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Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 121
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set
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Fender Vintage Tele Bridge Saddle set gives you the classic look and sound of the original Telecaster with brass saddles and steel screws and springs.

Brass saddles Steel adjuster screws Steel springs

Make your Tele just like the original, order today.

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This is the way a Telecaster does it! these are a good quality product although stainless hex height screws would have been nice. That aside, they do the job well. I've used them on a few projects although I prefer the mass of the full round three-saddle plain brass offered elsewhere. These do fine.Regarding intonation: It's a telecaster. If you know the right set-up tricks, the plain brass three-saddle plays in tune as close as a picker needs. There is less wasted string energy and thus, improved sustain and tone. Roy Buchanan, Don Ritch, Jimmie Page, Dale Watson, Keith Richard, Red Volkart and a bunch more could testify to that!
Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set
.I bought these for a custom Tele that I'm building and they are great and the brass really goes with the bridge, but the only downfall that I really didn't like is that the saddles don't have grooves for the strings to set in. It makes spacing for the strings hard to set and makes it difficult to really set the intonation correctly. But other than that, I'm happy with them
Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set
.These things really brighten the sound of your tele to get that classic tele twang but there is a price to pay. These sound grest but are impossible to set the inotation correctly. There are two strings to each saddle so at least one will go out of tune.
Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set
.guitars are mathematically impossible to tune correctly, it is a tempered tuning. Set saddles so one string is as much sharp as its saddle partner string is flat. Put a rag over it, grab saddle with big needle nose plyers, one jaw front side, the other jaw back side of saddle on each side of intonation screw and bend intonation screw a little at a time. Gibson spaces string lastly and taps them so they "dent" the saddle.Don't file in the grooves. A really good player can average the intonation (1rst step) and sound in tune without bending intonation screws. That's the whole trick to playing- sounding like you're a natural, not that you learned much and practiced fast.
Fender Vintage Telecaster Bridge Saddle Set
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