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Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars

Place of Origin USA
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Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
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The Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Guitar Case fits AF guitars and has a custom fitted plywood shell, durable Tolex cover, heavily padded plush lining, and internal accessory pocket. Only Ibanez cases and bags are made to fit the unique shape of Ibanez guitars and basses. The Artcore guitar case has heavy-duty drawbar latches with locking center latch and heavy hinges for total protection. If it doesn't say Ibanez on the case, it isn't an Ibanez.

Custom fitted plywood shell Tolex cover Heavily padded plush lining Internal accessory pocket Heavy-duty drawbar latches Locking center latch

Your guitar can't fend for itself. Protect your loved one with a custom Ibanez guitar case. Own one today!

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I bought this case for my Artcore, mainly because I could not find another case that would fit. For the price, I expected a high quality case. I did not get high quality. I have purchased Custom Guitar's Gear cases (for half the price) that had better quality control than this one. Where the tolex meets up is very sloppy, and already has some fraying. The case interior lining is also coming away from the sides in two places, and this is all before I ever put my guitar in it. If you can find another case for less money, do it.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.At first glance I thought the case seemed a bit bulky for such a compact guitar as the AF75, but after seeing how the instrument fits I can see why. The combination of the neck angle and the floating bridge both have to be taken into account. Since the case has a flat rather than arched top, it has to be a bit deeper. Like a violin case this one includes a suspension pad at the base of the neck where it joins the body. This prevents the full back of the guitar from resting against the back of the case and thus protecting it from an impact. While I would not say it is light weight, it is still easy enough to carry around unlike the case that came with my Taylor 510 which is heavy and awkward. Finally, the large simple latches with the option of adding a pad lock, the roomy storage compartment and general good fit all add up to a nice case. A hint, if the glue smell from the new case bothers you like it did me, leave it open for a few days on the back porch and it will air out nicely.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.This case arrived in a very timely manner and appears to be an overall decent case...however...there is an extremely strong odor coming from the inside...I figure it might be the glue that binds the thing together, but whatever it is, it is strong enough to cause my guitar to smell the same way for an hour or two after I pull it out of the case. I've played guitar for over 30 years, have owned many electric and acoustic guitars with cases, and have never experienced anything like this. Like I said, the case seems sturdy enough so I'll keep it. Hopefully the smell will disappear over time.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.My artcore case is exactly what I needed for my AF85. It may not be bullet proof carbon fiber with titanium latches and hinges but it provides more than adequate protection for my guitar. The price was reasonable and considering it was the ONLY one I could find it is perfect for my needs. I'm very pleased with the plush interior and sturdy exterior.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.I bought this case used from my local music store. It's a good case for the price. I use it to put my Hofner club guitar in. It has a storage compartment and a nice interior. Overall I'm impressed with it.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.I like this case very much. My guitar fits inside very nicely, very tightly, with no wiggle room, but plenty of space for accessories. I got it in the mail this morning, so I haven't had a chance to evaluate it's durability yet. It might not hold up cosmetically, but I'm certain it'll do it's job for a long time to come.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.I use cases mostly for home atmospheric storage i.e. from humidity variations.

First impression: the inside smells WONDERFUL - very pleasant and inviting.

Though this is the specified case for Ibanez jazz boxes, at first I thought that the guitar (an AF71F) wouldn't fit inside. It seemed like the case waist was too small. However, there is some 'give' to the lining and with some firm, but gentle, pressure the guitar went inside ... snug, though ... like a hand in a glove. That's better than a case letting the instrument jostle around.

TKL makes these cases for Ibanez branding, as well as for other brands. It's a fine case for a reasonable sum i.e. compared to the alternatives. The chromed fittings seem of nice quality, too. No hesitation recommending these cases.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.Fits my Ibanez AF75TDG really nice . Has a lifetime warranty and the Ibanez logo on it but if your looking just to protect your semi hollow body and don't care about a perfect fit , the Deluxe Dreadnought case that goes on sale for 1/3rd the price works just fine . My Grestch Electromatic fits in this case also . The only thing is you might want to add a towel for support for the upper part of the guitar in the case .
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
.Love this guitar case, it fits my guitar perfectly. The old hardshell case I had for it was pretty lightweight, so in comparison it does seem pretty heavy, but this is my first 'newer' case I've ever owned, and that may just be normal.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars

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It fits perfectly my Ibanez Artcore AF75 Red-sunburst. I'm a happy customer because I bought the case for that exact reason. I'm the type of person who does not like to take the straps off the guitar, and this case allows me to continue doing exactly that. The compartment is big enough to add some accessories, but most importantly I feel that the guitar is protected. the latch for the lock is not the nicest one of all my guitar cases -- look closely in the picture -- you would need a little pad-lock, similar to the ones you use for your luggage. No big deal, I just wanted to have a case to avoid my guitar become a dust bunny heaven. If you're an AF Series Artcore owner, this is a must-have.
Ibanez AF100C Artcore Hardshell Case for AF Series Guitars
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