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Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge

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Heavy Core guitar strings are uniquely designed with Dunlop's proprietary core-to-wrap ratios that are meticulously calculated so the guitar player can really "dig in" while retaining sound fundamentals. Heavy Core strings (like all of Dunlop's replacement guitar strings) are manufactured with the highest-quality materials and are engineered for great tone, balance, and feel.

"Heaviest" guitar string gauges: 12-16-20-32-42-54

Get heavy-core guitar strings for heavy tones when you order a pack or two of these Dunlop drop-tuning strings today.

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I was always against heavy strings because i was used to lighter strings.the heavy ones didnt feel normal to me but after buying these and tring them out i have to admit these strings changed my sound dramatically.I play a hughes and kettner trilogy (love it)and wasnt known for it to be a metal amp,but iv played alot of amps and its tone was outragous.These strings plus that hughes and kettner,the tone is unfrigin touchable hands down.these strings boosted my heavy drop tuning sound to about 80 percent closer to my dream sound.As far as long lasting? lets face it they r thick strings so if u breakem to fast ur pick must be steel.Anyway these strings i swear,if u r a light string drop tuner ur missing a whole other demention of mind blowing droptuning tone.For 5 bucks its worth a shot.If u dont like em then ur the type thats never happy with anything.go outside ur comfort zone ive played for 18 years and just started seeing what out there. u should too
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.Big, clean tones, perfect on a Strat tuned to D. Stevie would have liked these strings.
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.This is my first foray into the world of heavy-gauge strings. Could there be better strings out there? Absolutely. Will I be buying any of them any time soon? No. Even as hard as I play I've yet to break one in 3 weeks, 2 nights of which were gigs in a blues band. All the guys were wondering what was so different, why did I sound so much better than before. The answer was simple... It's these Dunlop Heavy Core Strings (Heaviest Gauge)
Dunlop Heavy Core Strings Heaviest Gauge

For the 20 years that I have been playing guitar, I've went from 10s to 9s to 11s to 8s back to 11s, never daring venture past the 11s. Why? That's where Stevie played. On the other side of the 11s. This might make no sense but my subconscious thoughts were "If SRV (and many other guitar greats/gods) played on 12s, 13s, sometimes even higher, then I have no business there; I can't do it, right?" Never have I been more wrong. For a while now I've been looking to break the sound barrier on my guitar utilizing a myriad of devices from insane picks/materials to pickups/amps/effects. I saw these on Custom GuitarsFriend and thought well hell, let's give it a shot. There's no time like the present to try something new. Strung these babies on my '03 Godin Flat Five X, and tried something else new... drop-tuning to Eb.

Same amp--'72 Super Reverb Silverface w/ Blackface mod. Same Guitar. Same fingers, same pick. But this tone is from another planet. Things are vibrating in my room here that never vibrated before. The tone is HUGE.

Get some. Do it. Give your fingers a little bit to adjust and don't back down. You'll be glad you did.
Can you really put a price on great tone?
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.These are so far the best strings that I have played, perfect for drop tunings. I put them on my Ibanez RG and these things rock. If your a metal player and want awesome tone, buy these strings.
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.Perfect for low action c-tuning. Nice tight sound.
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.My guitar is always in Drop-C tuning. Since about a year ago, I had ran Dunlop Heavy Core -Heavy- 10's, which served their purpose, until I replaced my main guitar with one that has dual Passive Humbuckers. The Dunlop HC-10's had lost their tone with this setup so I switched over to D'Addario XL 12/60, which were better, but I still was not satisfied. Finally I decided to try out these Dunlop HC Heaviest 12/54. I wasn't expecting anything special... I put the new set on, stretched them out, then tuned them. Right off the bat I was surprised when the high C string was able to reach perfect tuning, which is virtually unheard of. I switched on my amp and rig and played a few notes... at this time my jaw dropped! The tone was INCREDIBLE!! Everything sounded better instantly. The 'chugs' played on the upper area of the neck, which normally sound muffled because of the low frequencies, sounded crisp and clear. They were resonating at a level of perfection that I've never experienced. Shredding, tapping, pinch harmonics, tapped harmonics, leads, palm mutes, bends, vibrato's, sweeps, hammer on's and pull off's all sounded better than anything I have ever gotten out of a guitar before - and this includes a PRS and a high end BC Rich. After about 30 hours, they still are holding their tone, sustain and bright sound. With my locking tuners, they virtually never come out of tune no matter how hard I play them. These strings are truly amazing!
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
.If Dunlop Heavy Core "Heaviest" strings had the bronze-like tone found in GHS GB-LOW Boomers or Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky strings, their perfection would spawn an avalanche of needlessly obnoxious fanboys.

On an Epiphone LP-100; in E standard or Drop D tunings; the strings feel perfect. Tight enough for clear chords and gallopping/chugging/djenting and slinky enough for bends. Their blend of warm and bright tones takes to distortion with ease and command. Pinch harmonics, like on other sets of Dunlop electric guitar strings, are the epitome of easy.

Clean or unplugged, it'd probably sound perfect on a guitar with a maple or ash body, but it's not bronze-like enough against a mahogany guitar body. But that can be compensated for with judicious use of a 5mm Dunlop Primetones pick or is already perfect if warmer tones are your bag.

On feel and how it sounds with distortion, I recommend these strings.
Dunlop Heavy Core Electric Guitar Strings - Heaviest Gauge
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