick this a form of the cheap mans noiseless? Creating a shared field between the two pick ups removes the 60 cycle hum?? I will have to research that. I did choose to change all he hardware..tuning keys, bridge, pick guard and control plate to black in color..the "blackout look"..looks even cooler than it did before..(not a fan of tortoise shell pick guards). All the original harware was very functional, just didnt care for the look of chrome on looks so much sweeter. I play finger grooves, pick and slap styles and all sound great with this bass. Love the jazzy Jaco tone with just the bridge PU on..nice. Both PU's blazing with a slap style, and front pick up with a pick for a nice almost P sound (70's arena rock)!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.The neck feels a lot like a Fender American Special Jazz I had. What is exceptional is the amount of sustain this bass exibits with the Stock bridge. I feel this is due to the Ash body vs. the Alder on the American Special. Another thing is it's light weight about 7.9 lbs. Fit and finish excellent. The pickups sounded mediocre until I adjusted them to Fender Spec's and they blossomed with tone. I usually like Alnico II Vintage pickups but these (ceramic magnet)do such a good job I am keeping them. If you are having a dull sound set them to spec. The Intonation was spot on (as read by my Peterson VS-1 Strobe tuner). The saddle height perfect and after taking some bow out of the neck action perfect.
My one complaint was the pickup screws were installed at different angles making adjustment nearly impossible. I lifted the pickups out of the way, took wooden match sticks and wood glued them in the origional holes then set the pickups back in proper position and used a small drill bit to drill new straight holes. Problem solved. This bass would have definately rated 5 stars had the installer taken the small amount of care to install the screws properly. This is an excellent bass at a very decent price. Absolutely love it!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.This bass is one of the best basses I've owned. Previous basses I have owned include a 70's P Bass, original Music Man Sabre and a Squier Jazz re-issue with Fender 62 pickups installed by me. The fit and finish of this FSR bass are solid, the neck is great and the tone is perfect, even with the stock pickups. When I brought it to the last gig the drummer and lead guitar player were blown away at how good it sounded. I've always wanted an Ash body Jazz bass and I'm glad I now have one. I still might install a set of vintage Fender 60's Jazz pickups because I like the sound so much but for now all is good in the world. I really don't think you'll find a better deal than this bass if you're looking for that classic Jazz bass sound. Rock On!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.Tone is great-upgrade over time and you have a real keeper. This bass invests your money exactly where it needs to go, focusing on the most basic element: the body. I could not be more pleased with this purchase.
Just what you would expect-vol for each pup and master tone-easy. Wide tonal range from controls. Very responsive instrument out of the box and a great-great platform to grow with.
Beautiful body-Two piece Ash. Mine is extremly lite, maybe "Northern Ash"? Balance equinimity is at the neck plate. Installed a Gotoh hi-mass bridge, strap locks and will do a series/paralell ala duncan mod soon w/an orange drop cap. Until then, full size pots sound great-good quality electronics. No hurry to change pups. I purchased and then sent back two Squiers before this purchase: a couple Jag mods. The Squier necks have the tang trimmed frets which are a bit nicer than this neck where you can see the fret tangs along the edge of the fret board, like all MIM necks I have seen. However, the skunk stripe on this is way more smooth and looks like walnut as opposed to ebony.

The body, well-this arrived with a beautiful void free two piece, very well matched and extremly resonant, Ash body which fortunately is very lite weight too. This bass resonates for days and delivers tones ranging from deep precision like lows to spanking/purcusave articulate jazz tones.
Given the gorgeous two piece Alder bods these come with, I give a ten on the value rating. You will need to shim the neck if you put a hi-mass bridgle on this bass because the stock bridge is so bloody thin and low. The pups will raise, however, so you won't need to spring them up. Afer doing so, I was able to lower the action considerably on this neck from it's stock set-up. Sweet-sweet shredder bass.
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.Got this as it reminded me of the USA Jazz bass I learned on. I am loving it, I love the fundamental that the ash body provides and the neck is quick and fast. The I have recorded a lot with it, and it has that sit in the mix but also stand out in the mix Jazz Bass sound.
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.Received the Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass and I'm just blown away. I've read the other reviews that said it was ready to play right out of the box, and man, it was. The bass was practically in tune! The finish is beautiful and the ash body is absolutely gorgeous. Plugged it into my Fender Bassman and there was that Jazz Bass growl that everyone loves. There are a couple of things that I'd change, if I ran Fender. I'd do away with the satin finish neck. It just looks cheap attached to such a gorgeous body. Maybe tint the neck to match it more to the body finish? But that's a minor thing. I will upgrade it in the future with a Fender High Mass Bridge and possibly Schaller Keys. The jury is still out on how well they hold tuning.
Overall, I'm really "jazzed" on just how good this bass is for the price. And there's just something about an ash body that adds to the overall tone of the bass. This one is definitely a keeper. Buy one! You won't be sorry!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
.Bought this bass just before xmas 2014 in anticipation of using it for several gigs. I play in a small jazz/funk/blues/rock group, and in a 16 piece big band. This was bought more for the big band, as my 5-string Jazz was to slow for some of what we play.

Good things-
Mine had a very nice neck, which needed minimal adjustment. Overall, this thing has the Fender Jazz sound. Pretty even volume across the strings. Also, it's very nice looking, and I get lots of comments about it.

"Bad" things-
The stock nut came through looking like someone pressed down hard on the A string, mushing the slot down slightly. Haven't fixed it yet, but I do have more fret buzz potential on the A string in the head end of the neck. Not bad, just not perfect.
The stock strings were removed and replaced with D'A Chromes (flats). The stock strings were pretty mediocre, as anticipated.
There is limited range of tone adjustment, similar to my MIM 5 string Jazz. Volume is touchy but able to be controlled.
Stock J-bass bridge- nuff said.

I love the bass. It's a player out of the box, and with about an hour into adjustment and intonation, it's great. For what I want, it's exactly right. I'm VERY happy with it (if you can't tell). I will be replacing the nut and resetting things to be perfect, but it's good enough that I'm not in a hurry (until I get a backup...). I will be replacing the bridge at some point, and either adding a pre-amp or doing pickups in the future.

My only hesitations in recommending this to anyone are these:
I've seen a few reviews that make it sound like some basses are not as good out of the box, but I think that's common in the sub-one-grand range...
It has (in my mind) limited tonal variability. If you want Fender Jazz sound, this is it, but I don't think you're going to get much beyond that for sound options (unlike my Squire VM 5-string).

I'm glad I bought it, and if my wife would let me buy another one, I'd already own it... I wish they made a Fretless version!!!
Fender Special Edition Deluxe Ash Jazz Bass Natural Ash Rosewood Fretboard
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