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Custom AKAI Square Broadcast Mic 1970s Silver & Black

Brand Name Pro-Audio,Microphones,Akai,
Model Number Custom AKAI Square Broadcast Mic 1970s Silver & Black
Min.Order Quantity one set
Price 889USD
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Custom AKAI Square Broadcast Mic 1970s Silver & Black
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Here we have an ultra rare, vintage 1970s Akai Broadcast Microphone. These were designed specifically for vocal clarity and were used by radio stations similarly to the Shure SM7 and Electro Voice RE20. However, with Akai being a Japanese company, this mic didn't catch on quite as well as it's aforementioned American-made cousins, making these much more scarce and hard to find.

This has a pretty hot signal for a vintage microphone. Most pre-1980s mics I own and have used tend to need a lot of Gain, but the Akai doesn't seem to need near as much. Sonically, it has smooth characteristics on voice, producing nice low mids without being overly boomy and clear transients in the upper frequencies without being shrill or spitty. It's a very well-rounded sound that shines nicely on vocals, background vocals, amp cabinets, snare, ride, cymbals, etc.

Mint to near mint. It works beautifully and I can't find a scratch on it. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the light. There is some serious craftsmanship here. The mic is solid metal, quite heavy (about a pound) and is fairly large at about 8ish inches in length with the aluminum head being about 3 inches across. It's a pretty big mic and built very solid.

Cable w/ 1/4" Connector (attached)
Original Stand

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Condition:Mint Make:Akai Model:Square Broadcast Mic Finish:Silver & Black Categories:Microphones Year:1970s

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