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Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal

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The Boss FZ-5 is a modern pedal built for the modern guitarist, but the sounds you can get from the FZ-5 are pure retro. Looking back at the glorious rock sounds of the '60s and '70s, the FZ-5 recreates it's vintage fuzz through BOSS state-of-the-art COSM technology. Recall the fuzz-filled flavors of classic pedals, such as the Maestro FZ-1A, Fuzz Face and Octavia pedals, and kick 'em into overdrive with the FZ-5's Boost knob. BOSS' proprietary COSM technology allows guitar players to recreate classic fuzz BOOST control for more aggressive tone. The FZ-5 is the perfect weapon for players wanting to beef up their rigs with classic retro fuzz artillery.

Vintage sounds inspired by famous fuzz pedals of the '60s and '70s Uses advanced COSM technology to recreate classic fuzz BOOST control for more aggressive tone

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I have the old vintage fuzz pedals that the Boss FZ-5 is emulating, fuzz face, Maestro fuzz and Octavia. The Boss FZ-5 comes very close in sampling those classic fuzz pedals, and the Boss FZ-5 is not very picky when you put a wah pedal in front of it, like the fuzz face. If you want those classic fuzz tones in a modern packaging, then this Boss FZ-5 will fit the bill. I laugh at many of the reviews here that say the fuzz tones of the FZ-5 are useless, I wonder if they've actually played or familiar with the old vintage fuzz pedals.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.I've owned several germanium fuzz pedals (Analogman white-dot NKT275 among others) and this comparatively cheap pedal from Boss can do everything those germanium fuzzes can do and a little bit more. I eventually sold all my germanium effects (I also had a BSM Majestic Treble Booster) because they can be so inconsistent. You like the way they sound one day and then a week later you can't get them to sound right and it gets annoying. The advanced technology in this Boss pedal solves that problem.

With companies like Strymon introducing amazing modulation pedals over the last few years, I expect there to be more high-quality digital distortion pedals coming out throughout the next decade or so. The technology has finally gotten to the point where they can put a sufficiently powerful processor in a pedal and tweak the algorithms as needed. The Boss OD-1X and DS-1X are other examples of this.

This particular pedal, the FZ-5, did take me some time to adjust to the rest of my pedal board. I have it before the buffer close to the beginning of the pedal chain. I've also found it's basically necessary to keep the "Level" knob (on the left) relatively low, at about 9:00, and adjust your other pedals for overall volume. This keeps background noise to a minimum. I'm so glad I got this pedal...
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.Nice Germanium fuzz that can be pushed to sound like a busted speaker. I like. My first pedal ever was the original Fuzz Face. This compares in a far more convenient package. The other settings are a bonus that I may use someday.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.I just got one of these pedals this past Monday. I use to have a Boss OD-20 and three other Boss Dist pedals (MT-2,SD-1,DS-1). I decided to sell the OD-20 and get other dist pedals for some more flavor so I bought 4 Digitech dist pedals (bad monkey,screaming blues,grunge, Dist Factory). All i needed now was some fuzz and I would be set.I thought that the BOSS FZ-5 would be a great fuzz pedal (currently owning 17 other Boss pedals). I heard some sample tones online and they sounded pretty descent. When I got the pedal though, I was pretty disappointed. This pedal has 3 settings and the only one that sounded good at the time was the very first one (fuzz face). The other 2 settings sounded like crap. After playing it on it's third day in my settup, I have fallen in love with the fuzz face setting. It has a pretty descent fuzz tone. Not what I was hopping for but pretty close. The other 2 settings still sound terrible. I can't believe that they let those two settings stay on the pedal the way that they are. Having only one setting that is good is not a reason to not own this pedal. Out of the 8 dist pedals that I own I use this one as much as the others.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.I've been using this pedal for a about 2 weeks now and I cant turn it off. It has the 3 modes for all styles, but the most useful is the Fuzz Face setting. I use this with my Vox wah and also a Boss DD-3 Delay and Im good to go! It gets a really heavy yet smooth tone with the boost dimed. I also enjoy using the Maestro setting for getting a really nasty nasel sound and makes your bends sound almost like your guitar is in pain. The Octavia setting is pretty fun too but I havent really gotten the chance to use it. So you pretty much get 3 pedals in 1 unit for only $90. I suggest you at least go to your music shop and check it out. Its just too much fun!
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.Not what I expected but once I got it dialed in i'm very happy with it.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.Some pedals suck, but they do it in a good way .. this pedal ... just plain terrible! Now let me tell you, I love boss pedals, but this pedal was totally unresponsive and lacked any "feel" to it. There are 100's of fuzz boxes out there, no reason to settle on this one. Seriously, this might be the only stomp box I have not found a use for and I have tons of them ... don't buy this it sucks...
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.This FZ-5 is my first Boss pedal, and believe me, it's convinced me to never use a Digitech again.I had a Hot Rod distortion before this, but there were too many problems with it. One being that it wouldn't work with a battery, so I had to use an adapter. Another being it sounded like crap.The FuzzFace setting is nice, sounds like a distortion should, and the Octavia setting is pretty heavy when you use it like they tell you not to, haha.But the one that absolutely sold me with this pedal is the Fuzztone setting. I've always wanted one, and I think this hit the nail on the head.Don't buy this pedal unless you know what a real Fuzz is. You're not going to find a 'creamy' sound with it, it's a FUZZ.I would also highly reccomend to use the Maestro setting with a Humbucking equipped guitar, single coils have a tendency to get kind of fizzy with it.That and use a nice tube amp, then you're set.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.First of all I would like to say I think BOSS has a wonderful line of quality pedals, however this is the only one I have ever disliked. It has 3 modes but honestly the Fuzz Face mode is pretty much the only usable mode. I was pretty dissapointed when I got home and plugged it in. The tone was wayyyyy to broken up and muddy, and had just about no clarity to it (and yes I realize thats usually the direction fuzz pedals take, just not like this). I am convinced however that the pedal would be excellent in the right rig, also I think a compressor might clean it up a bit. I am running through a Deville 410 with about 6 pedals (Wah->VOX big ben->Boost pedal->chorus->delay) and it just didn't mesh right at all and was very unpleasant to listen to. Also anytime I laid my palm on the bridge like to palm mute and then lifted my hand it gave a horrible sounding feedback. Needless to say I returned it and got a Seymour Duncan Tweak Fuzz and I am extremely pleased with it. If your a big fuzz player then Im confident you will be much happier with another pedal, however if your just looking for something to toy with this might do the trick. However I still say keep up the good work BOSS.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
.This new fuzz from Boss is supposed to emulate 3 specific pedals from the 60s and 70s. Having only played re-issues of the Fuzz Face and the Maestro, and only emulations of the Octavia, I would have to "guess" that this thing does a decent job of coming close to sounding like those analog pedals it seeks to copy. The F.Face setting is smooth, fat and woolly and gets bass heavy as you turn up the gain. The Maestro setting is a lot like the re-issue I tried: thin and gnarly, very trebly and midrangey, no body- think Whole Lotta Love solo. And the Tycobrahe Octavia setting is just over the top, so much gain that notes swell into white noise glitch when the gain's turned up. This setting is very muddy, midrangey and nasal when playing sustained legato lines. When comping chords there's a touch of velcro tones around the edges. In the O setting you have to turn the gain between all the way down and 9 o'clock while using the neck pickup to get that ghostly octave to emerge effortlessly, but with higher gain settings the harmonics and pinched harmonics squeal up into octaves automatically. I've put it next to a Hyper Fuzz, Z.Vex Fuzz Factory, and Big Muff and what I get from it is a whole new flavor, unique and distinct in tone and useful in certain settings. Built like a tank and IMHO worth it.
Boss FZ-5 Fuzz Pedal
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