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Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 93
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Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
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Product Features

Connect this 4-button footswitch to your Mustang amplifier (included with the Mustang IV & V, optional for the Mustang III) to enable remote multi-function foot control. The footswitch display and LEDs show you some of the same information as the amplifier screen, so you can, for example, tune your guitar and select presets by watching the footswitch without ever looking at the screen onboard the Mustang!

Select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2/QA3)
Select presets (up/down/bank)
Bypass effects
Activate the tuner

Six-button footswitch options
Plug both a 4-button and a 2-button footswitch into your Mustang amplifier to expand your remote control options. By assigning different functions to each footswitch you can create more than a dozen different foot control combinations.

For example, you could assign Quick Access presets to the 4-button footswitch and Up/Down presets to the 2-button footswitch. Or you could bypass effects with the 4-button footswitch and select presets with the 2-button footswitch. The choice is up to you.

4-button footswitch for Mustang III, IV, and V amps Select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2/QA3) Select presets (up/down/bank) Bypass effects

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I bought the Mustang III and although it did come with the 2 button floor pedal which was a nice add on to fully utilize the Mustang III to it's full capacity you shoudl get the 4 button pedal. Not only is it a tuner but you can also turn on and off your stomp boxes via the pedal and all your modulations and delays and you can also use it to go through your pre-setsup OR down.

It makes using the AMP so much easier and you also have so much more control and it's a MUST if you're performing in a live setting sice you have even that much more control "at your feet" instead of having to run back to your A

Trust me, you NEED to get this pedal and when you do you will not be sorry for even a second and you will find it much more easier in dealing with the AMP because it can do so many things. You also can use your 2 botton floor pedal alnog with it even though some of the functions are redundant but you still get additional aspects using the 2 button along with the 4 button. It's just the 4 button is THAT and so much more.

check out a YouTube video on the 4 button floor pedal and you will be astounded at what it can do along with tuning your guitar.

FENDER has done it again. Using the 4 button pedal along with their Mustang AMPS and the software that comes with the AMP is very high-tech and allows you to tweek all the different FX to your liking and save them in the pre-set slots that you can call up with your 4 button pedal.

Did I already mention you can use the 4 button pedal as a Tap Delay button also? Get the 4'll be gald you did and it's fairly inexpensive in the grand scheme of things.
This is a low price considering all the functions the 4 button pedal.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.I started with the Mustang v head and it came with the 4 button switch- I bought the two button switch knowing I would need it-
I then bought the mustang III for easier transport-

If you gig with the mustang and use alot of different sounds- you should have the 2 and 4 button working together- The 4 button has a nice L.E.D-readout although, hard to read in sunlight - the 2 pair of buttons are a bit close to each other- I had to make a cover for the left button because in the middle of singing and switching for leads- I would sometimes hit both buttons with my foot- putting me in a sound mode that I didnt want-
Using the 2 and 4 button switches together allows you to use the two button for up/down channel switching and the 4 button for effects and lead boost. there are 3 modes that you can use with the 4 button- i use the third one wich acts like a pedal board.
(3 buttons on the right- from left to right i set for 1 gain/boost button 2 effect1
button 3 effect2. some people might think this is over kill- but with the 2 button you can also switch channel up/down and actually have 3 different settings for songs which need it- ex: comfortably numb- clean/up to clean with effects- up to distortion- up again for a boosted volume for the signature lead sound without having to click any effects on because you have them all preset on that channel.
its not difficult to use if you take your time and goto the fender site for suggestions-

I give this a 4.5 im taking .4 off because of the buttons being a bit close and .1 off for the hard to read LED in the sun on outsiode gigs.

Fender has impressed me with the mustang line and the versatility that the button footswitches gives any guitar player.

As a review of the 4 button- I had to talk about the two button also- as it comes with certain mustangs and the 4 button comes with the other amp models- if you are getting the 4 button and you have the two button already-
do yourself a favor and USE them both!
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
. Looks good, big enough for stage use, but less than half the size of a pedalboard. Used along with the 2-button switch (I bought a Mustang III), it gives you a LOT of flexibility especially for live use. Very easy to program and set up.
Just about mandatory for live use with the Mustang. The tuner alone is worth the money, but being able to not only set up 3 "patches" for rhythm, crunch and lead and also being able to use it as an on/off switch for effects is great.
Haven't had it long enough to know about quality, but it's metal and seems pretty sturdy. PLUS it connects with a standard cable instead of some propriety weirdness.
Well worth it.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.You cant go wrong with this amp.
You can't go wrong with the Fender Mustang III amp. Came with an extensive and free software package including Ableton Live 8 for recording. It can turn up loud and the programmed effects are very good, especially for a combo amp in this price bracket. I bought it because I needed a lightweight, portable amp and it has exceeded all my expectations.
I gave it a 9 in quality because the instructions weren't very clear. The provided software must be installed, registered and set up. The instructions that Fender provided for this process left alot to be desired. But hey, it was free!
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.This is a handy and functional footswitch. I find the instructions on how to best use it very lacking. What would be very helpful would be a video on their website showing how to program the unit to get the most out of it. To date Fender support has not provided this on their web site. It is confusing trying to figure out just what this footswitch is capable of doing and how to set it up to do it. With some changes in the functionality of the Fuse software that comes with the Mustang amps, this could be a GREAT footswitch, however, Fender has not done a good job explaining how to maximize the use of the Fuse software or the footswitch. The instruction manual is sorely lacking in this department. That said, the footswitch does work well and add to the functionality of the Mustang amps. Whereas the Mustang amps are a lot of bang for the buck, in comparison, the footswitch is overpriced.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.I bought a Fender GDEC 30 and loved it so much for a practise amp that I bought another one as a spare still in the box. The tweater in the speaker configuration is the best practice amp I have ever found. Crystal clear on the highs. To bad Fender discontinued this amp.

The 4 Button Mustang is totally compatible with the exception of the labeling.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.This is a must have for your mustang amp. It makes the amp so much more versatile. I love being able to use 3 quick access settings and the tuner too. I only wish it had more features or that my 2 button footswitch could be used for a 4 and 5 quick access. I do still hook up the 2 switch for scrolling up and down the models. Well made too, buy it- you won't regret it.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.The four button switch is a must for the Mustang amp. It changes the whole use of the amp from a simple up and down (2 button switch), to a highly usable selective switch. You can switch effects ect.
This is a must if you are playing live. Also, you can use both the 2 button and the 4 button together for more options.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.If you have the Mustang III, you would be well advised to consider this footswitch as a replacement for the 2-button footswitch that came with the unit. Whereas the 2-button model is limited in function and scope, the 4 button unit includes a numeric display plus 3 modes (footswitchable) for quick access to 3 user-preferred sound banks, sequential access to all 100 sound banks, and on/off control of stomp, reverb, and modulation effects. It can also be used with the 2 button switch for even more control although there is some redundancy in some of the controls, although this is not much of a problem.Last but not least, the pedal can be used as tuner without having to go back to the amp to check the display.This footswitch will make the amp much more stage friendly during performance.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black
.This box is standard for the IV and V models and should be included with the model III, but you have to give the people something to encourage them to go for the more expensive model. If you are going to use this amp for performances, I would consider the box to be mandatory equipment. The tuner makes it easy to tweek on the fly. When combined with the 2-button switch (included with the amp) you can use the 4-button to select a bank of ten, and then use the 2-button to move up and down that bank while you use the 4-button to control effects boxes. Very versitile. You can set up banks of ten with all you favorite amps and effects, and play any type of music you desire with ease. With the included software, you can always save you original presets in a backup file if you wish to revert to the original set up. I think the amp will also auto revert if you choose.
Would be nice if the amp allowed you to control your media library presets when the computer is attached. This would allow virtually unlimited customization with pretty much hands free operation.
Seems reasonbly sturdy, but only time will tell how it holds up.
I have seen it sold for less, but I am a long time customer of MF and know what kind of service I can expect. The box is well worth what I paid for it.
Fender 4-Button Footswitch for Mustang Amps Black

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