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Custom Korg EXB-Radias Expansion Board For Korg M3 KLM-2707

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Model Number Custom Korg EXB-Radias Expansion Board For Korg M3 KLM-2707
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Korg EXB-Radias Expansion Board For Korg M3 KLM-2707
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Multiple Modeling Technology DSP Board

EXB-RADIAS is a 24 Voice Synth Expansion and 16 Band Vocoder board that uses Korg MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology). Formant Motion records the formant of a sung or spoken phrase so it can be recreated anytime. All of Karma's generative features can be used with the Radias to provide even more options, including Wave-Sequencing.

Full integration of all its parameters with the M3's effects, control surface and KARMA (Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture) functionality.

The MMT-based synth engine features dual oscillators which combine to offer analog-modeled waves, DWGS (PCM) waves, noise, ring mod, comb filters, and more. Waveform modulation, Variable Phase Modulation (VPM), Unison voice thickening, PWM and cross-mod expand the sonic palette.

2 LFOs and 3 ADSR envelopes shape the sound and add cyclic motion to nearly any voice parameter. 3 16-step Modulation Sequencers provide discrete values to a modulation parameter that change over time, either in stepped or smooth motion, and can loop over and over.

Internal or external audio can be run through the EXB-Radias synth expansion board to be gated and filtered using the internal synthesis and effects. "Drive" adds analog warmth, Punch brings increased definition to the attack of a sound, and 12-types of Wave Shaping provides dramatic timbral shaping and even offering virtual "pick-up" response.

Up to 4 Radias programs can be assigned to timbres in a combination or MIDI tracks in a song, allowing you to create combinations or songs that use them in conjunction with other programs.


*24-Voices of Polyphony

*4-Part Multitimbral

*Uses Korg Multiple Modeling Technology

*Adds Expanded Functionality to Korg M3 Workstation/Sampler Series Keyboards/Module

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