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Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
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With a 22-fret set mahogany neck, bound rosewood fretboard, and pearl dot inlays, the Ibanez Artcore AS73 Electric Guitar dishes out satin-smooth tone and sweet sustain. The double-cutaway, all-maple body is strong, resonant, and - with its fantastic finish options - very easy on the eyes. CHrome-finished hardware on the Ibanez AS73 ncludes ACH humbuckers, ART1 bridge, and tuners.

Case sold separately.

Artcore set mahogany neck Double-cutaway, all-maple body 22 frets Bound rosewood fretboard ART1 bridge ACH1 humbucker (neck) ACH2 humbucker (bridge) Pearl dot inlay Chrome hardware Case sold separately

You don't see many guitars this tasty in this price range. Order now and get yours.

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After 30 years of playing, composing, and collecting, I can say this: this Ibanez AS73 Semi-Hollow shouldn't exist. A semi-hollow for this price?! People have forgotten, but the Gretschs currently priced slighly for under a grand were once five-fifty, and back in '08 the extra cake was for cosmetics and a Bigsby. Now Gretsch has priced the same models a third higher for no apparent reason, and Gibson has lost their minds pricewise with no quality increase--quite dramatically the opposite. Committed solidbody makers like Gibson and Fender (who went up in price for what in exchange exactly?) have turned in panic their Les Pauls and Strats into Semis. Epiphone had 1 semi-hollow back in '07 (a lousy Casino, for I owned it shortly...very); now Epi has a dozen semis that came out of nowhere. All this was set off by Ibanez's success with the Artcore line at a price no semi-hollow could be obtained for in this life or the next. Solid maple, set neck, pinstripe binding, gloss colors with wood grain, locking tuners, a playability between Epi's best Les Pauls (before Gibson destroyed them utterly across the spectrum) and the taught Gretsch feel, and ACH buckers that'll tear your face off. The ACH bucker is one of only 4 stock pickups I would not touch--the others: Rickenbackers, PRS's Original Carved/Burst Singlecut, and the Gretsch Falcon; good company. The ACHs are extraordinarily versitile, clean or under gain. Skip the Artcore with the trapeze (only Ric and Hagstrom understand the trapeze) and get the stopbar tailpiece. For under a grand, this is the only line or guitar I trust. The Guitar World has sold off wood quality for cosmetics, carved tops for satins, and iconic brand identity and true quality playability for quick cash trading in on a rep. Gibson and PRS are the worst offenders. You'll find good stuff here with Artcores. Or get a Gretsch Corvette, the only other serious instrument for under a cool grand. The incomparable PRS Singlecut of half+ a decade ago is dead....but its latest incarnations have birds, if no deep maple carved top! But just my luck, I don't play birds. Try an Artcore.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.I'm mainly a telecaster man that was looking for an arch top semi hollow for the shorter neck ad softer type music. I tried an amber AS 73 and immediately fell in love with it. I'm not a fan of a 12" radius neck that Ibanez guitars have, it is very playable to my amazement. Nice sounding pickups, very attractive and perfect finish job along with a sleek 12" radius neck fitted with perfect fret work. Now, if it only holds up thru time, I'll be one happy guy. Thanks Ibanez.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.For years I had thought that the best sound and playability came from a Stratocaster, but when I picked this guitar up at my local music store, I was absolutely flabberghasted. Such fantastic action, such a range of tones, and the over-all balance and feel was out of this world. I've been playing since age 11, some 55 years, and never even considered a semi-hollow bodied guitar as a viable option, but now I can't put it down! I still play my American standard strat hard tail, but there's a new sheriff in town. Did I mention that it is beautiful to look at too? Mine is in tri-color sunburst with antique white binding. even the f-holes have binding, which is unheard of at this price. I would have gladly paid more for this instrument, so the price was not even a consideration.(How does Ibanez do that!?!) I just loved it, period! Get your hands on one as soon as possible, you won't be disappointed!
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.I just want to say that I LOVE THIS GUITAR!!! I do not usually use caps when raiting something, but for the price this guitar is a steal! The sound is amazing!

If you are looking for an all around great guitar this is the one you are looking for. This is only my second Semi-Hollowbody and it's got all it needs for a jam session, recording, or even playing a small concert!
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.I love it. Great for the price. My only criticisms are slight fret buzz which I quickly fixed with a screwdriver and the Tuning Pegs. The guitar seems to hold the tuning once set, they just take a little more time while tuning. Neck is straight, frets feel smooth, very nice sound, beautiful wood grain and finish.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown

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There was something about an ES 335 sound that captivated my adult son after playing a friends Gibson. Three thousand sheckel guitars should sound great. Ibanez created the AS 73 in response to a time-honored classic instrument. Yes it is semi-hollow, it has the solid center block, but that's not a bad thing, wood transfers resonance. Then couple the large body hollow chambers on bass and treble sides for an amazing acoustic effect on the otherwise electric instrument. Does body size matter? Absolutely. My son fell for a shiny Epi first in the ES 339 smaller body, OOOPS! The smaller chambers cause a tone reduction, so when he picked up this AS 73 he was happy the ES 335 sound came through. Now, not a negative, just an observed difference, these pickups are great. Comparing them to a Gibson set side by side, there was more power output on the ES 335. But when you are still able to get the sound who needs all that extra power? Add twenty six hundred sheckels to the cost of an AS 73 Ibanez and you can own the difference. We are quite happy to own this AS 73. Anyone need a ES 339 Epi, it's shiny and red! Cheers.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.I love this guitar! I wanted a Semi-Hollow Body for a while but couldn't afford a ES335. So, I bought an AS73 in white. The quality is great for the price and the tone is fantastic through my Blues Jr. I recently added a Bigsby B3 with a Towner Tension Bar. It is now a great guitar! Go try one out!
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.Picked one of these up not expecting much, I previously had negative experience with Ibanez, but I wanted a cheap arch top to mess with in the living room. This was the first one I found in a local shop and the guy gave it to me for 350. It is totally worth 400. It feels and plays like 700. It's heavy, solid, and comfortable. Smoothest action I've felt since my $1200 Gibson. Buy this guitar. I'm considering buying a second one just so i can have the antique amber finish too.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
.I use it for practice, jamming and small venues. It works nice on Jazz chords that are hard to finger. It is loud enough. I have played it through a Peavey session 400 Amp so it will sound good through that amp. I am surprised at the quality for the low price.
Ibanez Artcore AS73 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Tobacco Brown
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