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Custom Tone Pros LPNS02/NKL TP6 T1ZS Bridge + Tailpiece Set US 4mm Nickel

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Model Number Custom Tone Pros LPNS02/NKL TP6 T1ZS Bridge + Tailpiece Set US 4mm Nickel
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Tone Pros LPNS02/NKL TP6 T1ZS Bridge + Tailpiece Set US 4mm Nickel
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Product Features

Tone Pros System II LPNS02/NKL USA Tune-o-matic Bridge & Tailpiece Set Nickel
TP6-N USA Small Post Locking Bridge + T1ZSN US Thread Locking Tailpiece

Time to get some real tone and precise intonation out of your US Nashville tune-o-matic setup.

This set pairs a Tone Pros TP6-N locking tune-o-matic bridge with a T1ZSN Locking tailpiece in nickel. The items are new as pictured , include bridge, tailpiece, bridge posts and tailpiece studs with spare bushings for builders - no need to replace your existing bushings for either the bridge or tailpiece. This set is for Gibsons or other US guitars with small (4mm) bridge posts - the Nashville tune-o-matic. The saddles are unnotched. The tailpiece studs are brass, US threads, 3 1/4" post spacing and will also drop right in to your Gibson or other US thread setup. Here are the bridge specs:

Post Thread: 5mm Metric (as used by Gibson on Nashville Models)
Post to Post Spacing: 2.93 inches/ 74.5mm
Saddle Notch: Un-Notched Saddles
Saddle Material: Zmac
Bridge Material: Zmac
Post/Thumbwheel Material: Brass
Radius: 12 inch
Post Top Width: .15 Inches/ 4mm

This bridge ups the ante on the Gibson's Nashville Bridge concept and is head-and-shoulders above the stock in quality. It is a direct replacement, requiring no modifications to install. The body of the bridge locks to the posts via two small set screws on the sides of the bridge. The results are pretty dramatic. No buzzing, no rattling. The bridge is coupled perfectly to the posts, it won't move even with the strings off. This results in increased sustain and harmonics, better intonation, better tone.

The tailpiece seals the deal by locking the tailpiece to the posts via two small set screws on the sides of the tailpiece. This design is their best , the tailpiece height is very easy to adjust prior to locking.
Sure, one benefit is the tailpiece won't fall off when you change strings. Yahoo.

But the big payoff is the tailpiece now couples to the body perfectly, no matter if you screw the tailpiece all the way down or keep it up. The tailpiece is now perfectly rigid, and the difference in tone is great - better harmonics, more sustain, livelier.

These sets ship either on a single factory blister pack or on two seperate blister packs (one for the bridge and one for the tailpiece). The parts/models/specs/price are identical, regardless. We will supply them with either packaging at our discretion, which is strictly based on inventory availability.

Once you try Tone Pros hardware, you're hooked - I've got them on all my guitars - solidbodies, hollowbodies, bridge/tailpiece combos, wrap arounds, whatever. Never disappointed. People spend all kinds of money on pickups and electronics, try a couple of bucks on the string path and listen to the difference.

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