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Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 80
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 80

Product Features

This Peavey bass case is a rugged, molded hardshell case made of strong ABS plastic that fits many standard-size solid body basses. It features a metal hardware with keyed center latch and a plush lined interior with convenient accessory compartments.


Grind Electric Bass Case

Dimensions: 49.5" W x 5.625" H x 16.75" D
Weight: 12.5 lbs.

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It will protect your bass, but there are many better deals out there. Shop around, and I can almost gaurantee you that you will find something better. Oh, and a personal recomendation, it is easier to get a perfect case if you can take the guitar with you and put it in the case before you buy it.
This case has aboslutley no frills whatsoever. No closable pockets or storage places on the inside or outside. The most notable feature is the handle and the plush interior, which almost all cases have.
The build is good, and the case will portect what is inside of it. Just wish they would have actually used the bass to make the case. In other words, the bass moves around inside the case. Not a whole lot, but if you are going to label a case specific to a model of guitar/bass, i would expect the case to fit perfectly snug, with less than a quarter inch of room for the instrument to move. My 5-string Grind bass moves at least two to three inches verticaly, and the body moves about an inch horizontaly, and the case has to be squeezed slightly to get it closed, i.e. when the bass is inside the lid of the case does not sit completely closed without the latches latched. Nothing to get crazy upset about, but not what I expect from a case designed to go with a certain model.
This case will protect your stuff with ease, and will do a great job of it. That being said, you can also get a generic brand case for about the same price that would probably come with more features, and may fit better also. I would shop around estensively before I bought this case again, in fact this case would probably be my last choice.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.I am exchanging this case but for everyone else looking at this case the actual dimensions are:exteriorLength: 49"Width: 15"Depth: 5.25"InteriorLength is 47"Width: 13.5"
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.The only thing that was wrong with this case when I got it,was that the inner strap that hold's the case open,was'nt connected very well,which I remedied with super glue.Other than that,it does it's job in securing your Bass.I own the Peavey Grind Bass,so it's a pretty snug fit.It doesn't shift around in the case at all.This case has my vote.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.If you're looking for a case for Peavey bass this is the one. It fits the Grind and the Millenium bass guitars perfectly. I tried the roadrunner and the MF hardshell cases and the top horn of the guitar hits the inside divider in the case. Little more expensive than the other cases but darned well worth it.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.Good case for the Price. I use it to carry my Peavey Millenium bass. The case is a little to big for the body, but i roll my strap up and put it between the bass and the case and it fits good.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.Awesome case recomend to all looking for a good case.
I love the case. I love the interior it is nice and soft I got this case for my peavy t-40 and my bass is half a centimeter to wide but the case has already adapted to it and it only took like 1 hour. The outside of the case is good and solid and the inside is awesome. the storage spots are nice as well. I like the lock on it to.
Great interior and exterior it will do its job well.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.The quality of the case is very good. It's a very good fit for my Peavey Millennium bass. I can't detect any movement of the bass in the case regardless of which position I put it in. Is it a top of the line case? No, but it's certainly a great buy for the money.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.Was hoping it had Peavey logo. It was shipped from Peavey in Meridian MS though. Peavey Millennium 5 string fits nicely in case. Great Product for Peavey bass which it was designed for. Ordered on Monday and Wednesday it was delivered.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.Was hoping it had Peavey logo. Must be a clone. Peavey 5 string fits nicely but must have case laying flat to open otherwise bass will not stay in case. It should have a padded Velcro strap to go over neck or something to hold bass snugly into place. Case is maybe a little longer than it needs to be.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
.Great case for the money. My Peavey bass fits in it nicely.
Peavey Grind Electric Bass Case
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