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Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 258
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
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This is the genuine Fender Telecaster 5-hole 1-ply Pickguard that fits the '52 American Vintage Telecaster or '50s Telecaster.

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This is a decent-quality Bakelite (or fiber/resin equivalent) replacement pickguard. Fender is not very clear on their site or on the product packaging about what it is made out of, but it certainly is not plastic. Because of the material it sort of has a buffed surface (laquered, I believe), which is fine with me because I like the look of semi-matte pickguards, however if you want a really shiny look you may be better off finding one that is made of plastic. The one I got was made in Mexico, for what that's worth. The screw holes lined up pretty well with the holes on my standard Tele. The material also does not lay perfectly flat against the body, but I don't mind (and it could be easily improved with some double stick tape). It does not have the paint can silhouette on the back that the 100% authentic ones have, but after it's mounted you can't see that anyways.

The quality could be better, and Fender could be clearer about what it's made of, but overall it's a decent product.
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
.Fender is having some quality control issues with the packaging used for these bakelite pickguards.
The pickuard was completely unusable. It looks like the lacquer used on the bakelite pickuard reacted with the plastic used for its packaging. It was left with an uneven surface that looks somewhat like an animal print. I'm guessing Fender is going to see this issue wherever they use the same packaging with lacquer-covered pickguards.
Fender needs to use different packaging, or they need to put something protective on the face of the pickguard before they package it.
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
.I bought this pick guard to replace an incorrect tortoise shell guard on an MIJ 52 Tele re-issue. It does not fit perfectly. The holes do not match up exactly but you can put the screws in at a slight angel. I also had to shave it down a little at the neck join. The finish is a little bit glossy, I would prefer it to be a bit more like a satin to matte finish. All that said it is certainly is a vast improvement.
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black


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Upgraded an earlier Fender 52 Telecaster with this newer version pick guard . Looks nice , not shiny plastic .
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
.I have an older model MIJ 50's telecaster in 2 tone sunburst. This pickguard fit perfect and made my old guitar look fantastic and kept it all Fender. Very happy with the quality also. No rough edges like I have seen on some cheap plastic knock offs.
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
.This pickguard went onto my 50's road worn telecaster (MIM). The pickguard fit perfectly and is made of quality material that is NOT overly shiny, which I was hoping for. I will probably take some super fine steel wool to add extra aging to the pickguard. Quality product- I'm satisfied.
Fender 52 Telecaster 5-hole 1-Ply Pickguard Black
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