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Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 139
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
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Product Features

The Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar is a lavishly appointed version of the King V. With a Floyd Rose Original double-locking tremolo, alder body ( flamed maple top on transparent finishes), quartersawn maple neck with thru-body design, compound-radius ebony fingerboard with real mother-of-pearl sharkfin inlays, Seymour Duncan SH-4 neck pickup, and a Seymour Duncan TB-4 bridge pickup. Includes deluxe Jackson/SKB molded case.

Jackson's compound-radius fingerboard curves more dramatically at the nut for easy chording and flattens out as it approaches the neck joint for low-action bends without fretting out. With a more relaxed hand, you'll play better!

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Floyd Rose Original double-locking tremolo Alder body ( flamed maple top on transparent finishes) Quartersawn maple neck with thru-body design Compound-radius fingerboard Ebony fingerboard with real mother-of-pearl sharkfin inlays Seymour Duncan SH-4 neck pickup Seymour Duncan TB-4 bridge pickup Includes hardshell case.

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KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar

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Beautifull yet simple.
The first thing I did was change out my strings.
The second thing I did was put in a fat tunsgsten block and noiseless springs, then readjust untill its set up perfectly.
The third is Duncan custom shop pickups.
I do these things to all of my guitars.
Stock I could have played this guitar and be perfectly happy. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and have to seek out my own unique tone for all of my guitars.
The stock strings are rather thin and I don't like 9's, I can hardly feel the strings.
The finish is nice and glossy, however I have a ding and it wasn't a hard hit just a soft bump and it took the black off in that little spot like it was nothing so I'm parnoid as all hell to touch anything with it. The neck is super solid, I back the truss rod off all the way and the didn't move with no strings, some guitars you can flex the neck back and forth but not in the case of this baby, it still feels rock solid. That makes me feel very comfortable with going thicker then stock strings.
When the guitar showed up the neck was perfectly straight, the action was super low and there was no fret buzz what so ever. With thicker strings and still having no bend to the neck it still plays flawlessly, which I think is a testament to Jackson's quailty. Out of 10 I would have to give it a 9, hands down the best guitar I own. Do yourself a favor, it your have the money and your on the fence about buy it!
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.If you have the means, treat yourself to one of these guitars. It's just a perfectly crafted instrument. The Duncan humbuckers are better than any active pickup set could dream of being. The neck is so fast and playable it feels effortless. The guitar is surprisingly well balanced and feels good standing or sitting. You really just have to try a USA Jackson - it's difficult to put into words how unbelievably awesome these guitars are. There's nothing even comparable in terms of quality and playability, particularly if you play metal.
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.This guitar totally blew my mind the minute I opened it up. After staring at it for a solid 10 minutes, I plugged her in and got a real surprise of tones, and quality of craftsmanship! This guitar's original floyd rose does not go out of tune either, I can whammy away on the tremolo bar and it'll stay in tune no matter what! The pickups are excellent for passive pickups, I will soon switch em out for EMGs because I am more of that type of person, but I have gained new respect for seymour duncan, these pickups are HOT! Overall, a Sweet guitar well worth the price!
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.This is the most amazing guitar I have ever played. The neck is fast, the action low, and ZERO fret buzz. The pickups are very versital and the OFR is always in tune, no matter how much it's abused. If it wasn't so expensive, I'd but it. It's woth every cent if you can afford it!
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.Please do yourself a favor and look into the shielding problems with this guitar...before you pay the big money to own one.
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.This is my first USA series Jackson and it does not disappoint!! First, the ebony fingerboard is the best I have ever seen- super tight grained and the color is uniformly flawless!! The binding is very nice, bone colored, and made of a multilayered poly material. The real MOP inlays are stunning and the MOP Jackson Logo adds a touch of class. The hardware is second to none, with a genuine Floyd Rose, made in Germany!! It is loaded with brand name switches and POT's and you can tell the difference as these "feel" smoother, operate quieter and have no play (wiggle) in their operation. I opened the electronics compartment to inspect and the wiring is all heavy duty shielded cables in a shielded compartment. Even the tone switch has a high quality Electrolytic capacitor (most imports use ceramic button capacitors). The only complaint I have is with the paint.........yes it is a great color (black) and expertly polished to a mirror finish..... but......extremely fragile, thin and brittle.... it already has a number of small dings on it The pro series model I have excels in terms of paint as it is much thicker, and far stronger and harder.... that thing has taken abuse and has no dings or dents at all after years of use so for this, quite expensive, model to already have a number of paint issues......I think Jackson needs to look into this as others have also noted this problem....(hence 4 stars and not 5!!)

Sound is awesome- simply the best sounding guitar I have. The pickups are astounding for being passive (louder and more crunchy than the EMG 81 I usually use!!). Has loads of sustain and fantastic acoustic properties (from the Alder/Maple mix and neck through construction). The neck is not too thin and not too thick, and plays fast. The frets are medium, and even though I prefer Jumbo they are not bad and may even be more comfortable!

Overall a stellar guitar that, as long as you baby the paint job, will not disappoint!!
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.I bought this guitar over the summer. The Floyd Rose tremolo is kickass, the fret board is REALLY smooth to play on and you can get killer speed with this guitar. The Seymour Duncans sound better than EMG 81 and 85 in my opinion. Also, Millie Petrozza and Dave Mustaine have used these guitars in the past on tour and records. This guitar is made for just about everything from jazz all the way up to speed/thrash metal.
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.I love my guitar. I gave it a 4 in terms of features, due to a bad choice of installing the tremolo system. The floyd rose with the insert blocks is the cheapest and a very unreliable tremolo system ever! You break strings, you break an insert block, and what do you do, you salvage your strings, or change them, or purchase a new block if you lose it or break it. How bout NO insert blocks? The 'fast load tremolo' is a great choice for this guitar and must definitely be considered by dudes in Jackson-guitars. Killer tone, thanks to the seymour duncan pickups. Great wood quality. And of course a very outstanding design flying V. Jackson makes the prettiest flying V, and I'm sure everyone agrees. As far as strings, they should really use higher gauge strings. This guitar can take it fore sure, absolutely. I'd suggest something around 11-52. Altho I'm using a 11-70 set and I gotta tell ya, I went thru a lot of filing to get that thing in that hole. This machine is a tank. It reaches into the back of your throat and pulls out your writhing skeleton. This is metal crafted with little remorse for the eardrums and souls of its people.
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.But I own one. It is simply one of the best guitars ever. Low action without fret buzz. Better than any Gibson or Fender.
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
.This is one of the best of the best for true metalheads! As an owner of 2 Jacksons (Kelly+RR copy) I am hoping that this extreme piece of wood and electronics will one day be added to my "family of Jacksons" :)
Jackson KV2 King V USA Electric Guitar Blue Ghost Flames
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