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Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad

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The all in one DTX-Multi 12 Digital Percussion Pad is a compact design that meets the need of all levels of players. With 12 stepped pads, this compact device can be used for music composition and recording, to form a compact drum kit, or to be incorporated with acoustic drums to accent different sounds.Sounds and Effects The library of percussion sounds collected by ' advanced sampling technique total to 1277 voices on the DTX-Multi 12. From DJ sounds to chromatic to folk, any imaginable percussive sound is available. If anything is left desired, you can import WAV and AIFF audio files via the USB port. Manipulate your chosen sounds with delays, phasers, pitch shifts, and flangers. Add reverb or use compression or EQ. There is even a five-band Master EQ that provides even further effect capabilities.Pads and Play Modes Each pad on the DTX-Multi 12 can be assigned up to 4 voices. Choose whether to trigger these voices using Stack mode or Alternate mode. In Stack mode, all of the voices are triggered by one simultaneous strike whereas in Alternate mode the individual notes are played consecutively. Make your pads more or less sensitive by altering the play modes. In Stick Mode, the pads have the low velocity sensitivity ideal for playing with a drumstick. Hand Mode or Finger Mode can be used to play without sticks. There is even a Muting Feature which allows for drum mutes, skin bands, and other feel-based adjustments. Expansion Beyond the 12 pads, there is the ability to add 5 external pads for a compact drum set. There is also an input for a foot switch to use a kickpad and a hi-hat controller. Foot triggers can also be used to manipulate volume or effects.Patterns The DTX-Multi 12 includes 128 MIDI patterns ranging from house music to classic rock. With this device, it is easy to record your own music as patterns or create patterns on the computer that can then be assigned to the pads. Tap Tempo can be used to set tempo for patterns and click track and is used just by striking the pads.Music Production and Recording This system is designed to connect with a computer via a USB port. This technology helps people who are less adept at MIDI to still use its features. Cubase AI S by Steinberg is a DAW software application that accompanies the DTX-Multi 12. This software greatly improves the ease of music composition with this device. The DTX-Multi 12 Digital Percussion Pad has everything you want and more for recording, composition, and playing a wide variety of music.

The DTX-Multi 12 features make it flexible enough for multiple applications: Create a compact electronic drum kit for portable playability with the addition of a kick drum pad and hi-hat pedal (sold separately) Easily add electronics to an acoustic drum set Complement hand drums with a full palette of percussion sounds Use as a MIDI controller for any MIDI enabled device such as a hardware sampler or a synthesizer Integrate electronic drums and percussion into a digital audio workstation such as the included Cubase AI5 USB in/out for transferring both MIDI and WAV data to and from a computer or digital memory source 1,277 individual voices, many from 's MOTIF-series synthesizers but also a rich variety of other sounds and instruments such as timpani, marimba, vibraphone, and other chromatic percussion instruments Flash ROM supports WAV and AIFF files imported via USB A wide variety of classic effects including delay, flanger, tremolo, phaser, reverb, chorus, EQ, and more Variable pad sensitivity is defined in three modes: Stick Mode: This mode works best when playing with drumsticks and has the least sensitivity Hand Mode: This further articulates the nuances of playing a hand drum Finger Mode: This mode gives the pads the highest sensitivity and allows for extremely subtle technique Muting Feature enables sounds to be muted or changed when a hand is pressed down on a pad as it is struck, allowing for skin bends, mutes and other feel-based modulations Each pad can have up to four voices assigned to it and then triggered all at once in Stack Mode, triggered one-after-another each time the pad is struck in Alternate Mode, held until the pad is hit again in Hold Mode, or you can set the pads to trigger different assigned voices based on how hard the pad is struck 128 preset patterns in a wide variety of musical styles 50 user-defined patterns that can be created by performing on the device or by composing on a computer Innovative Tap Tempo sets tempo for patterns or Click Track by simply striking the pads Jacks for five external pads in addition to an input for a hi-hat controller and a footswitch Bundled with Cubase AI5 Includes power adapter, owner's manual, data list booklet, and DVD-ROM for Cubase AI5 SPECIFICATIONS

DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad

Dimensions: 3.8" x 13.6" x 12.6"
Weight: 7.27 lb.3.3kg
Built-in pads: 12
External inputs: 5 (One 3-zone input, 4 monaural inputs)
Maximum polyphony: 64 notes
Wave memory: 100 MB (16-bit linear conversion)
Drum and percussion voices: 1,061
Keyboard voices: 216
Preset drum kits: 50
User-defined kits: 200
Effects: 42 types of Variation; 6 types of Chorus; 6 types of Reverb; 5-band master equalizer
Pad functions: Increment or decrement of drum kit, pattern, or tempo; tap tempo; switching on or off of click-track; transmission of control change messages

Readable quantity: 500
Bit depth: 16 bit
Wave memory: 64 MB
Maximum size: Mono sample: 2 MB
Stereo sample: 4 MB
Sample formats: Proprietary, WAV, and AIFF
Sequence capacity: 152,000 notes
Note resolution: Quarter note / 480
Recording method: Realtime overdubbing
Preset patterns: 128 phrases (including 3 demo patterns)
User-defined patterns: 50 phrases
Sequence formats: Proprietary
SMF Format 0 (for loading only)

Click-track features:
Tempo: 30 to 300 BPM. Tap tempo functionality
Beats: 1/4 - 16/4, 1/8 - 16/8, 1/16 - 16/16
Note timing: Accent notes, quarter notes, eight notes, sixteenth notes, triplets
Connectors: Pad 13 jack (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = rim switch);
Pad 14/15 and Pad 16/17 jacks (standard stereo-phone plug; left = trigger, right = trigger)
Hi-hat control jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
Foot switch jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
Output L/Mono and R jacks (standard phone plugs)
Phones jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
Aux-in jack (standard stereo-phone plug)
MIDI IN and OUT connectors
USB to host port
USB to device port and DC in.

Display: Backlit LCD with 2 rows of 16 characters
Power Consumption: 9W (DTXM12 and PA-5D adaptor)

Minimum system requirements for Cubase AI5:
Mac OS X 10.5.5
PowerPC G5 (Intel Core Duo CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
DVD-ROM drive
1 GB of free HD space
Internet access required for license activation

Windows XP Home Edition (SP3) and XP Professional (SP3), Windows Vista (32-bit)
2 GHz CPU (dual core CPU recommended)
1024 MB RAM
Display resolution of 1280 x 800 recommended
DVD-ROM drive
1 GB of free HD space
Internet access required for license activation

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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The value is just not there at full price. I was looking for an all in one simple pad I could take to church rehearsals or small percussion gigs and cover drum kits and percussion. Something I could play with my hands or sticks.

While this is possible, the sensitivity just isnt good enough. I wanted to load my own sounds, but again I am disappointed in the load times, I have an old Mirage Sampler that loads faster from disks. I wanted to fill up the user kits but not enough sample space. by the way it uses 16bit wav samples.
in prinicple the features sound great, adjustable pads, sensitivity etc, however in reality the pads are only adjustable in groups, top, middle and bottom. Not a very good idea, cross talk is a problem and sensitivity is set in global these groups, the default setting for sticks is unplayable. Dont even think about trying a press roll. I have had to set the sensitivty up to finger mode to barely get it playable. It has been a very disappointing experience.

as for the sounds, they are pretty good, I was tired of the stock Roland offerings and thought I might like something different, the percussion sounds are excellent, but the stock drum kits are severely lacking, does offer three free downloads, Asian set, acoustic set and electronic set. the asian set is spectacular for percussion, its very good. the Acoustic set is usable and the electronic set is a complete waste of time.

the reason I bought this was the ability to add my own samples, which works great except for the time it takes to load any sample set and the extremely limited storage. There is no way you can load samples during a live gig.

finally you must use the yamaha hihat pedal hh-65 I think, none of the others work with it. I was able to use Roland drum pads and bass drum pads with it. Programming the Hihat pad is a bit of a challenge and they even dedicate several manual pages to it.

the pads themselves are a thick sponge rubber and are almost sticky, it takes getting used to if you've never played on them.

the top 3 and bottom 3 pads have a lot of crosstalk problems, you have to hit them just right or you will trigger the large pads. Even programming the pads you must take care to make sure you are editing the pad you want, cause its very easy to hit one and get a completely different pad.

it doesnt come with a mounting plate, but I was able to use a Roland and an older one I had used for my DrumKat and they both line up, however you have to buy your own screws.
I'll give it a 5 on quality, its well built, looks nice and works well considering the technology seems old. You can plug in a USB drive and load your samples but it is slow, the potential is there to have a really good piece of equipment but it really seems like they gave up half way thru development and just said its good enough lets sell em now. It is really a shame.
at the list price it is way too much for what the un it actually delivers, if the features it lists actually worked well it would be a great value, but unfortunately they do not. Plus you must plan on spending more money to get the hihat pedal, which by the way is very difficult to find. Custom Guitars friend did not carry them, nor did several other online retailers.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.Nice to have 12 triggers plus several places to plug in midi, USB and USB host, although I think that the MIDI 1.0 standard is dated and limiting. The + and - buttons are nice and textured so you can feel them in the dark, but don't light up for some reason and I would rather tap with a stick. Tap tempo is useless, simply didn't work and kept turning on the metronome. Worst edge triggers ever. Although they are several inches wide, you only have an inch in the center that actually triggers. Even in hand mode, it is next to impossible to use the edge triggers. Plenty of sounds, but marching percussion doesn't include modern pitched basses or tenors. And the marching snare sensitivity is set so high, you need marching sticks to make it work. It is next to impossible to roll on the pads. The headphone jack and volume control for it is on the back, but a bit hard to get to quickly. Soft pads are great but hard to roll. Angled design is nice, but seems like they are trying to catch up with Roland. Get rid of the "YAMAHA" sample please.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.As a drummer, I have always shied away from electronic percussion. I've played v-drums on a number of occasions and have always found them to be just, "bleh". A few years ago, I started playing percussion (congas, bongos, djembe and other noise makers). I realized that my rig was getting bigger and the loading/unloading was becoming more of a chore than it should. So, I started looking for some sort of drum pad to keep from having to keep buying intruments that I will only use once or twice which are crazy expensive and to keep my percussion rig from getting too big. So, I ended up narrowing it down between the Roland SPD-30 and the DTX M12. I finally went with the DTX because it has such a variety of world percussion sounds and because it is designed to play by hand if required. I am SO glad I went with the DTX...this thing is incredible! Yes, there is a learning curve to really manipulate the sounds but once you get past some preliminary learning curve, this thing becomes your best friend. It's versatility, functionality and practicality are unmatched! And the samples are excellent. I am a conga player, so I know the difference between bad conga sounds and good ones. The DTX sounds amazing! I love the layer feature which allows you to have up to 4 samples per pad. Yes, the manual reads like a college programming class but I have found YouTube to be a great resource. I have had it for about two weeks now and I am totally in love with it. In fact, I am using the DTXM12 with a Roland KD7 kick trigger, a yamaha FC5 pedal along with a ride cymbal and tambourine as a full kit this weekend. I CAN'T wait to hear this thing with a full band! Buy it now, thank me later!
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad

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Highly under-rated unit. I own the Roland SPD-S, Roland SPD-SX and have owned various versions of the Octapads. Some of the reviews I've read regarding the DTX Multi-12 complain of the sampling capabilities as compared to the SPD-SX. For me, the sampling capabilities are on par with the older SPD-S, but one needs to keep in mind that the DTX Multi 12 is really more of a "rompler" in the style of the Octapad series. Simply put, it has "built-in" sounds/voices that in my opinion are much more useful than the standard Roland offerings. So with that in mind, understand that the sampling capabilities of the DTX Multi 12 are an added feature (a pretty decent one as well).
I've also read of complaints about the feel of the pads. One reviewer in this forum complained about the inability to do a "press roll" on the unit. Really? They're rubber pads. They're not a substitute for actual real drums so certain techniques unique to real drums won't apply to rubber pads regardless of the manufacturer or whatever the hype says about "real feel".
The pads do have some characteristics that one has to adjust to, but consider the fact that some patches/kits are designed to be played with hands and as such, those patches have dynamics that are controlled by techniques appropriate to hand drums.
Lastly, as a midi controller, this unit blows the pants of off anything that Roland offers hands down. The Stack feature (multiple voices and/or midi notes can be assigned to a single pad) is awesome.
Great unit. Very solid build quality. 12 pads in a small footprint. Expressive. Highly recommended.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.I am using the unit to play my own sick percussion samples at live shows. Also as a midi pad-controller in the studio.PROS: Awesome unit in all respects. Spectacular sound, high quality D/A converters. I loaded in my own kick and a cymbal samples with a USB memory stick (very easy), and studio-tested them head to head against the same samples played directly through my computer/RMEsoundcard, ...EXACTLY the same!!!No perceived Latency (audio triggers on the mark!). Sweet for high speed drum rolls. Drum pads have excellent response to sticks and hands.CONS: The default sample library that comes with this unit is nothing special, and has slow attacks. At first I thought the unit sounded muddy and had horrible latency...But then I loaded in batches of my own DeadMau drum samples via computer to a USB stick, and wholly molley, this beast came ALIVE. It was the factory samples, NOT the machine! Now I have a deep sense of respect for this unit!!Gripe #2-You can ONLY load in 16bit/44.1kHz sample files(.WAV/.AIFF)up to 9sec long, so you must convert all your 24-bit or .mp3 files to this resolution on your computer with a sample rate converter.Also on the thin rim pads(1-3,10-12)you have to whack a bit harder, and drum-rolls don't quite come through...Fine for stick hits, cowbells...things at 1/2 beat resolution.Navigation through the menu is easy, a little slow with just + or - keys, a spinning dial would have been faster, but hey, less stuff to bash!!
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.The 12 pads are very responsive, very durable, compact design. I am a hard hitting drummer and it is very durable to wacking it. The controls are fairly easy and understandable. I like the recording abilities, and has tons of effects and sounds to make any genre of music lovers happy. Its rather pricey but I believe you get what you pay for. I am a loyal user and was very pleased with this product
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.I bought the Multi-12 thinking it's new and has to be better than the Roland SPD-S right?. WRONG! I was lucky enough to compare the two side by side. Even though the has more pads and inputs, that's where it ends for me. The Roland is soooo much better and easier to use. In my opinion, save some money, buy the Roland SPD-S and have alot more fun. Hell, buy two for the price of the !
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.This was a great addition to my acoustic and electronic set ups. Sounds are great, easy to use, layering is even better. Love it. I have used edrums for years so and the controls on the DTX-Multi 12 are familiar to me so no worries there. Get it, you will love it.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.I purchased this unit several years ago, and have used it in a few situations. I found that while it got the job done in many cases, it wasn't the best at anything it did. At the time when I bought the unit it had the best feature set. It can sample, it has built in sounds, it has ports for external pads, and it has USB for adding sounds, and connecting it to your computer. The Multi-12 just doesn't do any of the things particularly well.

The pads have a very spongy feel to them and have an odd sensitivity to them which makes them a little difficult to use on gigs if you want to use multiple instruments assigned. It has a large number of pads, but the edge pads can be a little difficult to work with depending on what angle you keep the device at. You can basically forget about doing a roll on these as well. It just won't allow you to get the type of bounce you need, and I'm the type of player who can play a roll on a pillow if I have too.

The biggest issue I have with this unit is the interface for controlling things. Loading a sequence is easy enough, but getting it to stop and start when you want it too can be really complicated. You are limited with the sampler as to how much you can put on, and it does take a long time to load sounds.

They gave the unit a USB port, they really should use it to their advantage, and provide software that will allow them to control the sounds directly from it. Speaking of sounds. It has a lot of them. Most of which you will never use. It doesn't come with a mount so you can put it on a stand, and the mount cost more than 10% of the cost of the unit.

I feel comfortable using it on a gig triggering samples, but at the end of the day this unit is a little too ambitious for it's own good, and just doesn't live up to the level of performance I expect from . I have played their drums for years, and own one of their full electronic kits, but this unit is making me look back at Roland again.

Great Idea Poor Execution.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
.This is a great purchase for any drummer who wants to add something special to an album or a live concert.
Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 Digital Percussion Pad
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