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Custom Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal/USB Interface - In Box

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Model Number Custom Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal/USB Interface - In Box
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Zoom A2.1u Acoustic Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal/USB Interface in very good+ condition. Includes manual, power supply and original box.

96kHz sampling, 32-bit processing, and USB for direct recording

The rich, detailed tone of an acoustic guitar is created by a delicate triple harmony of strings, neck, and body. But a piezo or magnetic pickup never captures the full body resonance, often resulting in thin sound dominated by the strings. This tendency can't be fully compensated with a conventional preamp equalizer.

The A2 series incorporates 24-bit / 96 kHz sampling and sophisticated sound modeling technology to process the line signal from the pickup, adding a lush body tone and the spatial ambience that is created by mic recording. Even when playing through an amplifier or PA speaker, the resonance of the guitar body is restored, allowing the natural acoustic sound to shine through.

Select optimum characteristics to match pickup and amp model
The GLOBAL module that controls settings for the entire unit combines a pair of parameters called AMP SELECT and PICKUP SELECT.

AMP SELECT: Choose from three settings (combo, bright combo, stack) and eliminate the excessive treble that can ruin the sound when playing an acoustic guitar through an amp.
PICK UP SELECT: Besides piezo and magnetic for acoustic guitars, electric guitar pickup settings such as single-coil and humbucker settings are available, allowing you to use the unit as an acoustic guitar simulator.

Expression pedal adds further versatility to your guitar play
The built-in expression pedal is a great way to control effect parameters in real time. Besides adjusting the volume or the tone of a simulation effect, the pedal can be used for manual detection of feedback frequency, controlling the modulation rate, or adjusting the delay/reverb mix level. The dedicated PEDAL ASSIGN key and status LED indicators make it easy and quick to select the effect to control. Effect on/off switching is also possible by pushing the pedal fully down.

USB port enables computer recording
The USB port allows the unit to function as an audio interface for a computer. Simply connect a USB cable to utilize the high-quality sound of the A2.1u in a computer-based recording system.

Features 40 preset effects for Acoustic Guitar, 40 programmable memory patches 7 effect modules with 45 effect types Includes guitar and body-style modeling 32-bit processing, 96kHz sampling rate 24-Bit A/D, D/A converters Ultra wide frequency response: 20Hz – 40kHz Built-in drum machine with 40 rhythm variations Integrated chromatic tuner Sturdy metal chassis USB interface Built-in Expression Pedal

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