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Fender 24" Bar Stool

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 173
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender 24" Bar Stool
Delivery Time Please contact customer service
Payment Terms paypal,UnionPay, Visa/MasterCard, Amex, Discover,T/T
Supply Ability 173

Product Features

The Fender 24" Stool is a classic bar-style stool with rotating, padded top complete with Fender logo. Foot ring provides place to hook your heels. Excellent in the studio or on the gig. 24" high.

Give your place a facelift with this retro beauty. Order now!

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he wanted GIBSON , but the fender stool was a lot cheaper !!! kind of like the guitars...
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.Was purchased to help relieve back discomfort while playing
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.foot rest too high
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.Got this to go into a new "music room" and it fits the bill nicely. I wanted a variety of different benches, so when I saw this one as a "Stupid Deal of the Day" at a great MF price, it was a no brainer. This is a good quality stool, and I have others that cost more, but are not "better".
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.About the right height if you want to play guitar on a stool. I prefer the height to my other 30" stools, and it's MUCH classier
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.The stool is a nice little thing to practice on sitting down. It looks novelty just like presented with the Fender logo. I kept this and assembled it, however it has some issues. The seat bolts need either a larger head, or just include washers for assembly. The slots to attach the seat to the legs are almost the same size as the bolt. It wouldn't take much for the bolt to slip right through and become a hazard. I had some washers so I solved the problem myself. Assembling the leg support, I had to strong arm one section to get it to fit into place. Not much of a problem for me, but for someone without much strength, could be a problem. The foot rest ring is abnormally high on the 24" stool. It really should be a couple of inches lower, not only for looks, but for use as well. I am quite sure the picture used in the ad for this is not the 24" stool. I will keep it no problem, but I am easy and not a complainer and am very handy. Somebody else?, might have sent this back.
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.Nice bar stools
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.Awesome stool. Be careful assembling. Turned it upside down on a gritty carpet and scratched the high gloss search finish.
Fender 24" Bar Stool
Fender 24" Bar Stool
.I am a working musician and play in a Classic Rock band and a Bluegrass/Gospel band, and my finished basement is dedicated to music rehearsal and jamming. PA System, amps, keyboard and drum set are all in place and ready to go 24/7. These Fender padded swivel stools are compact, sturdy and comfortable for musicians to use while playing. They were 33% off of their normal price, and with a promotion I got a break on that. They are sturdy, but you will need a second person to assist getting the nuts onto the bolts when you connect the leg assemblies - they are under spring pressure and need to be "muscled together" for the bolt to clear the inside of the leg so the nut can be put on. Tighten everything up and they are "rock solid". I would buy more at this price!
Fender 24" Bar Stool
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