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Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
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Back by popular demand, a nylon-string Flamenco guitar designed and built by Guitars. The CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar has a fresh perspective and contemporary features that deliver top level sound quality, performance and playability. Designed with lower string action for Flamenco style players, Pop/Rock guitarists will appreciate the response and attack that this instrument delivers.

Case sold separately.

Cypress body Solid European spruce top wood 25-9/16" scale length Dovetail neck joint Nato neck wood Rosewood fretboard Low profile U neck shape 18 frets 2-1/16" nut Rosewood fretboard Rosewood bridge Gold tuners with pearloid pegs Gold hardware Natural satin finish Case sold separately

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I've been playing classical guitar and I have a bunch of nylon string classical guitars (Cordoba C3M, Antonio Hermosa AH-10NF, Kremona Soloist S62C Classical, Fender CN-140S). But I am starting to learn Flamenco and I realized that I definitely needed a Flamenco guitar. Although you can play Flamenco on a classical guitar, eventually you realize it's just not the same. So I was hunting around for one and my biggest issue is my small hands and stature. I am only 5'1" and I have small hands so depending on the way the guitar is built, sometimes it's hard for me to play the standard nylon string guitars. I've found classical guitars with narrower fretboards and shorter scales but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a Flamenco guitar with a narrower fretboard or shorter scale.

Anyway I have been to several stores trying out whatever Flamenco guitars they've had in stock and I couldn't find anything that really suited me. And the ones that do are usually in the thousands (I like Antonio Aparicio but I'd have to save up for one of his good guitars). I also tried a couple Rodriguez guitars and they are beautiful and well-made but too big for me, the necks were just really challenging for my small hands. Alas, I am on a budget and desperate to get a Flamenco as I've dented the finish on my classicals with all my golpes and slapping and tapping. And the string tension on the classicals is harder and the action higher so doing all my rasgueados (or 'rasgueos' in Andalusian), my pulgars and picados is much harder than it needs to be when not playing on a true Flamenco guitar. So I decided to try this CG172SF Flamenco Guitar w/ tap plates. I read good feedback online about it (although others have stated that the previous model CG171SF was superior) and I watched a bunch of people demo-ing it on YouTube and I wanted to try it. I got it yesterday and boy was I pleasantly surprised. It did not disappoint.

Even though it's "standard" sized, the neck is very comfortable. I am able to play barre chords on it with no clicking or buzzing, that's usually the first test I perform to see if my small hands can handle the width of the neck/fretboard. Then I do some slurs, hammers & pull-offs to test the string tension and action. Then I do some rasgueos. This guitar is very playable. I had no issues. Action is definitely low enough (I read some other reviews where others say the action is not low enough but compared to classical guitars, it's really low!). The string tension was just right for me. (Action & string tension of course can be adjusted so shouldn't be a factor/deterrent from trying this guitar). The sound is bright and sharp, just like you want in a Flamenco. You can definitely hear the difference from the spruce top on this vs the cedars on classicals. You don't want too much sustain or resonance in a Flamenco the way you would on a Classical. You don't want the notes to blend and blur into each other and end up sounding muddy. (Another reason why you should really get a Flamenco guitar if you're playing Flamenco music vs playing it on a Classical). The body is thinner (less deep) than a classical and it's very light weight. It's got all the best things you want in a Flamenco guitar.

Overall, it was very well built, I didn't see any surface imperfections or defects. The finish was perfect (it's natural though, no lacquer) and comes with tap plates. The tuners were good quality as well.

I am happy with this guitar and it should definitely help me progress in my Flamenco playing. If you are just starting out in Flamenco, even though this is a couple hundred dollars more than a beginner student Classical nylon - I really suggest that you spend the extra couple hundred to get a specific Flamenco guitar for your studies. It will really enhance your learning experience and you really do want to start off learning Flamenco the right way. It will make you sound so much better as well. Having a poor instrument or one that is decent but wasn't built specifically for the style you are playing, can be a hindrance- and you end up blaming yourself if you don't sound great- when in reality it might just be the wrong instrument. I sound so much better on this guitar when I'm playing Flamenco, the lower action, the easier string tension, the more comfortable neck, the tap plates, the lighter weight... it makes me play clearer, truer and faster than I did when I tried to play Flamenco on my Classicals. It's such a boost in confidence and makes you more motivated to practice and play. Anyway, I highly recommend the CG172SF Flamenco Guitar.
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
.Overall, I think that the CG172SF is a reasonable guitar for the money but, if you can find one in good condition I'd suggest getting a CG171SF instead.
The finish is flat which makes it looks like a cheaper guitar than the CG171SF and the tuning keys are also cheap looking. I would suggest replacing the bridge saddle, the nut and the tuning keys.
The guitar is well made with typical attention to detail, although the strings could be a little lower. The flat finish just makes it look unfinished.
I think that it's a good value and makes a nice student guitar, it just isn't as nice looking as the previous model.
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
.I've been playing guitar for over 40 years, and have casually/seriously studied Spanish styles for over 30 years (never studied in Seville, Spain or at a conservatory, but in Spanish speaking countries). I've own many, many Classical guitars, and wanted to start on "true" Gitano (Flamenco) styles, but was not convinced that there was much difference in the construction and sound of the guitar. I did a LOT of research (my "day" job is doing research) and looked around for the qualities that a true Flamenco guitar has. I was attracted to the reviews that featured playability on this guitar, and bought it. Out of the case I began a Flamenco interpretation of Un Dia de Nuviembre, and it sounded so, so fine. This guitar has everything I could possibly need for Gypsy/Flamenco guitar. It has golpe (strike) plates too, just to protect the finish, because you can always change them. (Many Flamenco guitars don't have this...and it is not "necessary" unless you really care about what the guitar looks like years later.) A HINT to anyone wishing to buy and pursue Flamenco...use actual "Flamenco" strings, not Classical guitar can, but it will sound like a Classical/Flamenco hybrid. A Flamenco should sound chimey and sharp, not mellow (unless you play sul tasto, i.e. over the neck). HIGHLY recommended for anything less than playing for a high-profile act like de Lucia. A note of confirmation: I regularly play at a Mexican restaurant (staffed by First-Generation Latinos) and they often comment that the sound (and appearance) are authentic. And, I am not an appearance snob, so if there are any asthetic flaw on it, it simply adds to the character.
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
.Great guitar for the price and plays great right out of the box!
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
.As a former Luthier, and currently Flamenco guitarist with two fine handcrafted Luthier guitars I can say this is a great guitar for the price. I purchased an "open box" model and was pleasantly surprised. Had I paid full price I might be annoyed that the D string buzzes sitar like, from the 4th fret all the way up unless played with a light touch. Also the action is about 1/32" too high, but that is not unusual for a guitar out of the box.
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
.Could not have been more surprised by this guitar. I bought it so that I do not put too many miles on my more "serious" guitars, but find that this is one is quickly becoming my favorite jam instrument. It is comfortable, sounds great whether playing classical or not, and has a great bright jangly sound.
Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar Satin Natural
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