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Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD

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Over 3 hours long with 50 interactive guitar lessons on DVD. Covers tuning, essential chords and scales, practice tips, rhythm techniques, play-along tracks with a band, 3-D fretboard graphics, instrument care, and more. Includes 5 languages: English, French, Spanish, Japanese, and German. Hosted by Keith Wyatt of the Custom Guitars Institute.

Over 3 hours long 50 interactive music lessons Covers: Tuning Essential chords and scales Music reference Practice tips Rhythm techniques Play-along tracks with a band 3-D fretboard graphics Instrument care tips from Fender's Custom Shop

A wonderful beginner's introduction from the masters of the instrument.

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This DVD is good for a beginner, however it does move a little fast when learning the chords. You need to rewind it a few times so you can get your finger placing right on some of the triads, because Wyatt doesn't give you a lot of time for positioning. Otherwise, it is very useful for anyone who wants to learn how to play the electic guitar.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.I just recently purchased this dvd a couple weeks ago and also bought my first electric recently. I had been trying to teach myself with an acoustic and then finally with the new electric so had a little knowledge before and would recommend spending a little time on your own first but it is not really necessary. This a great dvd. Wyatt breaks down many techniques and styles of playing and lets you learn to build your own pace in an extremely uncomplicated way. Numerous extras thrown in too that are nice for beginners. Excellent video and great buy. Highly recommend, you will not be disappointed!
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.I bought this DVD last year-and it taught me a lot. In only minutes, I was playing three or four chords and making simple songs from them. The lessons do tend to jump around somewhat, but if you take your time and learn the lessons in order, you will be playing in no time. I especially liked the tour of the Fender plant in Corona,Ca. Keith Wyatt also shows how to take care of your guitar and change the strings properly.Another interesting part is where he demonstrates distortion and a few pedal effects. Overall, I think this is a great DVD to start guitar with. There are a lot of different pages and chapters to explore at your own pace, without a teacher breathing down your neck. The practice tracks are really effective for learning the different chords and how to put them together. Highly recommended.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.This dvd doesn't seem to be for beginners. The teacher talks to you like you already have knowledge of music which makes it difficult to understand. I have been playing a year now and have used the rockhouse method dvds which by far are better for learning starting with no knowledge of guitar. Rockhouse method DVDs are a better buy in my opinion.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.This DVD is a really great guide on how to get started and where to start on the electric guitar. The only thing I would suggest is that you have a little common knowledge of the guitar before you use helps. In my experience, this is a VERY good way to get started on your electric guitar.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.My uncle got this DVD for me a while back, and I'm sure glad I got it. It has good instructional videos for beginning and intermediate guitarists, plus lots of info on the music in general and how to care for your guitar. A must-buy for any new guitar player!
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.I think Keith Wyatt is a great teacher. Sometimes a little fast to understand but that's why you have rewind. A good investment to learn giutar.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.This DVD is a great way to start learning how to play the electric guitar. It is presented in a clear and understandable format. Even though I never played guitar before seeing this video, I am now hooked on it. If you still don't know how to play after seeing this video, then maybe you should take up playing the triangle.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.Yes, I was yelling. If you want to play electric guitar, buy this DVD. I can't say it enough. I have been trying to learn electric guitar since I was 12, gave up then, tried at 25, gave up again. Now I'm 40 and I know I'll learn because of this DVD. I have many DVDs, instruction books etc, and this is the best. I actually saw Keith in concert with his band The Blasters this past January. Guess what? He plays the exact way he plays on the DVD, nothing more, nothing less. He also uses just 3 pedals in person. That means if you learn eveything on this DVD, you would actually be able to play professionally.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
.This video covers a lot and fills in the holes that learning by yourself leaves. It contains nice bite size lessons that you can practice at your own pace.
Fender Getting Started On Electric Guitar DVD
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