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Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 107
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
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Protect your investment with its genuine custom case. Only Ibanez cases and bags are made to fit the unique shape of Ibanez guitars and basses. The Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars has a rugged black Tolex-style covering with heavy-duty gold-plated metal clasps and handle mounts ensures reliability. Note: Does not fit AEG 18 Series.

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A perfect fit for the Ibanez AEG12II-NT. Protective on the outside, and cuddly (for the guitar) on the inside.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
. I would definitely recommend this product to a fellow musician.
My new Ibanez hardshell came in. I was very satisfied with the quality of the TKI case. I was worried because I have a AEG10E with the onboard tuner. Fit like a glove, quick shipping, and didn't have to spend time running all over town looking for a case.
I am very satisfied with the overall quality of the case. It compares to my Epiphone and Les Paul cases.
I think the pricing for this Hardshell case was very much inline.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.This review is for the Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars. I have an Ibanez AEG10E Guitar and wanted to buy a quality case to protect it, and the size of the AEG guitar is smaller than most acoustics, so I purchased this case because it says it's a custom Ibanez case made specifically for this guitar. What I notice about the case is that it is just a low end TKL guitar case made for classical guitars, and has the Ibanez logo spray painted in the side. For the price, I would have been better off buying one of the higher end cases by Road Runner or Gator that are known for their quality. OR I could've saved money and just got the Custom Guitars Gear classical case and that still would be a better quality case. The case works, there is nothing wrong with it. But for the price, I wish it was a better quality case. For what it costs, I don't recommend it. I wish the site stated it was manufactured by TKL.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.This case will work for most who don't travel a long as long as you are extremely gentle with it. The case is not of the same quality of similarly priced ones.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.Very nice case that fits the Ibanez very well. Seems to be very sturdy and compares favorably for the case I have for my Epiphone Jumbo. Logo on top is a bit weak, but I didn't buy it for looks - bought it to protect my instrument. It does this very well. Happy with the purchase and would recommend it.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.I Searched All Over The Net Trying To Find The Case That Fits The AEG20E. There Is One Misleading Post You Will Find When You "Google" It. It Throw's People Off. I Contacted Custom Guitars Friend And Was Informed That This WAS The Case For All AEG Guitars. And They Were Right. This Case Fits The AEG20E Like A Glove. For The Price, It Can't Be Beat. I Find It To Be A Very Well Made Case That Just Has The "Feel" Of A More Expensive One. Feel's "Tough". Beside's, It Has The Ibanez Logo: When You Open It, It Has An Ibanez Inside! Make's Sense, Eh? More Than Satisfied Here.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.I tired to find a case without a logo and of course I wanted it to fit snug without needing fo have a towel in it to fill space. The guitar is too big for clasical cases because of the volume nob and dreadnot cases are too big. Just get this one because its made to fit the specific shape. And the shipping was fast and easy to track on my smart phone.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.i wanted a case for my ibanez aeg8 acoustic-electric guitar so i ordered one in our local music store..i had trouble finding the right case so i figured that i'd go for this one even if it's a bit my surprise, i was not expecting the way it was has been in the store for quite some time and the black covering are already peeling has also some scratches..also, all you can find is an ibanez logo painted on the side which made me wonder, is this thing original? they could have put on ibanez locks or maybe put some more logos and names to add authenticity to the case..but one thing i love about this case is that it fits the guitar very nice..snug fit.. i don't know how long this thing can last since i just bought this over the weekend.. but i won't recommend this case to you guys..maybe you can buy some gator, skb, or tkl that would also fit your guitar but has a better quality..
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
.Best price anywhere. Quick delivery. Exactly what I needed.
Ibanez AEG10C Hardshell Case for AEG Guitars
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