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Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System

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Product Features

The STAGEPAS 600I features two sleek, lightweight speakers and a detachable powered mixer, along with one pair of speaker cables and a power cord, giving you a complete, extremely portable sound solution that can be set up quickly and easily in a variety of configurations and environments. By combining new high-efficiency amplifiers, newly designed speakers, and high performance DSP, the new STAGEPAS 600i delivers 680W as well as substantial improvements in sound quality and reliability. Complementing the boost in performance, the addition of iPod/ iPhone connectivity, SPX digital reverbs, an onboard feedback suppressor and more versatile EQ, has improved functionality and ease of use considerably, allowing STAGEPAS to meet the demands of a much wider range of applications and users.

iPod connection: Enjoy high-quality playback while also charging your iPod/ iPhone so you never have to worry about a drained battery messing with your performance.

SPX reverb: One knob gives you access to four different high-quality reverb settings, perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. Simply turn the knob to change the reverb type and time, and then you're ready to apply just the right amount of high-resolution effect to each channel.

One-knob EQ: This new function gives you instant mastery of your mix, allowing you to match your sound to your surroundings. Simply turn the knob to optimize the EQ for speaking engagements, musical performances, or just to kick in more bass; getting your sound right has never been so easy.

Feedback suppressor: Avoid the uncomfortable feedback that plagues so many sound reinforcement novices and professionals alike. Usually found only on high-end gear, this intelligent function removes feedback automatically with the push of a button, giving you a clear, professional sound.

Speaker design: The new speaker design lets you deliver evenly-distributed, high-quality sound to a greater coverage area, so that the entire audience shares the same sonic experience.

Clean power Award-winning reverb processor Lightweight Collapses for easy transport Included Accessories Cover panel, Power cord (2m), 2 x speaker cables (6m), 12 x Nonskid pads

Order today for easy transport and setup, along with great sound.


STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System

System Type:
Maximum SPL (*Maximum SPL): 129dB SPL / speaker
Frequency Range (-10 dB): 55Hz - 20kHz
Power Consumption: 35W (Idle), 100W (1/8 Power)
Power Requirements: 100V - 240V 50 Hz/60Hz
Dimensions (WxHxD): Speaker 335mm x 545mm x 319mm, Mixer 348mm x 197mm x 135mm
Net Weight: 25.4kg / 56lb. (2 x Speaker 10.8kg + Mixer 3.8kg)
Powered Mixer
Mixing channels: 10
Analog inputs: 4 mono mic/line + 6 mono / 3 stereo line
Digital inputs: USB Audio IN: iPod/iPhone exclusive
Channel EQ: 3-band (HIGH Shelving: 8kHz, MID peaking: 2.5kHz, LOW Shelving: 100Hz)
Channel functions: Hi-Z switch: CH4, ST/MONO switch: CH5/6-9/10
Digital effects: SPX digital reverb (4 program, parameter control)
Output processing: Feedback suppressor, 1-Knob Master EQ
Phantom power: +30V (CH1, 2)
Control and others: Reverb foot switch
Built-in Amplifiers
Power Rating (Dynamic): 680W (340W + 340W)
Power Rating (Continuous): 560W (280W + 280W)
Type: Two-way bass-relfex speakers
Transducers: LF: 10" (25cm) cone, HF: 1.4" (3.56cm) voice coil compression driver
Coverage Angle (Horizontal x Vertical): 90 x 60
Floor Monitor Angle: 50
Handle: 1 x Top
Pole socket: 34.8-35.2mm pole socket with StageLok

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

For products over $200, No Lemon Policy applies. If it fails for the same defect 3 times, it is replaced on the 4th breakdown. (Does not apply to failures due to drops, spills, and cracks) For products under $200 experiencing the above failures, a Custom Guitar's Friend gift card will be issued for the full price of the product + tax. Shipping fees covered if required for repair or replacement Plans are transferable in the event merchandise is sold Plans are renewable on new gear

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I've been a working musician/sound man 35+ years, have owned/worked with 100's of PA systems, every brand/config imaginable, including stagepass 3 and 500.

Forget about it! If stagepass 600i can handle your situation don't even think about it, just buy it! My situation for stagepass 600i is small band (4-5 piece) doing small clubs/parties up to 500 people. Previous PA was a 10 channel 800 watt big name bread box style head with heavy speakers that's recently been sold b/c stagepass 600i is WAY easier to deal with and dare I say sounds better.

Arguably small PA's don't sound good, well technology has caught up, stagepass sounds excellent, the clarity is there. Add to it stagepass 600i gives you 10 channels an=long with 3 band eq (low-mid-high) effects that are useable, phantom pwr, monitor and subwoofer out. There's also a USB input for iPad/IPhone that routes directly to a channel strip and it charges the devise too, pretty cool.

What's missing?? Considering how small the system is (10" speakers) there's not much room on the board to fit extra features in. You could complain about no 7 band graphic eq tho eq'ing is not a problem w/o it. No individual monitor level controls, just a monitor master out for all channels which is OK, just plug your mic into your powered monitor first if you need separate control. There's no tape out RCA's, oh well. Im not missing anything the big box had really, Im stoked!

There's no comparison when it comes to ease of use, 600i is easily set up, travel size is small (54 lbs total) and it blows other box and board style PA systems away at the end of the day. Add a subwoofer and you're still smaller/easier than a conventional system and the sound is incredible! No brainer, Im just carrying two 25lb 10" speakers, not a 20 lb PA head and two 40 lb speakers and I have more space b/c of it.

Power is claimed 600 watts, tho in reality its more like 3-350 which is plenty. The system still sounds like it has enough bass (considering they're 10" speakers) and its useable power, the speakers are matched with processing, clarity more than makes up for any loss of power. Simply put stagepass 600i sounds better (clearer) than my old 800 watt big speaker system. When that clarity is there, its WAY easier to sing, you don't have to push it and you hear everything. We partner the system w/ DXR 10's as monitors, tho have used it sans monitors for small/quiet gigs and it handles beautifully.

has improved on how the amp releases from the speaker cavity, no more silly time wasting screws like stagepass 3-500, now there's a slide lever that instantly releases the mixer from the speaker, same w/the cable cavity door in the other speaker, pole mount sockets built in the speakers are are big YES too. If you're a gigging band and can get by with 4-5 vocal in's and a few instruments, this little PA is a dream and the sound is clear with adequate bass. Solid warranty too. Again don't hesitate, you'll be losing a lot of extra gear to carry around and the sound is really nice. Im impressed and love the fact the system is so small and easy to carry around and we sound better.

The only thing I can dis on is the shape of the speaker boxes don't allow the easiest stacking, or packing possibilities. When stacked on a hand truck for example they're not 100% stable. The top mounted, built in handle is nice/balanced. The speakers do demand a little more attention when moving them around, not a huge problem, its just that they don't stack well. Monitor angle is perfect. Just be careful if/when they're on a hand truck.

Keep in mind stagepass 400 only has 2 band (low-high) eq, and smaller speakers, get stagepass 600i and make your life easier/happier.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.I have been a sound engineer and musician for over 30 years. I have used just about everything as far as pro sound gear goes that you can imagine. Meyer, JBL, EAW, ect. I bought this little rig to do some solo performances after trying out all of the smaller (compact) pa systems I could find. Including, Fishman, Bose, Peavey, Fender, and more. By far this little system blows all of them away easily. First of all it sounds amazing. It is very powerful and loud as well. It has much more low end than I would have expected from only 10" woofers. I was skeptical about the one knob eq for the main outputs but they really did a good job with it. It just adds more low end as you turn it up and does not effect the mids and highs. Another really smart feature is the way the subwoofer output works. As soon as a cable is plugged into the subwoofer out, the two main speakers are high passed. Meaning most of the lows are taken out. There is no reason to push the top cabs with extra base if you are running a subwoofer. Plus, the cable running to your powered sub, or subwoofer amp is already low passed at 120hz if your sub doesnt have a built in crossover. This is a real PA system in a small package. With a couple subs added you can easily run a full band in a med size bar with this rig. That could never happen with the one man band PA's that many manufacturers are putting out. Overall I am very pleased.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.I bought this system for use with a gospel quartet. This system is all any traveling musician can ask for, as long as youre not singing in an arena or anything. we have filled a sanctuary with full sound with 500+ people (and we werent even using half of the power the system can give you) Very small. This can fit in the trunk of a compact car, including an additional monitor, speaker stands, and a box full of chords. This thing has so much clean clear power. BUT*** I had a very unpleasant suprise. After using the system for only 4 months.. the mixer stopped working, which made the whole system unusable. We had to find a back up powered mixer to keep our gigs. It took forever to get the mixer repaired. Very dissapointed. But when it get back working, I couldnt ask for a better system to use. Id recommend it to anybody, when it doesnt give you suprises. Maybe I just got unlucky.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.I am not a pro but a music enthusiast. I bought this for small, private gigs and am currently using it in a small room. However, it clearly has enough punch for a small to medium outdoor project or indoor event up to about 150 people. I'm pretty sure I could break windows (and my eardrums)in the house if I maxed it out. I have plugged in mics, vocal processors, iPhone, electric and acoustic guitars and they all sound quite good. My tele has nice clean sound plugged in direct with or without any stomp boxes. It's very portable and appears pretty rugged so far. The only caveat is that the mixing board is plugged into the back of one of the speakers with the dials/knobs facing out. I fear that carelessness could knock one of these off. Ideally, the board would fit into the speaker back in reverse with the knobs protected inside. Still, if you're careful, this should be a pretty well-wearing device.

Set up is a piece of cake for even a novice like me. It has phantom power, decent reverb, and the anti-feedback button helps (but doesn't eliminate) feedback issues.

Finally, my son's music teacher, a real pro with rock band experience wants one - a good recommendation.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.This little beauty rocks! I have owned it for about a month now and it's made a huge improvement to the sound of the band. It has everything a band would need for a live performance in anything up to an auditorium and even then it could probably handle the job. It has all the features of a rig much larger and leaves a much smaller footprint on the wallet and vehicle than other speakers. Not only does this system deliver the sound of vocals with detail and clarity, one of the most musician friendly features is that all the parts (speaker cables, power, mixer, and a spare xlr if you need one)fit into the speakers themselves and lock in, saving one more trip on break down (thank the lord). If you are looking for pro sound at an affordable price look no further
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.I really trust the brand. I've bought a lot of their stuff over the years (most recently, a drum kit) and they seem to always make solid gear.

I was shopping for a PA loud-enough to play some music while I practiced drums. It was important to me that the sound quality be good, with plenty of bass.

I looked at the PAs from Fender, Pyle, and Behringer, and just didn't trust that I'd get the quality & value for my money. I also didn't like that so many systems came with 8-inch woofers. I wanted at least 10-inch woofers for added bass. So I spent a little more than I intended for the . I'm very satisfied.

The only problem I've found is iPod connectivity. When I plugged my iPod into the USB jack, it actually said on the iPod screen that it was incompatible (a message I've never even seen before). The iPod connects fine to my computer and even my Mecedes Benz. I ended up plugging a 1/8-inch jack from the iPod into the PA and everything worked. There is a high frequency sound (several sounds really) when the PA is idling, but once music starts playing, you can't hear it.

Overall, I'm very satisfied with the system and would recommend it to anyone who needs a solid & portable sound system. I have only used it in my home so I can't say how big of a gig it would work for, but it can very clearly be heard over a set of loud drums.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.I bought this PA specifically for my sons wedding. It was a smaller event, 60+ people, and I only needed to use one main, on a stand. I used an EV PL84S microphone (requires phantom power)in channel 1 and it blew the walls down during initial testing. I was able to place the microphone so that the pastor, bride and grooms voices could be clearly heard by everyone in attendance. This included hard of hearing elders and covering noisy children. One set of grandparents attended via Skype and they heard everything just fine from across the room. My son had assembled a song list on his Droid and that was easily integrated using a standard stereo minijack into the RCA inputs on the mixer. This system performed beyond my expectations. I am mainly a guitarist and bassist, so I really wanted a system that was easy to use, with rapid teardown. I see no reason this system shouldn't perform well with a much larger audience, especially when both mains come into play.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.After careful comparison with other brands my small performance venue Squidco chose this PA for it's size, flexibility, and features. Described as a portable system, we are using it as a fixed system that will allow us to move it should we need a one-off larger event. Inclusion of phantom power, and the variety of inputs is a huge plus for us as we accommmodate acoustic and electronic performers. EQ and reverb are a nice addition, and the overall bass response and clean, generally flat sound works well with our space. We couldn't be more pleased with this PA.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.Had been thinking of buying a p.a. and recently had a friend getting married who needed a system for wedding so pulled the trigger. Love how this system packs up into itself. Speakers are a bit heavy when carrying both at once but I doubt you could find another system pushing nearly 700 watts that would be lighter. Love the usb input. Great sound, powerful, and I haven't heard any distortion yet (only been able to crank it about 1/2 way so far). Bass is solid but not necessarily deep, better than I expected for drivers of this size and it handles bass well but you can't really "feel" it. Have only used a few times so far and the only thing that I have not been impressed with is the volume of a simple mic plugged in. During the wedding ceremony had a wireless mic plugged into a channel and had to max the channel and overall gain to get decent volume through the system. Not sure if this is more of an issue with the mic or the system and this was outdoors with an audience of 200. In this environment the system was adequate but maxed out. When I plug an IPod into the usb port it will blow your hair back, haven't used the system enough yet to figure out why there is so much of a difference. Very happy with my purchase and really like the system, will be able to tell a lot more when I use multiple channels together and also able to plug in a wired mic to see what it is really capable of.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
.If you have a small group, this system would be a great option. You'll never have to worry about not having enough power (we've filld up a room of 500 people). No other system is as compact as this one. The only negative is that compared to a particular peavey mixer, the stagepas 600i sounds a little muddy. I bought the 8500 powered peavey mixter, and the sound quality sounds more professional on it than the stagepas. That is my only negative.
Yamaha STAGEPAS 600I 680W Portable PA System
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