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Custom DBZ Diamond Hailfire SM Bass Transparent Red

Brand Name Bass Guitars,4-String,DBZ,
Model Number Custom DBZ Diamond Hailfire SM Bass Transparent Red
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom DBZ Diamond Hailfire SM Bass Transparent Red
Delivery Time Within 3days after payment
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 63

Product Features

This bass is a solid one. It plays well, the action is low, the DBZ Diamond multi-layered design on the body is slick, and the parts are top notch. It seems to be an uncommon model because it was hard to even find any others at all online.

It features:

-Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridge (Top-Loading, not String-Thru)

-EMG HZ Active Bass Pickups

-2 Volume Pots & Stacked Treble and Bass controls.

-Pearloid Block Inlays

-Neck-Thru Body Construction

This all works together to deliver a low-range growl, mid-range punch, and a treble that sings like a choir. I have used this bass performing live many times (one time at a show where we opened for Hawthorne Heights.)

Now all of that being said, I am all about transparency when it comes to any issues on any guitar I sell. The only issues there are seem a lot more scary than they actually are, but I assure you that this bass is still completely functional and the aforementioned live playing was done with these issues present.

The issues are:

-There is some finish cracking on the sides of the fretboard toward the neck that goes to approximately the halfway point between the second and third fret. I do see some separation right next to the nut but it does not continue down past 1/4 of the first fret area. This is a fairly easy fix but I just do not have the time or clamps anymore to do it (mine is currently loaned out to a friend for multiple repairs).

The other more urgent issue is that of the stripped truss rod. Whomever had this before me apparently tried to adjust it, and then when it became too stripped they must've tried to remove the nut somehow (which is where I believe the neck separation started from). It is currently non-adjustable but it at least is stuck in a good position tension-wise.

I will absolutely upload a video of this bass being functional if someone is seriously interested. When I played it live I was tuning to Drop C with a 120 Gauge set. Currently it has 45-60-85-105 strings on it and still plays with great action, intonation, and no buzz.

If anyone has any interest, questions, concerns, or inquiries, please let me know how I can accommodate you to let moving forward with this purchase be something to be confident in.

Because I will be using the funds from this to purchase textbooks I will unfortunately be selling it "As-Is" so I will go over and above to provide anything possible to make someone more comfortable with the buy.

Also, if anyone was wondering what band I am in, I am Eric Rowley, the bassist to an Ohio band called Fallen Kingdom.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Product Specs

Condition:Fair Make:DBZ Model:Hailfire SM Bass Finish:Transparent Red Categories:4-String Year:2000-2010s

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