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Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 195
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
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Supply Ability 195

Product Features

Fender Stainless steel 350 electric guitar strings deliver the high output and aggressive tone that's ideal fro heavier styles, such as hard rock and heavy metal. The stainless steel construction also creates a string with an increased lifespan.

Gauges: 10-13-17-26-36-46.

Fender has been an instrument of choice for many of the greatest musicians since 1946. Fender's popularity through the generations is a result of their design innovations and commitment to quality. These guitar strings reflect this legacy and are worthy of the Fender name. Attention to detail and the finest materials ensure that you will get the best feeling and greatest sounding strings, set after set.

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I picked up these strings as backup to the Ernie Balls SS as those are not always in stock. They are made for heavy rock and metal and since I put Fender Strings on my Bass that sound superb, I thought to give Fender guitar strings a shot too.

We all know what it feels like to put on a new set with great anticipation. Either we Love it or hate it right away. I play through a 2013 Gibson Les Paul Future with 498T/ 490r Pups through mxr distortion pedal as a boost for the Orange Tiny Terror.

I was not phased at all in the beginning. I thought they were flat, too mid tone rich, not enough bass to them and in general kind of muddy. So I top wound them around the tail piece to see if it altered the tone, and this seemed to brighten them up a bit but not enough for me to keep them on any longer. So they were headed for the trash when suddenly a small ray of light came down from above and said unto me "try a different effects pedal" And so I did.. put in the TC electronic and thought WOW, are these the same strings? YES. its one of those things were you stop playing and look at the instrument in disbelief. I got more sustain, nice harmonics and a nice beefy low end tone and the clarity I was looking for. So its always good to have at least 3 good pedals around of what effect you use the most, especially if its distortion or fuzz.

This truth applies to any string set from any brand. If you got a set that you just don't like at all from Brand X, before throwing them out, switch something in your chain like a pedal and they'll sound different and maybe to your liking and you can get a new song out of it like I did. and not feel cheated, or that you wasted your money. ok?

Have fun!
Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
.i've been using ernie balls for the last few years because i can get them locally but i used to put fender 350rs on my telecaster so when a recently bought a squire 51 i figured i'd
try them on it. they give it bright tone even when i use the 2 pick up setting just like they did on my telecaster great strings!
Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
.I have tried a good many electric guitar strings and these have a great sound.
Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
.Strings are perfect-now i stay in tune with the others
Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
.These strings are great. They stay in tune, hold their tone and are hard to break.
Fender 350R Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings
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