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Fender Locking Tuners

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 115
Min.Order Quantity One Set
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender Locking Tuners
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Set of six locking tuners provide maximum tuning stability and fit most U.S.- and Mexico-made Stratocaster and Telecaster models (will not fit American Vintage Series instruments). Bushings, removable tuner caps and mounting hardware included.

Set of six locking tuners Gear ratio 18:1 Bushings, removable tuner caps and mounting hardware included For most U.S.- and Mexico-made Stratocaster and Telecaster models

Tuning nightmares? End them forever with genuine Fender quality.

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The tuners came w/o any instructions at all. I had to put them on 3 times because I did not notice they were staggered in height. Proper numbering on the manufacturers part would have helped ;-) Nice weight to them and they make string changing a breeze. Mt Strat stays in perfect tune much longer with these tuners.
Fender Locking Tuners
.After I finally got all six tuners installed I noticed some were staggered. No instructions in the packaging to tell you the lower holes go in the top of your headstock & the lower holed pegs go on the low pitched strings. So I had to re-install them all over again. So no instructions and very poor packaging as the tuning pegs were all loose as another customer had stated.
Fender Locking Tuners
.The tuners did come jumbled and not secure. They might want to use twist ties to hold them down Fender/Schaller. These are staggered! They are all the same height but the position of the string holes are different the top 3 are lower and the bottom 3 are higher. Attention to all with vintage style(7.25 radius with kluson style) necks. You will have to drill to make them work. The holes sizes need to be 25/64" bottom of the hole and 11/32" on the top. Yes its odd but if you don't feel good doing always let a pro do it.
Fender Locking Tuners
.All my Fenders have em. Especially if your an avid whammy bar enthusiast, considering it didn't taken off and thrown in a box for the life of your Fender. I can use my tremolo bar all I want and not have to retune between songs. Not to mention the overall convenience of being able to change a string on the fly in minimal amount of time. I agree with Old Mr. Gibson... if you don't prefer these to standard tuners, you don't play enough.
Fender Locking Tuners
.These tuners are one portion of an upgrade on a Squire Black & Chrome series HSS. I also own a Fender American Deluxe HSS which has these tuners and is how I am familiar with them. I've found them to work exceptionally well for maintaining proper tuning during extensive play.
Fender Locking Tuners
.I have been shopping around for the right locking tuners since I bought my new MIM Strat about 2 months ago. I thought the standard tuners were adequate (much better than a Squier) but I really wanted locking tuners for our increasing show schedule.Here's the most important thing for you to know. If you have either an American Strat OR a Standard (MIM) Strat, these tuners will drop in with ZERO modification.They have a two-post system just like the tuners that came on the guitar. So you just use a 10mm socket and loosen the nut up top, then drop the old ones out and the new ones it.It took about the amount of time it takes to string a guitar with standard tuners to remove the old ones, install the new ones, and string them.And forget about the constant tuning afterward. These little guys rock! To restring, you just pull the string all the way through the post, clamp down with the thumb screw, clip, and tune to pitch. It literally takes 10 seconds per string.Get these!
Fender Locking Tuners
.I see why the first review has been most Liked. This is a great tuner set.. I would change the ad picture. It is not confusing compare with less expensive Fender shiny finish. There several pictures available which shows clearly the bass side taller than treble side. It is on the headstock..
Fender Locking Tuners
.I have used other tuners made by other companies, but these are the best out there. Top quality construction. I highly recommend these.
Fender Locking Tuners
.I bought a set of these for my mim telecaster. No problem, they fit perfectly, however the nuts were not threaded very well, I installed the first two, no problem, went to number three and the nut would not thread. Used one of my old ones and it fit perfectly. I finally got one more nut to fit, and had to use the old nuts for the remainder of the installation, now I have three chrome nuts and three brushed alum nuts. They work fine, but you need to run a skinny allen wrench through the string hole to get the ball bearing to move the first time. All in all, next time I'll go back to Sperzel.
Fender Locking Tuners
.I purchased an Eric Clapton signature strat a year ago. It's modeled after a vintage strat like Blackie. I love everything about it except the Gotoh vintage tuners, which make changing strings a frustrating task - at least to me (I know other love them).I read all the reviews and they all commented on how these just "dropped" into strats - but I guess I must be the first person to try this on a vintage strat. I found out that the peg holes on the vintage headstocks are too small to fit these (you need a 10mm opening) so I took my EC strat to my luthier to have the holes enlarged and these tuners installed. When I called him, he said he couldn't install these tuners because the threads were defective - some couldn't be screwed on. Sure enough, two of the tuners had defective threading and I had to return these.So beware - if you have a strat with vintage tuners - these (and the other locking tuners) will NOT fit without drilling.
Fender Locking Tuners
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