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Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst

Place of Origin USA
Model Number CUSTOMGUITAR 74
Min.Order Quantity One Set
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Hardshell Case of Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
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Ibanez has a storied history in bluegrass and acoustic music. Even Bill Monroe explored the Ibanez line of mandolins way back in the 1970s. Once you hear these little 8-strings, it's not surprising.

Designed under the premiere craftsmanship of Ibanez luthiers and using fine tonewoods, this Ibanez mandolin sounds great and will stand the test of time, without a high price tag. Built in the teardrop A-style platform, the M510EDVS features mahogany for the neck, back, and sides offering a crisp attack and lasting high-end sustain-ideal for chopping away in the rhythm or for shimmering solos. The top is spruce, contributing to a balanced tone that can rise above the rhythm of the other band-mates.

The M510EDVS's magnetic pickup delivers true mandolin sound. Just plug in and pick away, with volume and tone passive controls to customize and dial in your ultimate sound. Many other appointments set this Ibanez mandolin apart, including chrome hardware and tuners, rosewood bridge and fretboard, and the dark violin sunburst finish.

Case sold separately.

Body Shape: A-Style Neck: Mahogany Back and Sides: Mahogany Top: Spruce Tuners: Chrome Hardware Pickup: Single-Coil magnetic Electronics: Volume and Tone Passive Controls Fretboard and Bridge: Rosewood Strings: Standard Mandolin Finishes: Dark violin sunburst high-gloss finish Case sold separately SPECIFICATIONS

A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin

Scale/Length: 350mm
Width at Nut: 30mm
Width at Joint: 40mm
Thickness 1st Fret: 22mm
Thickness 7th Fret: 24.5mm
Radius: Flat

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Gold Coverage Includes:

Unexpected and unintentional spills, drops and cracks Normal wear and tear Power surges Dust, internal heat and humidity

Other plan features include:

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This mandolin sounded pretty nice (acoustically) right out of the box, but after its aged a bit, the sound has really opened up. Plugged in, it really cuts thru the mix. I play in a Praise Band with 4 other musicians (plus vocals) and the only problem has been feedback. I can tweak it ever so slightly to eliminate that, but I have to be careful, especially if I leave it "hot" on its stand while playing my guitar.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
. If I hadn't had to do so much setup I would have rated the instrument higher but overall it's a fairly decent electric mando. I would reccommend it if you're looking for a mando for not too much dinero.
This mandolin has some really great features for the money. I was very pleased because MF had mine priced down because of it being used. I had to do some setup work before it was playable but, I enjoy doing this anyway. It souds great through an amp or miked or just plain played acousticly. For the money I spent it was a great buy.
Quality could have been better in that I did have to do quite a bit of setup but, as I said I kinda enjoy doing that anyway. The color,finish, and fit of the instrument wasn't too bad but, then again I didn't pay a lot for it.
For what the instrument sells for you do get a nice package.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.I am a 20 year guitarist and have been playing other stringed instruments almost literally my whole life. Lately I've been wanting to take up the mandolin so I purchased this instrument. Ibanez is all I play in electric guitars and I always recommend their lower line instruments to beginners who need an affordable but playable guitar.This mandolin is no variance from the path of unequalled value Ibanez forges. Let's be honest here. This is a [$] instrument. It comes poorly set up which is ok if you or someone you know can fix it. Even with quality adjustments it really loses its tune past the 5th or 6th fret. Its sound is a little dull and difficult to manipulate. It is much more suited to chording and background and will have trouble cutting through a mix when desired. However the more than adequate pickup can aid this. Playing hard for one or two songs will put the instrument out of tune. Its bridge is uncomfortable to play around and the saddle to which the strings are connected is chincey. The finish is also poor and can feel a bit sticky when it gets warm from one's arm resting on it.I feel it relevant to mention these things as most reviews of this instrument are not particularly critical. However, at [$] this is a remarkable value for a very playable acoustic/electric mandolin. It's a great beginners instrument but I can see myself wanting something more in a year if I stick with it.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.I've been playing acoustic guitar for about 20 years and have wanted a mandolin for years. I finally decided it was time, but I didn't have much to spend. I'm very pleased with this purchase. I'm amazed at the quality of the construction for this price (though I was disappointed to find a scratch on the pick guard--probably from handling at the distribution center.) It sounds wonderful amplified or acoustic and holds its tune through prolonged hard strumming. I ordered new Elixir strings when I ordered the mandolin (knowing the factory strings wouldn't be much good), and they sound wonderful. My 14-year-old son has been playing it more than I have, and we both love it.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.Absolutely fantastic, the mahogany body produces sweet mellow sounds with fantastic sustain and nice attack. Quite loud. But wait, there's more, it also has a pick up. it does sound oh soooo sweeeet.
Great instrument well worth the money.
You will need to setup the bridge and saddle for proper action. Yes this mando is that good!!!!
Can't beat the quality, fit and finish for this price.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.I have used this for about 6 months now. It is a great mandolin! I have played it on stage plugged into the house system with a band and it performs great! Acoustic it is very nice. It projects alot! Just be sure you change the strings pretty quick because 2 months into having it i changed them and realized how much better sounding the mandolin was. If you are starting out and want a good deal, here it is.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.Just recieved this the other day, it was a customer return, except for a little chip by the volume knob it was perfect. Checked the intonation,lowered the bridge,raised the pickup,put on a new set of Dadario strings and, for what I paid for this mando it's a dandy! Plays great, sounds great unplugged and, plugged in both ways. The dark finish is really beautiful, very satisfied with this purchase. Considered buying an inexpensive model w/o the electronics but, I picked this one up for about the same price that I would have paid for the non-electric model, really glad MF had a deal on this one. Thanks MF, you guys really come through and, I love your FREE shipping! Keep up the good work and, the good deals, You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.I own this mandolin, tho after about a year and a half it was deemed unplayable. The instrument started to cave in under the pickup from F-hole to f-hole. The pickup was the only thing that was appealing about this instrument, over all tone was very much lacking. perhaps i just got a bad one of the bunch, but when i contacted Ibanez about the problem they told me i was out of their warranty and there was nothing they could do for me. Not sure which was worse the mandolin of the customer service.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.Really nice beginners instrument
The pick up is very handy
As new except for some minor scratches which do not affect the playability
Nice saving due to scratches, as new insrument
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
.I'm new to the mandolin but didn't want to learn on anything too cheap ... this is a nice instrument. It holds its tuning and has good sound. I recommend it. Its a good buy.
Ibanez A-Style Acoustic-Electric Mandolin Dark Violin Sunburst
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