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Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand

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The Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand was designed to hold any electric guitar no matter the body shape or size. The padded arms and neck support are independently adjustable to hold any electric guitar perfectly. The stand also folds up to a convenient compact size so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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If you own a BC Rich guitar or bass, or a flying V or other guitar or bass with an oddly-shaped body, you need this stand for gigging and/or breaks during rehearsals.

I'd like to address the criticisms of this stand that I've read in other reviews: first, yes, it would be more convenient for setup purposes if the support arms were designed to slide up and down and lock in place with setscrews. On the other hand, the remove-and-reinsert design Fender has employed here means that, once you get this stand set up, THE SUPPORTS CAN'T SLIP OUT OF ALIGNMENT. That's a net plus, in my book, and properly setting the stand up really doesn't take that long in my experience.

Secondly, it's true that this stand is not as stable as I'd like it to be. That's principally because the unit's stance is too narrow. If the legs opened wider than they do, it would be at least as solid as any other body-support-style stand. So that's an issue. However, the complaint about it not being stable enough for a bass guitar is off-base. The solution is to LOWER THE BOTTOM-MOST SUPPORT ARM to the lowest hole in the leg on that side, rather than to leave it in place at the third or fourth hole up. It's a pretty simple issue of geometry and physics: the lower the center of gravity, the more stable your instrument will be. If you're foolish enough to leave the lowest support arm in its default position, OF COURSE it won't be stable enough to reliably support a bass guitar. Heck, I wouldn't trust it to support my Mockingbird without that mod.

Finally, the little support arm is kind of useful to provide additional lateral stability for your instrument's upper body. Not REAL useful, but still ...

I'm happy with mine.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.This stand although advertised on Fender's website as for both guitar and bass DOES NOT hold a bass. The back angle is to acute and the bass tips right over, poorly designed.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.I bought this for my Jazz bass and the stand is not stable. The stand has a slight angle that tilts the bass backwards. It does not take much to reach the tipping point. It is more stable with my Strat. The length and weight of a bass neck is too much for this stand.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.Solid feel and holds my Fender Bass better than any stand I've ever tried. Looks good on stage and is quick and easy to use. Lots of padding and folds up for easy transport. Fair price and worth what I paid for it.

Retaining Arm stripped the first time I tried to use it because of poor design and cheap hardware. This was no big deal to me because I wasn't planning on using it anyway.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.It's built great very easy to set up for any electric guitar. Very stable, and easy to use and set up.

Nothing to hold the instrument to the stand not great in a high traffic area.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.The only improvement I could see that would enhance the design of this would be to use a ball/detent system for the lower brackets, the way it is now you have to fiddle around by removal of the retaining nut and moving the bracket up or down a hole.

I have a Fernandes Vertigo Deluxe and it took me several minutes of trial and error to get the guitar to sit correctly on the stand. I am not sure what the little arm on the left side of the frame is supposed to be for other than to hang the strap on. The stand would benefit from a detent adjustment system and really does not need that little bracket on the rear of the left leg.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.Top pad, which has fair adhesive has fallen off many times.
Will countersink plastic screws in it to keep it in place.
Great for instruments with asymmetric bottoms.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.This is a very nice, stable and sturdy stand with the added advantage of being safe for your guitar's finish. And it folds so it can be easily transported. You can move the arms in small enough increments that make it posiible to fit just about any shape guitar. The neck (back rest) is also adjustable, providing good support for your instrument. The stand also has another adjustable support on the left side. Inexplicably it cannot be moved to the right side, so if your instrument has to tilt, you have to adjust it so it tilts to the left (?). In all fairness though, the positioning of the arms is flexible enough that you can accomodate just about any guitar without the need for the side support. Unless you're John Fogerty and your guitar is the shape of a baseball bat, then you just lean it against the left support.
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
.The only stand that fits my Warlock like a glove .
Fender Universal A-Frame Electric Guitar Stand
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