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Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 230
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet
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Supply Ability 230

Product Features

This package includes the PM7X mute, the STX-2 receiver, a set of earbuds and all of the cabling you’ll need.

While brass players have always had practice mutes, they were always tough to play with and sounded horrible. then came out with a system that allowed players to plug headphones into the mute so we could hear this amazing sound while those around us couldn’t hear much at all. It was revolutionary for people who lived in apartments, had young children or wanted to warm up backstage. The Silent Brass was a big success.

There have been two major upgrades to the original design. First, it’s much lighter than the original and much smaller so the mute fits inside of your bell, which means you can pack it in your case without removing the mute. Second and most importantly, the sound amplification technology has been totally reimagined. A new technology called “Brass Resonance Modeling” recreates the full, open sound of the horn as if you didn’t have a mute in at all.

With the mute in your instrument, it sounds pretty much like a practice mute to someone else in the room with you. Through headphones the sound from the new silent brass system is rich and satisfying. Now you can experience the full sound of your trumpet without disturbing anybody.

If you want a way to practice quietly and still have a natural sound, Silent Brass is the perfect tool for you.

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Original yamaha silent brass had too much blowback, and was bigger and bulkier. New model is pleasure to use and easier to clip on pocket or waist band
Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet
.I live in a condo so practicing requires timing, but now it doesnt matter i can play anytime even when my wife is home busy.
Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet
.Use at home and in the band room at times, all the horn players wanted to try it in my nephews high school band they loved it
Yamaha Silent Brass System for Trumpet
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