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Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups

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Price Negotiable
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Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups give you that classic blues sound. Take a set of vintage Fender Strat pickups and overwind them for more midrange, punch, and output and you get pickups with Attitude! Featured in the Stevie Ray guitar, they are calibrated for each position with a reverse coil, reverse-wound middle pickup for noise cancellation. If you want plenty of midrange bark and crisp high-end bite, get these Special Strat Pickups. Set of 3.

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Like I said, stop reading this and go out and buy them.
Like everyone else has said-vintage overwound pickups.
I have had these pickups for over ten years and have never had a problem with them.
Like many other people on this forum I had a Mexican built strat that was great and fun to play but the pickups were flat and dull. I had these installed and jaw dropped. The TONE. It was the blues tone I had always wanted. One very important reccomendation I would make is that if you have a Mexican built strat like me is that you get the pots swapped over to American Standard--including both the tone and volume pots. After I did this I discovered a whole new range of tones with the volume or tone rolled off. Furthermore, my guitar is set up so that the tone pot that controls the middle pickup also controls the bridge pickup which means I can create awesome sounds from the brige pickup on its own and the middle and bridge pickup together. This really increased the versatility and flexability of my guitar.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.This if my first time writing a review for anything I have ever bought in my entire life. I have a MIM fender strat and I wanted to beef up the sound on it. After reading over 50 positive reviews on these pickups, many being from people with MIMs, I decided to go with them. As soon I plugged it in I noticed less humm immediately, switched up to the neck position with some clean reverb and I was immediately in love. You will be too! Get these pickups....just get them.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.The transformation of my toneless, gutless '78 Black Strat began with a Callaham bridge (setup with an open G to A# pull up and it stays in tune just fine in spite of what Callaham says) and ended with a set of these. They sound similar to the set on my 2009 American Standard but more midrange and a stronger, thicker, more focused all around sound almost like I put a little boost and EQ on it. Or a set of balls. They sound really, really good. Great pick ups for the strong clean Strat sound but turn it up and you can really make it wail. No comparison with the stock '78 units which were famously bad. The install was weird, the screw holes aren't threaded, without a tap you have to tap the holes with a screw so you have to be careful and get it straight the first time. It was such a hassle I just used the old screws which fit better for some reason. It's not a deal breaker but you do have to fool with it some to get them installed right. The only other thing about these pick ups is back them way off the strings, you don't need to raise them up close they are plenty hot. You can set them up them closer and louder without Stratitis but too close and they can sound brittle and harsh. Back 'em off. That neck pick up should be almost flush with the pickguard. Seems strange at first but it's nice not hitting the middle pickup with the pick all the time. Many of the other reviews rave about how the Texas Specials transformed their old Squire or MIM into a new guitar and yeah, for not too much money it's practically a new guitar. Buy these, you won't be sorry.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.overall these are great units to install. the sound is noticably more "aggresive" and full then the stock MIM strat pickups I had. the install was very straight forward. As mentioned by another the pick ups are not drilled. I just used one of the pick guard screws to "tap" the pick ups. worked great. also I to had to use my stock screws not the ones that came with the pick ups. my pick guard wasn't counter sunk to accept the new screws. soldering these up was pretty straight forward, but, if you watch the Seymour Duncan video of how to do it there are a couple things different. first he shows the wires just pop right off the terminals. Actually the wires went through the terminals and were twisted so it took a little bit to remove them. no a big deal just be forewarned. Overall, taking my time the install took just under an hour, including strings and tightenting up my tuners. well worth the effort to say you did it yourself plus the wiring is nicely cleaned up inside now. pick ups sound great and now I know what's inside the guitar. very glad I put these in instead of just buying a different guitar.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.Like many others, I have read most of the reviews and I agree that these pickups add some tonality in the blues style. I immediately heard a lack of buzz, unlike the standard fender pickups, which is a blessing when recording. The midrange sound is there, like SRV. They were very easy to install (took me about an hour. I might install these babies in my other American Standard strat, just to beef up the sound. All in all, if you decide to purchase these pickups, I don't think you will be disappointed. Give them a try.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.Easy to install, provided a good installation diagram. The sound these pickups deliver is what I wanted. They met my expectations. I wanted to create a guitar that would match the American Lone Star Special and these pickups were an important component.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.I wrote a review for these guys about 5 years ago and wanted to do a follow-up now that i've had more experience with these pick-ups.They are still in my project guitar but i've since swapped the bridge with a VEH humbucker (bridge single coil isn't really my cup of tea) You really need to take the time to tweak the pick-ups and your sound abit... I've seen alot of people complaining that these didn't add sustain, but sustain can also be affected by the nut and bridge on your guitar, i get sustain for days out of these pickups.If i could do it again, knowing what i know now, i might have gone a different route, but these pick-ups with my homemade strat feel like an old friend, i know how to change my playing to make them sing, cry, or anything in between, and they are a huge part of my sound.Don't buy these pick-ups expecting to sound like SRV, buy these pick-ups to get something that will respond to your playing, and give you great tones night in and night out
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.Anyone purchasing these pickups should be aware that they will need to do some drilling with a 3/16 bit. The holes that come pre-drilled are NOT big enough to accommodate the included screws, which are also NOT long enough to let you get the bass side of the pickup to the proper height. I had to reuse the screws that came with the original pickups in my 2010 American Standard Strat. Most annoying, however, was the fact that whoever boxed up my pickups did not mark the neck pickup with a blue mark as indicated in the installation diagram, forcing me to use a multimeter to identify the pickups. This is terrible QC for your most popular pickups, Fender.Quality control issues aside, these pickups sound absolutely amazing in my guitar. There is no hum even at maxed out volume, and the richness and clarity of the clean tones is truly astounding. They also have substantially more bite than my tex mex pickups did at high amplification. You really can't go wrong with these pickups. Just be prepared to be annoyed when you install them.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.I gave then four stars because many people will not read the five or one star ratings, but they are five stars all the way. I have put these pickups in several stratocasters and I like them a lot. To me they make a strat sound like a strat is suppose to, they have soul and quack, they increase the "Finderness" of the tone. I researched various wiring configurations and found that the instructions call for a wiring set up similar to a 50's stratocaster. That will work, however if you ignore the instructions and simply take your original pickups out and wire these back in your guitar, the way the old ones were connected, it should sound better, if you have a non USA stratocaster consider replacing the pots and caps and wiring with Fender USA parts for better tone. The reviewers who did not like these pickups either got a bad set or they need a guitar setup by a professional, or there is a possibility their guitar will never sound great, every one sounds a little different. If you are looking for the SRV tone these pickups are part of the equation, SRV reportedly used a Marshall club and country 4140 (loud clean and glassy) and a Fender Super Reverb (for added distortion) in stereo, and a couple petals. You can't expect a set of pickups to be a fix all. Also, If you're getting string buzz, especially if you increased your string gage you might want to adjust the saddles up a hair or take it to a pro for a proper neck setup. I had one guitar that had a buzz in the G string and I finally figured it was the string saddle that was loose and it was buzzing at the second fret, so I raised the saddle and reset the intonation and it sounds clear and nice.

Seriously, with a proper setup these pickups will not make your strings buzz! They will give your Stratocaster a pair of Texas balls, the rest is up to you. A large portion of tone is in the fingers!
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
.The warm sweet tones of the neck position pickup screams the blues. The bridge pickup is hot enough to rock it up and the second switch position sells the package. The balance in volume is exceptional. Worth every bit.
Fender Custom Shop Texas Special Strat Pickups
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