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Custom Gibson Les Paul Deluxe modded Bigsby, p90s 1973 Silver Sparkle

Brand Name Electric Guitars,Solid Body,Gibson,
Model Number Custom Gibson Les Paul Deluxe modded Bigsby, p90s 1973 Silver Sparkle
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom Gibson Les Paul Deluxe modded Bigsby, p90s 1973 Silver Sparkle
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This is a 1973 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe that was modified in the 80's. This guitar is a rock machine and plays and sounds excellent. I bought this guitar with the mods a few years back and had a luthier go over everything so everything works great. It's also recently been set up and the action is low and fast. The following mods were made- The guitar was refinished in a silver sparkle finish on the top and black on the back and sides (the finish looks okay and it is even but up close there are scratches on the sparkle top and the top finish is a bit on the thick side. The back and sides and neck show wear as shown in photos.) The guitar has been routed for a middle (3rd pickup) and the pickups have been replaced with p90's. The neck pickup is a newer Seymour Duncan p90, the middle and bridge pickup are 80's DiMarzio pickups. All pickups are on the hot side for p90s. The middle pickup is accessed via an added 3 way mini-toggle switch allowing for all 7 pickup combinations. A push pull pot has been installed on the middle pickup vol allowing that pickup to be placed out of phase.  (A switching diagram will be included with the guitar.) A bigsby B7 and roller bridge has been added. Grover rotomatics replaced the original tuners and a graphite nut was also installed. The knobs were replaced with black chicken head knobs. There is a sticker on the heel (It may be possible able to remove, see photos.) No cracks or breaks could be detected with a blacklight, however I bought it after the refinish. I can assure that the neck is steady and solid and it holds tune well. A reputable vintage guitar shop in Brooklyn, New York verified that it is a 70's Gibson vintage piece and not a reissue or a knock off.  The serial number was covered in refinishing and pots replaced but enough finish has worn through at spots on the neck to assure that it is a mahogany neck, so it is no later than '74 and I played it against a few other '73 LP deluxe and it had a very similar slim neck to them so I have no reason to disbelieve the shops report of 1973.  The frets are original and wide and low and show some wear but they play smoothly without buzzing. The truss rod cover is the original (the deluxe script is still barely visible but mostly worn off.) The binding on the neck shows some wear especially around the 12th fret and the fret markers are slightly discolored but it does not effect playability (see photo.) It weighs approx. 10.5 lbs. It comes with an aftermarket hardshell case with light scuffs on the outside, the inside of the case is clean. The guitar is not stock at all but a great player. If you have any questions about this unique guitar, please feel free to ask.

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Condition:Good Make:Gibson Model:Les Paul Deluxe Modded, Bigsby, p-90s Finish:Silver Sparkle Categories:Solid Body Year:1973 Made In:United States
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