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Custom Analogman Envelope Filter, serial #62 MXR NOS board FREE SHIPPING

Brand Name Effects and Pedals,Wahs and Filters,Analogman,
Model Number Custom Analogman Envelope Filter, serial #62 MXR NOS board FREE SHIPPING
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Analogman Envelope Filter, serial #62 MXR NOS board FREE SHIPPING
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A limited-edition resurrection and re-imagination of the “block logo” MXR Envelope Filter—a pedal that has, thus far, remained under the radar to speculative vintage fetishists. Analog Man’s version of this very expressive envelope filter is much more than a clone (even though it’s built using NOS MXR circuit boards). It adds an emphasis knob and a Mu-Tron-style up/down switch that expands its musical potential extensively.

Analog Man doesn’t disguise the origins and inspirations of the Envelope Filter circuit. From the knobs to the logo and fonts it’s a reverent homage to the post-script MXR years. The MXR-ness is more than skin deep too. Opening up the pedal reveals a NOS MXR Envelope Filter at the heart of the works. (This also reveals a peek at the significant differences between the MXR circuit—which uses op amps— and say, a MuTron III, which uses an optical circuit.)

The Analog Man Envelope Filter adds functionality to the MXR’s original two-knob set in the form of an emphasis knob, which boosts the resonant peak selected via the threshold knob. It also includes a toggle that emulates the MuTron III’s up/down switch, which dictates whether a filter sweep begins at the low or high point of the peak. The two controls are fairly simple, but they add a world of extra tone possibilities—particularly given how interactive the controls can be.

I believe only ~100 are being made with the NOS MXR Envelope Filter boards, this one is #62 and is in really nice shape. Sounds killer, can be used in any setting

Check out my other listings for more cool boutique, vintage, analogman, filter, wah, and other guitar pedals! Any other pictures needed or questions please ask!

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Condition:Very Good Make:Analogman Model:Envelope Filter Finish:White Categories:Wahs and Filters Year:recent Made In:United States


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