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Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 80
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
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4-ply, 11-hole pickguard for one-humbucker and 2-single coil pickups (Lone Star/Fat Strat).

Fits: American, American Standard, Hot Rod, and Deluxe Series Stratocasters (USA)

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I got this pickguard for an American Deluxe HSS Strat. The humbucker on the American Deluxe Strat has 2 height adjustment screws on the top (low E) side and one on the bottom. This pickguard has only one screw hole centered on either side of the humbucker. Drilling required.Also the cutouts for the single coils are too small. You'll need a Dremel type tool to widen them.The reason I bought a Fender product was to avoid these types of problems. I figured the pickguard would be manufactured to the same specs as the guitars they are recommended for. WRONG.Botton line: It looks nice but don't expect a perfect fit. You'll have to do some drilling/sanding before you're done. Atleast I did....
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.Adds class to my instrument and looks like it was made that way.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.I bought the white pearl color, and really like it. I wouldn't write a review on a pick gaurd if it wasn't above my expectations, and it has a rich aged tint to it I haven't seen before. If you want to switch to gold hardware this is the pick guard for that. I have it on a candy apple red body, figured vintage amber birdseye maple neck, and it really sets it off.

As for the fit, all the holes lined up except one, no big deal, just drill another hole, it's all under the pick guard anyway. And if a pickup hole is too small, a Dremel is fine if you have one, but a nail file does the job just fine, might take 5 minutes. No big deal. There is a lot of minute variations in pick guard holes over the years, you have to expect some of that.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.This was an easy fit on my MIM Olympic white Stratocaster. I would recommend searching for "Replacing a Strat pickguard" on YouTube ... I found that to be very helpful. Anyway, my all white Strat now has a tortoise shell pickguard (HSS) and everything was precise. I also own Americand Standard and American DeLuxe Strats, but this MIM is set up so well, I felt it needed a nice facelift.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.I have the Shell color. It's really beautiful. As some people have mentioned, however, the humbucker slot is too tight if you're going to use EMGs, for example. The EMG 81 will require modifying this guard.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.Fits excellent on my strat SSH
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.First off, I did have trouble with the size of the humbucker hole. I bought this as a first step in pimping out an old Squire Strat I am completely rebuilding. I dropped a Phat Cat (Seymour Duncan) into the hole, and it was too big!!! Frustrating at first, but if you're expecting perfection, you should probably NOT work on your own guitar :).It took about 5 minutes of filing, but it now fits snug! It is now that much more custom :).Plus, this pickguard is thick! No flimsy craftsmanship here!!! A beautiful upgrade, even if not EVERY PICKUP EVER doesn't fit perfect at first :).
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.the color of the pearl is a little darker than it appears, more of a yellowish color. It's made in Mexico, nothing really wrong with that except it's should be from the states if it's an American product. Otherwise, it's a pickguard, it fits all fender and squier strats regardless their country of origin, so that's cool.Buy it.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.Alright I was hesitent about getting this pickguard based on some of the reviews but i got it anyways. I have a Fender Fat Strat. One of the concerns I had was that the SC and HB slots would be too small(because of an earlier review). well they aren't, the SC fit perfectaly with no room to spare. My only real concern was that at first glance it look a tad faded(the white pearl). But i realized that it actually was just the lighting in my room. In bright-light, stage-light, etc. It looks really nice like the picture.Besides that it's great, it looks fantastic and does it's job.
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
.I just traded out my stock single coil bridge pickup in a MIM standard Strat and had to have a humbucker sized hole. So this was it. I can say this;good fit, good materials,good look.End of storyHow do you rate features on a pickguard?
Fender Lone Star Pickguard Tortoise Shell
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