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Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair

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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
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These S115V Club Series V Speakers are all about big house sound. Gigging bands, mobile DJs, and houses of worship helped make the first 4 generations of Club Series audio speakers incredibly popular. The refinements of generation V continue this success story with larger enclosures for improved low-frequency performance, improved drivers for higher power handling, redesigned crossovers, stronger grilles, and dual Speakon and 1/4" connectors. With professional features, excellent sonic performance, and great value, Club Series loudspeakers deliver premium quality night after night.

The S115V 2-way speaker enclosures feature 15" drivers and 2" tweeters with titanium diaphragms. Frequency response: (-10dB) 55Hz-16kHz. 500W program handling, 1,000W peak. Sensitivity: 99dB. 19"W x 28"H x 15"D. 61 lbs.

2-way enclosures 15" drivers 2" tweeters with titanium diaphragms Frequency response: (-10dB) 55Hz-16kHz 500W program handling, 1,000W peak Sensitivity: 99dB 19"W x 28"H x 15"D each

Tired of wimpy house sound? This'll help. Order up a couple now.

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Hey, professional musician and recording engineer with over 30 years experience here. First heard these playing in a club in Memphis where they had these installed as house speakers. Me and the other guys in the band were like, "What kind of speakers are those? They sound fantastic!" Turns out they were these 's. I immediately bought a pair and so did the keyboard player. Have used them at numerous live shows with excellent results every time. Highs are smooth, not harsh, and spread well. Lows are tight and punchy, however if playing outdoors for a large crowd, you would want to add subs. But plenty of lows for indoor venues. In my opinion, the best sounding cabinets I have ever heard for live sound. Sure they're a little heavy, but I have never heard a cabinet that sounded good and was light. There are physics involved in moving sound waves.
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.These speakers are excellent. I have had them now for about 2 years. Nice thumping bass and the compression driver actually surprised me. I was doing a DJ gig and one of the guests wanted to sing. To my surprise she was a soprano when she hit the high notes not a crack pop or distortion at all it was so clean and loud the other guests stood up screaming. I was shocked and amazed with the clarity. I run them on a peavey cs 4000 amp/800w ch. I run them alone no subs and wow. Can't wait till I get the subs i'm gunna blow out the windows lol
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.I've had these for 18 months and they've been workhorses, used at dozens of gigs and rehearsals. I use Crest amps to power them (either a V450 or V650 depending on the gig) and they get plenty loud without ever breaking up. Always a good idea to have an EQ, but we usually run these pretty flat because they don't need much.They have really great tonal balance, very clear, and project enough to fill some fairly large spaces. If you are running music with very heavy bass, you'll probably want a sub, but that's kind of a no-brainer. If there's one downside, they are pretty heavy (61 lbs). I can put them up on stands myself, but I don't recommend doing that if you can help it. Lift with your legs!

We get LOTS of compliments on these, both from audience members and from people we get to run sound for us. Really can't go wrong with these.
Not much in terms of features -- speakon connectors and 1/4" jacks. 15" and a horn.
Very solid cabinets, excellent components.
These are really in the sweet spot price wise -- top-notch quality but still affordable.
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.They do get very loud and are very clear and defined. The only down side is that they do not handle low frequencies very well at high volumes. You definently have to have subs or you will be missing the bottom end.
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.I purchased a pair of these speakers about ten years ago. I was skeptical at first, buying speakers instead of EAW or JBL, but after using them a few times, that skepticism was blown away, literally. I immediately liked the heavy duty cabinet, steel handles and corners, and a sturdy steel grille. These are good qualities for someone who does a lot of different events in different places. Inside is a heavy duty woofer with plenty of base and a crisp, powerful 2" titanium tweeter. I soon purchased a second pair for larger gigs and have ran both. I have now used these speakers for everything from live sound to DJ ing weddings, and they still work awesome. I even had custom covers made for them. I have driven them with Crown, QSC, and Mackie amps, and with a sonic maximizer, I can make them sound as good as a speaker that costs $1500.00 a piece! They can take some serious power without distorting! I guess that's why they still make them after all these years. Good job . Keep building them and don't change a thing!
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
. must be one of the most UNDER RATED speaker companies. I have a pair of these S115V's and they are absolutely incredible. Bear in mind, I have my own sound business and have the privilege of mixing on many different systems with many different speakers. These s have a better sound than most everything I have used (including the OVER rated company, JBL). did a great combination on these speakers with warmth and punch. A bit heavy around 500hz for my liking, but I can deal with a small bit of graphic EQ work. I did an outdoor event at a football field with nothing more than two of these cabinets per side and the sound was clear even at the other end of the field. The only downfall is, I'm not a fan of the carpet. I'd prefer a professional looking grill and cabinet material, but small price to pay for the quality!
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.I've owed a pair of Cerwin Vegas for 33 years so I decided it was time for a change. After looking an testing different speakers I bought two pair. Man, I would have gotten by with one pair however two will blow a very very large area with sweetness of highs and lows. I think I'll wait another 33 years before I buy PA speakers. 5 stars in my book
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.i've used a pair of these for almost 10 years. first had em for a blue grass band were great for that. now use em for a christian contemporary band. note: these speakers are heavy so if you use stands be sure to use 2 people to lift the speaker.the pair i have, have been dropped numerous times and they still go strong and are just as loud as before
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.Purchased 2 S115v's about two years ago and have played approximently 50 gigs. The feedback I get is the sound these speakers produce is very "clear and defined". I record all of my background and use a Boss DR880 for my drum tracks. When you hear cymbals and percussive instruments the S115v Speakers are very transparent. They are powered by a Crown 602 am 380 watts rms. These speakers are also very durable. They have been loaded and unloaded including being dropped a couple of times and there was not dammage to the speakers. I also run two Subs with another Crown 602 amp and DBX crossover. If you choose to Bi-amp these speakers and subs you can really get excellent sound and control the bass and high frequency points to optimize the sound in any room with an external crossover. I know that sound is subjective, however when I listen to other brands either at GC or at clubs these 's sound the best. One bit of fun, turned my s up very loud once and noticed ceiling dust falling from the ceiling. Yes these speakers not only sound natural, they can get very loud and fill a big room. I get many complements about the sound quality my speakers S115v and A10 subs produce.
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
.I've been out of the band game for about 8 years now but gettin back in it again. I owned a pair these club V's back then and just bought a new pair. I am totally still satisfied with their performance today. I would put these up against any JBL or other over rated speaker of the same price range and I know the V's would come out on top. Awesome speaker!!!!
Yamaha S115V 2-Way 15" Club Series V Speaker Pair
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