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Dunlop Super Bright Steel Light 5-String Bass Guitar Strings

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 76
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Dunlop Super Bright Steel Light 5-String Bass Guitar Strings
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 76

Product Features

Dunlop Super Bright Bass Strings are designed for bass players who want to stand out in the mix with a crisp top end without sacrificing any fundamental. Carefully designed and tested by a team of bass players, Super Bright Bass Strings sing with clear, defined highs that are supported by a fat, balanced bottom that keeps your sound full and round. Lighter tension provides a superior response to playing nuances, and the silky smooth feel of each string provides superior playing comfort. With extra-long life and exceptional string to string balance, Dunlop Super Bright Bass Strings allow the natural voice of your bass to come through.

Guages: 40-60-80-100-120

Clear, defined highs & fat, balanced lows Lighter tension Superior response to playing nuances Guages: 40-60-80-100-120

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For a light gauge set of roundwounds, these Dunlops really do sound incredible. The highs are crisp without being cutting, the midrange is present but not overpowering, and the lows are really solid. My only small gripe is the low B string isn't quite as punchy as the B on the medium gauge Dunlop set, but that can be compensated with by a very small bass boost on the amp. I'd definitely play these strings again.
Dunlop Super Bright Steel Light 5-String Bass Guitar Strings
.I love the tone of Dunlop steel strings, in general. I'm not sure if the manufacturing process is inconsistent or if it is just too easy to stretch a string to the point that it sounds dead and or dull? Of the 5 sets of dunlop strings I've purchased, this has happened twice. Put them on, tune to pitch, give them a stretch, and one string is just dull and dead sounding. Anyway, great sounding out of the box, but plan on having a set handy before booking a gig.
Dunlop Super Bright Steel Light 5-String Bass Guitar Strings
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