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This is the first female-friendly electric guitar in the world
Ernie Ball Music Man officially announced that they have created a new concept electric guitar for St. Vincent, the American female singer who won the Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music.

The electric guitar was designed by St. Vincent, and her unique idea was strongly supported by the Ernie Ball Music Man design team. Based on its description, the prototype of the 3D modeling was translated and revised repeatedly. There are more than twenty versions that eventually create an electric guitar that perfectly suits her personal characteristics.
Ernie Ball Music Man's original intention is to perfectly fit the female singer's personal style and playing skills, and is highly compatible with her alternative music creation concept.

This new concept of electric guitar is lighter than other guitars, has a slim and slim shape, is more suitable for women and small pets, and has a softer curvature on the upper part, which is more comfortable under the chest.This is also the first time in the guitar world that people have proposed guitar design for women.

St. Vincent said to people: "I have devoted all my years of experience as a guitarist to the design of this instrument. I want to design a musical instrument that is very suitable for our female singers. It will help and inspire women. The singer can play his own performance level on the stage.The new electric guitar is much lighter than an ordinary electric guitar. The body should be slimmer, the appearance of the lines is simple and neat, and the sound quality is pure and ethereal.

To this end, the production team of Ernie Ball Music Man has worked hard, considered and improved repeatedly in the creative process. I sincerely hope to work with them to create this new concept named St.Vincent signature electric. guitar. ”

St. Vincent signature electric guitars are all black, Arctic white and red, Arctic white and black. The entire body of the electric guitar is made of lightweight African mahogany, with a distinctive shape of the body, reflecting the ultimate aesthetic of ergonomics.

Three DiMarzio small double coil pickups, five-speed circuit switching, distinctive shields, Ernie Ball RPS-10 Regular Slinky 10-46, effective chord length 25.5. Using Music Man's exclusive 4-over-2 head, the vibration compensates for the string pillow.

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