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Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 83
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
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Here's something new in true analog delay pedals, the Ibanez Echo Shifter (ES2). Along with the expected Feedback, Mix, and Depth knobs, the Delay Tim control is on a fader. This, along with a pair of dipswitches that engage and defeat Modulation and Oscillation give the ES2 a character all its own. Ibanez combines true analog sound quality with digital-like flexibility; features like a tap-tempo footswitch, allowing on-the-fly tempo adjustment (a rarity among analog stompboxes).

True analog delay Tap tempo Many different tones

Something new in analog delay. Order soon.


Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal

Controls: Tap/ Delay Time/ Feedback w/ Oscillation On/Off / Mix/ Depth w/ Modulation On/Off
Delay time: 30ms - 1000ms
Size: 120(W) x 160(D) x 65(H) (mm)
Weight: 630g
Power source: One 9V Battery or external AC Adapter AC509 (sold separately)

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Unit stopped powering up after 6 months of normal use - no abuse. Ibanez was good enough to answer the phone but would not honor warranty even though unit was purchased less than 6 months ago at a legit dealer and I had the receipt. They claimed the dealer needed to have special Ibanez authorization. Fender recently performed warranty repair for me even though the guitar was not purchased at a Fender authorized dealer.
Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
.I bought this to replace my not-always-reliable EH MemToy (had switch issues, would occassionaly cut all signal)... The Ibanez delay is functionally PERFECT if you're the type that loves to grab the knobs and create cascading walls of self oscillation (like me) - this was MADE for that. I found the depth & range of all adjustment perfect, good LED indications, and a TAP (sweet). BUT, and this is a very big but, the unit creates a big wall of hiss in the signal chain - even when switched off. Like, a very unacceptable amount in my setup. I mostly play high-gain guitar, if you play real clean the hiss might not be so bad. I have 7 pedals on my board, and only the Ibanez Echo Shifter one has such an issue. Had to send it back, but I really really wanted it to work well. If I see a future rev where they specifically say they have addressed this issue, I'd buy it again. I also worried about the slider - not really heavy duty and in a kind of vulnerable spot if you Godzilla your pedals ever... (my band's singer does this for me from time to time)
Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
.This pedal was everything I wanted until it quit working a week later. It was replaced by another es2 and then tha broke a week later. When the pedal worked it was everything I wanted in a delay pedal.
Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
.Same price as the Carbon Copy and the Aqua Puss, with more features than either, including Tap Tempo, which is probably its main selling point versus the others. But its additional features can be great fun.

It sounds just as good as the Carbon Copy; possibly it is not as lush as the Aqua Push, but it has more options. The pedal will produce anything from reverby slapback to oceans of echo, with optional sonic insanity.

Like the Aqua Puss, it aims for vintage tone, and can make truly fantastic sounds via the tempo slider, the oscillation feature, and the pitch modulation, none of which are to be found on the Aqua Puss.

The oscillation (which allows the pedal to feedback on itself) can produce a great sort of lo-fi saturation, and while it's fun working the tempo slider up and down, neither feature seems deeply useful. You can, however, sound exactly like the end of that one Radiohead song I forget the name of, and if you enjoy noise like an acid-soaked freight train, you ain't gonna find much else like it. These effects are also much fun with vocals.

More useful is the pitch modulation, which can range from a gentle warble, adding warmth and depth, to a seasick sci-fi wave.

For me, the selling point was the tap tempo, and I've not regretted it a bit.
Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
.Overall, this is an incredibly versatile analog delay. For the money you just can't find an analog delay with tap tempo. The modulation and swirl effects are noticable different and provide a lot of versatility to the unit. My only complaint is the finicky tap tempo. The shifter doesn't always tap perfectly to the tempo selected. Sometimes I find my self re-tapping the tempo while playing, but it isnt a huge deal, especially when the delay is set real thick and trailing. Also, THIS THING CAN BE A FUNKY NOISE MACHINE TOO. All you have to do is mess with the fader switch and you can make all those cool 'dj' noises with your guitar signal. This thing is a blast.
Ibanez Echo Shifter Analog Delay with Modulation Guitar Effects Pedal
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