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Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 133
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
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Allen Vizzutti's fantastic performances require a mouthpiece with exceptional qualities. His extended playing range and incredible technique requires a perfectly balanced mouthpiece, one which allows him to leap huge intervals with centered, accurate intonation and to change in a flash from a screaming lead sound to a warm broad 'classical' tone. The shallow cup with smooth inner rim edge gives a clear focused sound and plays evenly in all registers. It can increase the high range of many players without sacrificing tone in the low range. The Vizzutti mouthpiece offers great sound, incredible flexibility, plus impeccable intonation in all ranges, which in Allen's case covers a wide area! Gold-plated rim and cup.

's Signature Series mouthpieces come after years of collaborating with hundreds of the world's best players at their R&D Ateliers. These players were unsatisfied with the commercial models out there and knew the technicians would deliver exactly the tone and response they wanted. The demand for these mouthpieces has grown, so decided to offer a select lineup of these mouthpieces. Each Signature Series mouthpiece is produced on a precise, computer-controlled lathe to guarantee each one is exactly the same as the one used by its namesake.

16.67mm inner diameter Semi-flat contour Semi-thick thickness Very shallow cup depth 3.56mm throat Very narrow backbore

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This mouthpiece is amazing! It is made in a high quality fashion and has a shallow cup ideal for reaching extra high notes. You won't have any trouble playing a double G above the staff with it. I do reccomend, however, that the user of the mouthpiece is decently expirienced. The reason for this is that students may develope some bad habits if started out on it. The trumpet player needs to have a fairly wide range before transitioning to this professional quality mouthpiece.
Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
.great mouthpiece, if your are looking for a high quality mouthpiece this is it. it improves tone and range sounds fantasic.
Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
.its over all just a great mouthpiece. i play wide ranges when i play from soft and low to loud screaming highs. this mouthpiece delivers. i do marching band and concert band. i would never use any other mouthpiece
Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
.Not for a beginner. Wish I had bought this mouth piece a long time ago!
Yamaha Allen Vizzutti Signature Series Trumpet Mouthpiece
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