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Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
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This is a direct-drive double pedal, with a solid cast link between the rocker shafts and the footboards. Direct-drives push the footboard back on rebound, giving the pedal a quicker response. Many drummers that play heel-down prefer the feel of a direct drive. There are adjustments for beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension on this pedal and the pedal frames have stabilizer bars cast into them below the rocker shafts to eliminate flex, keep the bearings in alignment, and give the pedal a smooth feel. Teardrop-shaped holes in the beater hubs securely hold the beater shafts and keep them from spinning. Included are two double-sided beaters that are felt on one side, and hard plastic on the other. The side-adjustable hoop clamp holds firmly to your kick drum hoop, and tightens with a wing bolt. Transport is easy with the included hard-sided soft case.

Direct-drive Two-sided beater has hard felt on one side and hard plastic on the other Adjustable beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension

Get ready to roll with this direct-drive double kick pedal.

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This pedal has a lot going for it but as a follw up to the Flying Dragon series it is a huge let down. First off-made in china. Can't go back to that old 'made in the Motorcycle factory' schtick soon as I removed the thing from the box i could feel its cheapness. Upon assembly, two of the set screws immediately stripped out under minimal torque. The springs and u-joints on the link started creaking on the first day and I have to oil them constantly to get them to shut up. Finally, everything that was really cool about the Flying Dragons...the quick release clamp, key storage, felt beaters, Made In Japan, superior ergonomics...everything that made the previous series excellent has been deleted from this version. This new series is crap. Plain and simple. Take my advice, track down a Flying Dragon DFP9415 and get that. It'll be a lot cheaper too.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.This pedal is amazing. Built like a tank, super adjustable and smooth. All adjustments have easy access and are made with a drumkey (not included, no biggie). Will definitely holdup on tour. This pedal is at the top of it's class. I'm a drummer playing pro for 30 years and I've been around the block with every piece of hardware you can imagine. Anyone in the market for a double pedal should do themselves a favor and check this one out. There is alot of comparison on the internet of different drive systems (direct,chain,strap)and which one is best. Don't waste your time. Find a way, get in there and try them yourself,that's the only way to do it. has been overshadowed by other companies marketing, but they're still one of the best.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.This is easily the best pedal I've ever played with. I bought one of these beauties about a month and a half ago and I'll never buy another pedal in my life!!!It has to be the most adjustable pedal on the market today.It's perfect 4 those blast beaters out there or them heavy metal dudes who love 32nd beats and stuff like that. It's super fast and the smoothest pedal money can buy. I don't know about you, but I usually oil the bearings once a year on my pedals.That's just a tip on what I do. You'll want this baby to last 4ever!!! The double sided beaters are great too. BUY THIS PEDAL NOW!!!! YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.I owned a DFP-9315 Flying Dragon and thought it was real smooth and fast,compared to DW-5000 and Tama Iron Cobra,but this DFP-9500D with its Direct Drive is just AMAZING!!..incredibly fast,smooth...the only pedal that can be compared to this in quality is the Trick Pro v.1.So,give this pedal a try and you won't regret.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.The first direct drive pedal I've owned is not a disappointment. quality through and through. Custom Guitar's Friend offered a great deal on this pedal so I had to try it out and I'm glad I did. I've been using chain drive pedals in the past and while they are useful, the direct drive, to me, is much smoother with no chance of dirt and grime buildup on the chain which can be an annoyance. I did however switch out the beaters with slug beaters. The s are probably fine but this is just a personal preference.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.I have the Original Flying Dragon pedals in Direct drive with the glow in the dark strips on the black bass plates. I have two sets. One is a twin pedal system and I can separate it for two drums and then I also have two separate Flying Dragon Pedals all being Direct drive. I have the spring tension up all the way and have played these on my kit as well as my Practice kit. I have been hitting them for 4,.. almost 5 years now without any wear or problems what so ever. I like the wooden beaters but lately I discovered the flat Trick Beaters and I love using those beaters on these s. I liked the Trick beaters so much I also then bought the Trick V1 Pro double pedal system. I thought that maybe the Trick would be a bit smoother and better than my Dragons. I was surprised because it wasn't for me. I could do all the same things with my pedals that I could with my Trick V1 Pro Long Boards without any difference in feel or energy. The extra adjustments with the Trick also didn't make any difference for me anyway. So I shipped the Tricks back for my $$ but what was also very rewarding and something I learned was how well these Direct Drive s are! I now have a new found respect for them. If they ever break I will replace them with these pedals here. They are the same thing with only some cosmetic differences. I have tried many pedals too before I got my Direct Drive series. I do still use the trick beaters and one thing I really like about them is on my Emad Evans bass drum heads I no longer need a Flam patch like I needed with the wooden beaters. And the beaters within the photo here are nice but they are heavier and not as quick as the 3 ounce trick flat beaters are on them but this is more personal preference. I highly recommend these pedals even if you don't have a kit. The foot plate is nice and thick. Some guys have literally snapped their DW foot plates in half! "?" Good luck at doing this with these foot plates! Ain't gonna happen. At least not with your foot. These Pedals are super responsive and quick and road worthy. I have used and owned DW 5000's,9000's,Pearl Eleminator using the blue cams(nice pedals),..Tama Iron Cobras with Kevlar dupont straps and ludwig Speed kings and Trick. I favor these Direct drive pedals over all I have owned and used. All the pedals mentioned here are nice and will work for the most part. But I like the way the hardware is made right in 's Motor Cycle shop! I love the way the foot plates are smooth for bare feet or socks. (Im into my foot work!) And I love the way they hold up. Sometimes the foot pedal is really no better than the guy sitting on it. I seriously recommend these pedals.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.Nice pedal, but the connect rod has an extreme amount of play and squeaking at the u-joints. This is a brand new setup and the connect rod squeaks like it's been in someone's attic for the last 8 years. The pedals are quiet and seem pretty smooth. Not as responsive as I thought they'd be, considering all the great reviews. Too bad.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.When I tried the pedal for the first time, I was a little disappointed. Once I discovered the incredible adjustability, I was able to make it feel exactly like I wanted it to. Excellent buy. Well worth the money
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
.The DFP-9415 Direct Drive Flying Dragon is my choice when it comes to speed, reliability, adjustment, and price.
The older style is worth buying used before you spend the money on a new one. These pedals just won't wear out, and built like a tank. Only one drawback, the spurs that keep the slave side or left side stuck to the carpet or your pad is too short and they need to be twice as long. Replacements are easy to locate though.
Yamaha Direct Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal
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